If I thought that the limo ride last night was awkward, this was just painful. I was sitting on an airplane, which was probably the worst place on the planet, and I was squished between two men.

One was an overweight human that reeked of grease and sweat. He was currently snoring against the window after a long few hours of staring at me. His slimy gaze and sickening scent had propelled me closer to the alluring man to my left.

The other man was, ironically, Landon, who I really didn't want to see right now. I woke up this morning with his face nestled quite comfortably on my bare stomach. Sometime during the night he had pushed the t-shirt up to a rumpled mess just beneath my breasts before using my body as an unwilling pillow.

The problem wasn't that he was touching me or that he had seen me practically naked; it was that I enjoyed him on me. And damn him, he knew it! The smug smirk he wore once he finally woke was evidence of that.

For the rest of the morning he had watched me with that same smirk that only grew when I snapped at him. He followed me when I went to retrieve yesterday's clothes from Travis' room and had tried to grab my hand multiple times. It had only been my quick reflexes that saved me from the groping device.

Speak of the fucking devil, Landon draped his arm over my shoulder and tugged me closer. "My lap is still open for business, Pidge." He murmured huskily, using the nickname he knew I hated.

"I still know many ways to castrate you." I growled back and was responded with a chuckle.

"You wouldn't do that."

"Give me one reason why."

"You want me too badly to remove my most redeeming appendage."

I scoffed and turned my attention to the window. Well, what I could see of it around the man. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to see except an endless plain of blue with the occasional fluff of a stray cloud. This was why I hated planes: the lack of options.

If there ever was the need to escape I could survive. I had wings, and I could use them if needed. But the rest of the passengers wouldn't be so lucky. It was against my nature to leave anyone behind, and it would kill me to have to do so just to save myself. Especially after last time… No. I wasn't going there.

I sighed and removed Landon's arm from my shoulders. "Last night was more than enough contact for the rest of the week." I hissed at Landon. He stuck his bottom lip out and pouted, blue eyes imploring.

"Come on, Pidge, I'm just trying to make you more comfortable. As if sitting in coach isn't bad enough, you're right next to me rigid as a board. It's instinct to make you happy."

"It's not my fault that these were the only tickets available. And I would be happy if you kept your hands to yourself."

His lips turned up in a grin. "You didn't seem to mind it last night." I glowered but he just continued smiling like a fool. He rested his arm on the armrest with his palm up, an obvious invitation. "Just do it Pidge. You know it helps your anxiety."

I stubbornly refused to acknowledge his correct assumption until we hit turbulence. The plane rattled, causing the stewardesses to stumble into the seats of anxious passengers. A rather unruly woman who had been eyeing Landon the same star-struck way many others had from the moment he sat down took a spill straight into his lap.

He reflexively caught her, a concerned frown marring his handsome face. "Are you alright, Miss?"

She smiled coyly, lingering in his lap a moment too long before sliding gracefully to her feet.

I rolled my eyes at her antics and returned my attention to calming my suddenly erratic breathing. Their short conversation was just background noise until the subtle pressure on my left hand increased slightly. I glanced over to it and found that it was captured in Landon's massive one.

"What the hell?" I exclaimed but Landon simply smiled patiently.

"I was just telling this lovely woman about our vacation in Spain, dear." Oh hell no. I was not going to play this stupid game.

I returned my attention to the irked stewardess and smiled sweetly. "Oh, yes. I had a wonderful time smashing tomatoes into his face for a few hours. Best moment of my life, really." The pressure increased almost painfully but I ignored Landon and kept my focus on the woman.

It appeared that I had finally caught her attention. Her brown eyes landed on me and widened with recognition. "You're that woman from the concert!" She practically shrieked and then slid her attention to Landon. "Are you dating her?"

I rolled my eyes and was about to toss our cover story out the window when Landon opened his big mouth and ruined it. "Yes, for about four months. She'll be appearing in one of our upcoming music videos." Her jaw dropped and she looked about to speak when an irate passenger called her over impatiently.

After she was a safe distance away I turned to Landon with a raised eyebrow. "Your ass must get jealous of all the shit that pours out of your mouth."

He chuckled and stroked my knuckles with his thumb. "We all know how much you love my ass."

"Why did you take my hand?" I asked, blatantly ignoring his comment.

He frowned as if not understanding what I was speaking of. "I didn't take your hand Pidge, you took mine." I opened my mouth to refute when I stopped myself. Unfortunately, it was highly likely that in my moment of panic I grabbed his hand for comfort. Damn it.

"That's possible," I started carefully. "But you didn't have to keep holding it."

"I wanted to. I like touching you."

I grimaced. "Stop staying things like that."

"Like what? That I enjoy your presence? No, I don't think I will."

I sighed. "Why are you so difficult?"

"I'm not difficult; I'm sexy as hell and happen to care a great deal about you."

I laughed mirthlessly and focused my gaze on the window. "You don't even know me, Landon."

I heard the ancient chair groan as he leaned towards me, so close his breath fanned my cheek. He tucked my hair behind my ear, ignoring my flinch, and planted a gentle kiss on my jaw. "I will, eventually. You've just got to give me time." He released my hand to shove the armrest between us up.

I frowned at him. "What do you think you're—" Landon snagged his arm around my waist and jerked me into his side, releasing a startled squeak from me.

He sighed happily and nuzzled his face into my hair. "Just relax. You'll sleep better that way."

I rolled my eyes and remained rigid in his grasp. If he thought that I would trust him with me while I slept he was crazy. I needed to get a onesie and superglue the zipper.

"I'm not sleeping Landon. There's only ten minutes until we land."

He shrugged. "Then I'll sleep. Protect me while I'm vulnerable, 'mkay?"

"I'd rather feed you to the wolves. It'd get you off my back for a few days."

He chuckled and pressed his lips to my ear. "If I was on your back, we wouldn't be talking, Pidge."

I shuddered but punched his side roughly. "Just go to sleep."

He grinned but soon enough his breathing deepened and his weight on me grew heavy. I sighed and removed his arm from my waist to position him in his seat, careful with his head. The last thing I needed was to hear him gripe about it when he woke.

Just as I settled into my chair Travis turned in his to grin at me. "Mates, eh?"

I glared at him. "Don't even start."

He stuck his lip out in a pout but his green eyes sparkled mischievously. "You're no fun, Lena. If things have already gotten so far as to letting him touch you, it has to be going pretty well."

"I have no choice in the touch thing. He does it only when he knows I can't get away."

The damn man was already breaking our deal. Have the day to myself? Puh-lease. He wouldn't let me sit next to Nora, insisting that he needed to be near me for the twelve hour flight to Helena, Montana. It had taken him minutes of groveling on his knees, blocking the flow of people in the aisle of the plane, to get me to agree to that one.

"We both know you could get away if you really wanted to."

I scoffed and thrust a thumb in the direction of the man next to me. "If you had to pick cuddling with Chubs over here or Landon, who would you choose?"

Travis grimaced. "Good point." I glared at him and returned my gaze to the window, an obvious dismissal but he ignored it. "So where were you last night?"

I froze, and then forced myself to relax. I didn't have to tell him. The only person who really knew was Landon, but he only assumed silently. Correctly, but I would never tell him that.

"I went for a run."

Travis' eyebrows rose. "In that dress? I was surprised that you could even breathe in that thing. Try the truth this time."

I glanced over at him, careful to keep my face blank and cold. "I honestly don't think that it's any of your business."

"Why not?"

"I don't trust you, and I don't know you." I stated bluntly, noting his wounded expression without any sympathy. Then the wicked look returned to his eye, and I instantly grew wary.

"Does Landon know?"

I shrugged. "Probably. He saw me the moment I came back and I was very…revealing at that point." Last night I had spoken far too much, practically vomiting information that no one else knew. I blamed it on high I was on from staking a dozen vamps.

"So Landon can know, but I can't? I've known you longer," he whined but I rolled my eyes.

"The relationship between Landon and I is no different than the one you and I share. But, unlike you, I can trust him."


"Because if he betrays me, he can't run away. You can."

Travis laughed and shook his head ruefully. "He's going to have his hands full with you."

I smiled faintly and returned my gaze to the window. "He knew what he signed up for." A thin line of green crept up from the base of the window, sending waves of relief through me. "We're landing."

Travis turned to glance out of his window and grinned. "Finally. I can't wait to stretch my legs getting away from the paps."

My relief instantly morphed into dread. "You're joking, right? Montana barely has a population, let alone paparazzi."

Travis rolled his eyes and settled down to buckle his seatbelt as the bell dinged. "They saw us get on the plane in Madrid. They'll be there."

The airport in Madrid had been a nightmare. I shuddered just thinking about it. The instant we stepped out of the limo a mob of flashing cameras surrounded us, their shock from last night long gone. They bombarded us with questions all the way through customs.

Then there had been more on the other side, and though more tame, still just as ruthless. They hounded Landon about who I was, and he responded by pulling me close and proclaiming me as his girlfriend, which only made everything ten times worse.

When he refused to answer more questions they became almost violent, practically shoving their microphones and cameras in our faces until security was called. I was less than excited for the second round, only slightly reassured by Landon's calm handling of the unruly humans.

I glanced over at my softly snoring mate and smiled despite myself. He was leaning towards me, his head inches from resting against my shoulder while his lips were parted slightly to release the soft sounds. Long story short, he was adorably innocent in his sleep, nothing like the seductive devil when he was conscious.

I honestly regretted waking him, but it had to be done. I poked his bicep, ignoring its impressive firmness, and waited for his eyes to open.

They did so slowly, the cloudy blues peering out at me with recognition. "I'll have my good morning kiss now." He rumbled, voice husky with his ten minutes of sleep.

I rolled my eyes. "It's two in the afternoon, you idiot. Now make yourself presentable, we're landing."

He instantly straightened, eyes suddenly alert as they took in his surroundings. They landed on Chubs, who was just awakened by a fit of sickly coughs, and narrowed. "Remind me never to put you next to another man again. I don't like it."

I sighed and returned my focus to the window. The innocent angel was gone, and the asshole was back.

"Ready, Pidge?" Landon murmured in my ear, his insanely soft lips brushing the shell of my ear when the landing jostled him forward.

I hesitantly placed my palm against his calloused one and smile slightly. "As much as I'll ever be."

"I'll protect you from the big bad wolves."

I smirked and finally met his gaze. "It's hard to protect me from yourself."

He sneered but a smile tugged at his lips. "Cute, real cute."

I shrugged and tightened my grip on his hand when a stewardess announced our arrival. "It's natural."

He grinned and tugged me to my feet, making a beeline for the door. I grimaced and trudged along behind him, our connected hands creating an awkward line of arms.

"What are you doing? You left our bags back there."

"Sam will get them. The paps don't know he works for us, so while we get in the car and get the hell out, he'll get our shit."

I placed the name to the face of the young man who couldn't have been more than twenty. There was something extremely calming about his presence, especially when he smiled.

"He's the Omega, right?" Landon nodded distractedly, eyes darting to and fro as we practically ran down the narrow hallway towards the murmur of voices at the end. "You shouldn't give him so much work."

"He volunteers for it, actually. Helps him feel like more than just an anti-depressant." I was all too familiar feeling like an overworked bitch, so hearing that someone else was being treated as such was a sore spot for me. Although Landon said it was voluntary, I suspected much of Sam's duties were expected of him, and not as appreciated as they should be.

"Look Pidge, we can argue about how I treat my pack later. But right now, can we please concentrate on getting out of this fucking airport."

I glanced up at him and noted the hard set to his mouth and the sharpness of his eyes. It was strange seeing him so on edge and businesslike, so unlike the man I met yesterday.

"Why are you so tense?" I asked casually, working to keep any infliction off of my words. I didn't want to actually sound interested. No, that would only add to his raging ego.

"The animal inside of me doesn't like the looks the men give you, especially the paps. They watch you like you're a piece of meat."

I rolled my eyes. "Landon, I am a piece of meat. Get over it."

He growled, his hand gripping mine so tightly, I almost heard the bones creak in protest. "You're poking at a cornered animal with a stick. It's not wise."

Now I'll admit that I knew that my next move wouldn't be the best choice I had ever made but I was fae. It was in my nature to toy with people until their thoughts were in knots and their blood boiling. And my supposed mate was no exception to that instinct.

"If you consider yourself the animal then I have nothing to worry about."

His head jerked sharply so he could properly glare at me with burning baby blues. "What's that supposed to mean?" He snapped, his voice octaves lower than usual, giving off an abnormal growl effect that sent shivers down my spine and those around us. But damnit I would not back down.

So I looked him straight in the eye and smirked. "Honey, you're about as viscous as a teddy bear."

What happened next was a blur of motion and annoyed shouts. One moment I was being dragged down the hallway and the next I was pinned against the wall in a supply closet.

I squinted at the form looming in front of me through the dim light, nose crinkling at the scent of various cleaners and moldy rags. "Leave it to you to find the most unsanitary room in the entire airport." I muttered and was answered with a savage growl.

"Does this look like a teddy bear to you?" He snarled, completely dismissing my comment. I took in his pointed canines and glowing eyes seriously, my skin crawling at the eerie resemblance to my hated enemy.

"No, you look like a vampire."

The feline features slipped off of his face at once, leaving a very somber Landon in its place. He released my shoulders and held his hands up warily. "I'm sorry Lena I don't know what got into me."

I shrugged, careful to sculpt my features into its usual mask of indifference. There was no need for him to know that his appearance terrified me in that moment. "Don't worry about it. It's not like you were trying to take the face of murderers and rapists."

He cringed. "You know—"

"I do know. So stop apologizing and take me home." I made a move to walk out the door but he stepped in my path and placed his burning hands on my shoulders. The heat flashed over my exposed skin, seeping in deep and warming the iciest recesses of my being. I stiffened at the contact and closeness of his body, but made no other move to stop him.

He searched my eyes for a long moment, his face the definition of regret. "I'm sorry," he repeated and leaned forward to press a soft yet chaste kiss to my forehead before taking my hand to lead me out.

A gentle squeeze was all I got before cameras flashed, momentarily blinding me as Landon weaved through the infestation of paps in the front lobby of the airport. Their questions and demands were significantly less crude, but still just as personal.

"Mr. Parker, tell me, what were you doing in that closet?"

"How did you move so fast?"

"Should your fans be worried about competition?"

Landon stopped and faced that reporter, a devilish grin on his face. He winked at me before speaking. "The competition is over. And if you look to my right, you'll see who won."

I rolled my eyes at his corny words but stepped forward to hug his arm to my chest, smiling sweetly at the dazzled, slightly balding man with the rapidly flashing camera. "You liar," I teased, a wicked edge creeping into my smile. He must have seen it, because the look he cast me was full of warning. "We both know that I wasn't in your competition; you were in mine."

He frowned at me, but the glint in his eyes was playful. "What ever do you mean?" He asked innocently but I simply shrugged.

"It's obvious that I'm way out of your league."

The throng of reporters laughed and I returned my focus to them in that instant, leaving Landon to sulk silently. "Now if you'd all kindly excuse us, we have a prior engagement to attend."

To Landon's obvious shock, they let us through without any protest, preferring to stay behind to send the new quotes and pictures to their editors. He gazed down at me with slight awe as I released him to open the front doors.

"You're magic."

I rolled my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief at the cool August dryness of Montana. "Being fae helps with some things."

He was still muttering when a streak of black shot out of the door of the limo, heading straight towards me. I grinned and stepped to the left just as the massive dog got to me, forcing the brute to scrape his claws against the concrete in order to turn quickly and pounce.

I laughed and fell to the ground, allowing him to lick my face to his heart's content. "Xerxes, off!" I finally managed between giggles and he obediently stepped back, cropped tail wagging and ragged ears standing at attention.

Rolling my eyes, I used Landon's hand to haul myself up. "Yeah yeah I missed you too, you big brute."

Xerxes yipped excitedly and crouched low to the ground with his rear high up, causing the bright sun to reflect off his midnight fur.

I shook my head and scratched behind his ears. "Not right now buddy. Later, after I drop off my charge."

Landon scoffed and Xerxes' amber eyes snapped to him. A terrifying growl rose in his throat as he straightened, hair rising in a trail all the way down his spine. And if I thought that Landon would behave any better, I was dead wrong. He crouched down and hissed right back at my unruly dog, sharpened teeth barred menacingly.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "It seems I have two men fighting for me."

I heard a deep chuckle from behind me and turned to smile at Jacob, Reid's Beta. Like most wolves, he was handsome. Intelligent grey eyes and unruly auburn hair brought out his sharp cheekbones that hosted a straight nose between them. Full lips twisted in a smile as he extended a hand in my direction.

"It's nice to have you back, Lena."

I scoffed and placed my glove covered palm against his. "Sorry I had to bring this back with me." I jerked my thumb to Landon, who was still having a piss off with Xerxes. Unfortunately, it looked like Landon was winning. My menacing Doberman whined pitifully and rolled belly up, much to Landon's triumph.

Jacob shook his head at the pair, eyes sparkling as they always have in the few years I've known him. "I'm not the one who has to deal with him for the rest of eternity."

I grimaced. "Don't remind me."

His smile widened and he gestured to the black Jeep Wrangler parked behind the white limo. "Look on the bright side; I brought your car."

I smirked and grabbed the keys dangling from his finger. "Thanks. I've got the asshole, the dog, and two others if they want to come."

Instantly, Nora jumped out of the limo. "I'm out of this testosterone filled pop can. You guys can go fuck yourselves." She growled and stalked to my side with an indignant huff, still managing to look perfect and stylish after a twelve hour flight in yellow designer heels and a blue sundress.

I rolled my eyes at her theatrics and glanced towards the limo. "I've got room for one more."

Just as Travis poked his head out, Nora slammed the door on him. "No you don't. I'm bloating and increased pressure will only make it worse."

Travis glared at her through the window. "Does the womb mean nothing?" He demanded, voice muffled behind the glass.

Nora smirked cruelly. "According to Ma, we practically destroyed the womb fighting. So no, it means absolutely nothing."

I sighed and jingled my keys impatiently. "Guys please. I've been stuck with kitten over here for almost twenty-four hours with barely a break."

I felt more than saw Landon move. The heat of him rolled off in waves onto the skin of my back, raising goosebumps on my arms. "You didn't seem to mind last night." He murmured huskily and I shot him a glare over my shoulder, trying to calm my racing heart.

"Just like I didn't mind being shoved in a closet?"

Regret filled his dark eyes and he sighed. "I get the back seat, don't I?"

I smirked and patted his cheek condescendingly, ignoring the heat that burned through my glove. "You're smarter than you look."

He glowered and slowly shuffled his way to the back of my Jeep, slamming the door behind him dramatically. Despite my greatest attempts, I smiled. His actions irritated me, but his reactions were beyond amusing.

When my attention once again focused on Jacob, he wore a mask of awe and jealousy. "I haven't seen you smile like that since…" He seemed at a loss for words but I waited patiently. This surely wouldn't be the last time someone approached me about my strange companion and his unwanted effects on me.

Jacob sighed and smiled sadly. "He really is your mate, isn't he?"

I grimaced. "I'm his mate, not the other way around."

Sparks of amusement finally burst in his expressive eyes. "There really isn't a difference, Len. Just because you're fae doesn't mean that you'll be immune to the pull."

I nodded absently, itching to get on the road. And judging by Xerxes' wagging little nub of a tail, he was too. "Sorry Jake, but I gotta go. I'll meet you back at base."

He lifted his chin in agreement and turned back to the limo, entering swiftly and closing the door with a soft click.

Jacob was a strange man. Once upon a time, he had pursued my affections. After weeks of not having them returned, he moved on as he should have. But he was still quite possessive at times, and I already knew that he and Landon in the same room would be a disaster waiting to happen.

Sighing for what felt like the millionth time, I slid into the Jeep behind Xerxes who sat happily in the passenger seat. With Nora and Landon's bickering as background music, I started the drive towards Bell Creek.

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