Alright. Just one more matrix multiplication and I can get down to slaying the shit out of that asshole Belial.

A knock on the door broke through her thoughts of how Euclidian geometry could be used to best one of the more annoying demons in the game, and she looked over her shoulder, the dying rays of sunlight illuminating the side of her face.

"Yeah?" she called, slightly worried that her father had come back for round two of father-daughter oversharing time. Or worse, to do a complete one-eighty and start yelling at her again.

"It's me," came Anna's gentle voice. "Can I come in?"

Elsa smiled softly, turning in her chair to face the door. "I dunno, can you?"

She could practically hear her younger sister rolling her eyes. "Ugh, Elsa." The door swung inwards, and Anna made her way into the room. She stopped halfway to her usual spot on Elsa's bed, and gave her an inquisitive look. "Did you say anything to Dad after he pulled us out of that family session thing?" she asked.

Elsa raised an eyebrow. "Not…exactly," she replied, unsure of how to elaborate. "Why?"

Anna hobbled the rest of the way and sat herself down on Elsa's bed, leaning her crutches carefully against the mattress. "Well, for starters, he's letting me speak to you. In your room. Without doing that helicopter parent thing." She eyed the door quickly. "Provided we keep that wide open, of course."

That surprised Elsa. "You mean you didn't say 'fuck the rules' and sneak in here like you normally would?" she teased. "Why Anna, that's so unlike you."

Anna picked up the plush Lapras toy that sat by Elsa's pillow and threw it at her sister. "Hilarious," she deadpanned. "Seriously though, I saw you guys having a beer and actually talking like civilised people out on the patio earlier. I thought I was hallucinating, until I realised I haven't been on painkillers for over a week." She leaned back, trying to appear nonchalant. "So, what's the deal?"

Elsa was silent for a moment, surprised to find herself wrestling with the idea of sharing her father's words with Anna. Normally she would have repeated anything he'd said without hesitation, the desire to be honest with the sweet girl in front of her outweighing any obligation she felt to her father.

But goddamn, the way he was talking to me…

There had been something in that quiet moment that Elsa found she wanted to keep between the two of them. And so she shrugged. "I guess he just wanted someone to have a beer with."

Anna held her sister's gaze for a moment longer than necessary, and Elsa knew the girl didn't quite believe her.

But she left it, and her eyes slid to the Lapras by Elsa's feet. "Oh! I almost forgot. I've got something to show you. It's in my room." She scrambled off the bed and grabbed her crutches, almost dropping one in the process. "Wait right here."

Elsa chuckled, watching her sister move faster than she'd ever seen her move on the crutches. "Don't hurt yourself, Anna. It's not like I'm going to run away-" she cut herself off a second too late, reminded of her acute reaction to the news of Anna's departure to England only a few months ago.

But Anna just grinned at her. "I know. You love me too much to leave." She winked, and disappeared into the hallway.

I do.

She turned back to her desk, the launch window for Diablo 3 throwing an eerily orange glow across her keyboard. Elsa turned the monitor off, and stared at her reflection for a second.

Then Anna was back, the irregular thunking of her crutches alerting Elsa to the fact that her sister was carrying something in one hand even before she saw the girl come through the doorway.

"Check it out!" Anna said, holding up a blue and yellow object. "Rapunzel gave it to me at the barbeque yesterday. Isn't it cool?"

Elsa squinted, trying to get a glimpse of what Anna was holding as she waved it around like a peaking raver with a glowstick. "Is that-"

"It's a Gameboy!" Anna almost squealed. "With Pikachu on it!" She finally held the object still, turning the back towards Elsa so she could see the cartridge slotted into the back. "And Rapunzel gave me this Pokémon Yellow game to match!"

Elsa couldn't help but grin at her sister's enthusiasm. "You gonna be the next Pokémon master then?"

Anna stood proudly, trying not to rely on her crutches. "You bet I am." Moving closer to Elsa, until she was able to lean down inches from the older girl's face, she murmured, "But first, I'm gonna need some training from the current master."

Elsa smirked. "And what does the current master get for voluntarily relinquishing her title and training this up and coming superstar?"

She almost fell off her chair when Anna placed a chaste kiss on her lips. "Whatever she wants," the younger girl winked.

Her father's voice pushed through the sudden haze in her mind, and Elsa was half-convinced he was standing just out of sight in the hallway until she realised the words she heard were just echoes of his request from that afternoon.

Insecurity filled her for the first time since Anna had entered her room. Make the right decisions. Well, we all know I'm fucking hopeless at that.

"Anna, we shouldn't-" She watched as her sister's face faltered, feeling immediately guilty.

The girl took a step backwards, not quite meeting Elsa's eyes. "Sorry. I didn't think- should I just go?" she asked quietly.



Goddammit, I don't know. What does the 'right decision' matter when I'm making someone I care about miserable with it?

"I'll go," Anna said, stuffing the Gameboy into the pocket of her shorts and turning to leave.

Fuck it.

"Anna, wait."

He told you to make the right decision, and to remember what's important.

Elsa stood and placed a hand on her sister's shoulder, squeezing lightly and pulling her back around.

Anna is what's important to me.

"That sounds like a pretty good deal." She kissed Anna's cheek. "I'll show you everything I know-"

You love her, and she loves you.

Anna's face lit up, and Elsa couldn't help herself, winking, "-pleb."

That's all that matters.