A/N Hello! Remember me? That girl who practically abandoned my other 2 stories. Yeah. Hi. *hides behind a column* don't throw tomatoes! Just a load of stuff came up, and one of them was a short story contest! I wrote 2 stories, but I sent this one because I liked it better. After you read it and think "oh, it was way too fast" let me remind you it was a SHORT STORY contest, and I was basically only allowed 1000 words MAX, and yes that MAY seem like a lot, but when you start writing, it really isn't. Tell me what you think! Anyways, enjoy xx

White coats, white coats everywhere. They believe they know it all, the past few weeks I've been stuck here, but they don't. All they're doing is pretending they do. These tests they've conducted show nothing. They've performed countless experiments on me, and I'm beyond tired. I even forgot what they were for. All I could to deduce was that they were trying to prove something I did. But the thing is I don't even remember what it was. I think. Maybe it's buried so deep within my mind after staying in this asylum. Maybe I have forgotten everything except my name. Do you want to know what it is?

Alice. Alice Adler.

I was in my peculiar white room they put me in when I arrived here, stroking my curls, when the door open. An aged man appeared his hair snow white. But do not be mistaken, because his eyes were as cold and sharp as cut glass.

"If you're here to make another attempt to examine me, it's no use," I began.

He smiled grimly, and said, "Actually, I'm here because the doctors and I have agreed that we need your help."

Oh? "What?"

"A case. We need someone to investigate a case that is of significance to us and… America."

"What is it?" I questioned nonchalantly, still stroking my hair.

He looked at me straight in the eye, and it felt as if he could strip away every one of my defenses I had set when I had arrived here.

"Someone tried, well, succeeded, in assassinating the President. And we want to figure out their plan, and whereabouts. " That struck a chord. Something fluttered within my chest. Why did it sound so familiar? I tried to cover up my shock, but I don't know if I did a very good job.

"Why me?"

"Because since you seem to dodge every single exam we throw at you, we think that you would be a valuable asset to our investigation, to find out who would do this. And then we would disperse of you after." His explanation sounded practiced, rehearsed, and he avoided my unwavering gaze.

I checked my nails casually. "What's in it for me?"

"Well, if you succeed, then we will consider letting you go."

Sounds like a good enough plan for me. I'm not going to lose anything, after all.

"Ok, count me in."

The next day, I was escorted to the lab where the investigative team was at. The guards left to stand outside. I scanned the room; it looked clear, and very technologically advanced. There were four adults here. One was the man from yesterday, a lady, and two other men. They all surrounded a clean, white table. I walked over to them.

"I didn't properly introduce myself, Alice. I'm Robert Grant. This is Elle Colby, Hugh Burke, and James Day. We're here to investigate this case." He motioned to the white tablet sitting on the lab table. They all nodded a polite hello.

I took the liberty to sit on one of the seats. "What do we have?" I asked.

Elle started, "Well, we're trying to find out where the assassin is hiding. We know he escaped as soon as he planted the poison in the President's nighttime water placed near his bedside."

"So he had time to escape."


"When was this?"

"A few weeks ago. May 12th, 2067."

I pondered this, and said, "The first thing I would say the assassin would do is blend in. Go to the local fast-food, or café. After all, New York City is always busy. It's not hard to look normal."

They all nodded. James Day suddenly wrote something in his notepad he held in his arms.

Burke typed up something on his laptop, and pulled up all the local restaurants near the capital building. I narrowed it down to two, just by looking at the websites. "He would've arrived here around dinnertime, yes?"


"Which one of these has a dinner menu?"

Burke pointed to Pizza Emporium. "That's the one, then," I said. Burke nodded, and then went outside to call them. Day scribbled something else in his notepad, and then closed it to match my gaze. I suddenly had the urge to figure out what he was writing. But I fought it down, because this might be my only way of getting out of this place. "After the assassin leaves," I continue. "He probably wants to get out as soon as he's heard the news. I would guess the booked a plane ticket. But he probably wouldn't go to a popular airport, because there is too much investigation. The closest airport to Pizza Emporium is…"

"Williamson," Grant finished. I nodded.

"Someone check the recent bookings made for their airport. And we can deduce it will not be international flights because he would still want a close eye on the news, and a spy would be risky." Elle promptly took her phone and left the lab.

"Right, then," I said. I was actually surprised at myself. How did I know all of this? The next few days, we spent every hour figuring out the assassin's tracks. But it was mostly me figuring everything out.

Eventually, we figured out he would be right here, in Chicago. I came back the next morning, ready to investigate further. But something made me stop right in my tracks. They were all there, but in Grant's hands were metal handcuffs.


Before I could resist, he handcuffed me. And before I could say anything, he said, "Think about it." Day held up his notepad, and in it were his notes. One caught my eye, it read guilty.

Then it all clicked. The extensive knowledge, Day's notes, the handcuffs, Grant's sudden appearance, everything. I can't believe it. I thought I had forgotten everything. They unlocked something in me that made me burst unknowingly.

I wasn't figuring out who the assassin was, I was the assassin.