"Mom, are you sure you know what you're doing here? She is our charge ya know…we have to protect her…we can't just kill her", Felicity said as she sharpened her knife, sitting on the edge of her mother's desk, her leather mini-skirt riding up a bit.

She sat there on purpose because Erick was in the room and she knew he'd be looking at her. Felicity looked over at Bismark who sat on the opposite side of the room filing her nails while her girlfriend sat at her feet, her head against Bismark's thighs. Anne looked tense, she didn't want to kill the princess, but orders were orders, though something bothered her about the whole situation though. She didn't know if it was the guilt or personal reasons, but she had to do the job no matter what the costs were.

"I don't like it much either, sweetie…but we have too…. I just can't go against my boss", Anne said, not meeting her daughter's eyes.

"I went up against the council why can't you go against Mr. Macho up there…All he is…. Well…. He walks around like he got a stick rammed up his English channel…he's just an asshole, mom", Felicity said as she cocked her head to look into her mother's eyes, her blackish-brown hair fell into her face as she did so.

"The princess is just an unfortunate innocent…she's the key to finding Mrs. Ritsozo…she is after all her best friend…poor girl has gone mad…she slept with that…your ex-husband's…sorry dear", Anne said as she saw the hurt expression on her daughter's face. "Really…I didn't mean it".

"No, it's ok…really", Felicity said as she tried to hide all the hurt and pent up anger she still carried inside. She still had feelings for him, even though he had hurt her so many times before. That's what made her so confused. Why did she still have those feelings?

Bismark stood up then and looked over at Felicity, a concerned expression crossed her face. She walked over to Felicity and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, babe. I'm sure you'll find someone else…someone that will cherish you forever…Ben don't know what he's missing…he's just a confused vamp with a soul and a curse…no biggie…or if you don't find that special someone…Ben just might come around and beat the curse…and who knows he'll re-marry you", said Bismark. "Besides he don't have to spend all that money 'cause you're still wearing that rock he gave ya the first time".

"Thanks, Bismark, but…it doesn't help me much….I just can't move on…I was never meant to move on... my only gift in this life is death…nothing more", Felicity said, her eyes filling up with tears.