I had enough, I wanted it all to stop.

Bottling it up didn't work anymore, not when the bottle was too full to close.

Heartless laughter, soulless eyes and empty threats had pushed me to a point where I was too broken to be fixed, too far in to be found. But one single thing, out of everything had topped it all.

That's how I ended up running, taking in what I could before the show at long last, was over.

I ran to the park where many of my childhood memories were that I could remember whilst fumbling clumsily as tears streaked down my face and my whispered words were gone, taken forever by the wind.

Even though my partial blindness I'd found it.

A small object made of a light honey coloured wood, streaked with a darker chocolate colour connected to a glinting, almost mocking silver blade that seemed to hold a light that came from seemingly nowhere.

Then the blade was stained crimson, the light in the silver seemed to glow even brighter as my light slowly died out one little drop at a time as the dark liquid seeped out into the soil feeding some small, white flowers.

I didn't know if it was real or not but I could of sworn the pure white flowers were tainted a reddish pink colour, almost like the little plants were mocking me one last time before the the finale and the curtains closed.

Those flowers were the last thing I saw before I fell down, just as the ambulance arrived with my peers. I couldn't hear much over the pounding in my ears but I could hear laughing or crying or both but I know this for sure now:

Too little was noticed during the damage. Too late they came after it had taken its toll.

Author's note

Well there's another story here from me from a late night writing session! It was originally a warm up but then I ended up editing it and now here's a story for people to (hopefully) enjoy!

Just in case people start asking, my stories are based on my interests and moods, in this case the latter.

So thanks for reading and a review is greatly appreciated!