"I'll ask you again, where is Mr. Somoku", George asked as he grabbed a battered and brusied Felicity by the hair.

"I'll never tell you, bastard", Felicity said as she spit blood at him from her cut up lips.

He wiped the spit from his face.

"Didn't your mother teach you any manners", George asked as he threw Felicity across the room.

She hit the brick wall hard, but she bounced off of it.

"I never knew my real mother and I don't care too, she abandoned me like everyone else did. Mark, Craig, Ben, Leo, they all abandoned me, left me for some bitch with a stick that got rammed up their English channel...and you dare tell me I have no manners. Did you ever learn anything from your mother, it's not nice to hit a woman, especially a woman that could easily snap you in two", Felicity said as she roundhoused George in the face.

George picked himself up.

"You've sacrificed so much, Felicity. You still don't have feelings for all these men do you...", George said as he shrugged. "It won't matter anyway, not when you're dead".

George then pulled a pistol from his coat pocket and took a shot at Felicity. She dodged the bullet with relative ease. She took out her own gun and shot George in the shoulder.

"You didn't shoot to kill...why is that", George asked as he held his wounded shoulder.

"Unlike you, I have a heart...also there's a thing called guilt. I don't believe you've heard of it", Felicity said.

"I have no shame", George said as he laughed, then shot Felicity in the abdomen.

"You shouldn't hesitate, that's what gets you killed", George said as he caught Felicity as she fell.

He kissed her quickly on the lips. After he kissed her he let her go, watching her fall pitifully onto the floor, as she hit the floor her blood splattered and quickly stained the oak floor.

"Good bye, my love", he said as he turned his back to her.

"If I'm going to die, then you're coming with me", she said as she grabbed George by the arm, and swiftly pulled out her gun and shot him in the back, severing his spinal column.

She fell back weakly as the room began to spin, she was loosing blood fast, she took George down with her.

"You said I'm like every other girl, you were wrong", Felicity said as she clamped her hand down on his face.

She listened to him choke and sputter on his own blood and air, after a few minutes the struggling stopped. Felicity then looked down at her own wounds.

"Shit", she muttered.

She weakly reached over and grabbed George by the arm, it hurt for her to move but she needed something to slow down the bleeding, she knew she wouldn't make it to a hospital in time even if she did get up, though either way she knew she was going to die. She pulled of his jacket and pressed down hard on the wound. She then weakly shut her eyes, waiting for death to arrive.

A few minutes later, Alora and Mike busted down the front door to the Council head quarters. Alora ran up the stairs, going down the long cooridor to the left, as she ran she saw pictures of other women that had served the council before her mother. She could feel her mother's presence so she knew she was getting closer. She then came to a hault in front of a door at the end of the cooridor. She opened the door and she saw her mother lying in the middle of the room. She was terribly pale, and her eyes were closed, but Alora knew she was still alive because she saw the rise and fall of her mother's chest. Alora then ran over to her mother, she knelt beside her.

"Mom? Wake up", Alora said, as she franticly shook her.

Felicity opened her eyes and smiled once she saw Alora. Mike came in then and gently picked Felicity up. Felicity looked up to see who had picked her up. She shook her head weakly. Was it really Ben she was seeing or was it her imagination?

"Ben", she whispered.

She shook her head again, still it was the same. She staring at the person she respected the most, she person she loved the most. Then, her anger of three years of being seperated finally boiled over.

"You bastard", she said as she weakly raised her arm and slapped him hard across the face.

"Mrs. Carrigan, please control yourself", Mike said softly.

Felicity blinked a couple of times. She finally realized she had been hallucinating, her mind was playing tricks on her, it was from the bloodloss.

"Mike", she asked.

"Yes, mam", he said softly as he carried her back to the car. "Is it bad?"

"I got shot, what do you think", Felicity muttered.

Mike chuckeled a bit.

"You still have quite a sense of humour, mam, even if you are hurt", he said softly as he put Felicity in the backseat with Alora.

He then got in and drove hurridly to the nearest hospital. Alora held her mother in her lap. Felicity unhooked the cross the hung around her neck, and put it in Alora's hand. Alora looked at it and realized then that her mother was giving up.

"Momma, please don't die", Alora pleaded.

"I knew he wouldn't come", Felicity whispered.

"Who, mom", Alora asked.

"Your father, I thought he still cared, apparently he doesn't", Felicity whispered, as she smiled weakly. "If he doesn't care about me, I no longer have the care to live any longer."

"No, mom. You're not a quiter, I won't let you die", Alora said. "Fight, live, you must live."

"Listen to me, I've lived a good life. Tell your father thank you for all the years we have spent together. Give my love to Brian and Lisa, and my sister, Mimi. Tell everyone I love them, you must take care of them, you're in charge now. Tell your father even though he no longer cares for me, I still love him, and I love you, never forget that I love you and I'll always be with you", Felicity whispered as she closed her eyes.

"No...no", Alora sobbed as she held her mother tighter.

Three weeks later...

Alora went to her father's home gathering her mother's things that she had left behind. As she was about to go out the door, some one gently took her hand. She turned to see it was her father, Ben. She pulled her hand away from him, a pained look crossed her face. She couldn't look at him, because she blamed him mostly, because he wasn't there for her mother when she died, he wasn't even their for the funeral, but in some way he knew.

"Alora, please wait", Ben said as he tried to take her hand again. "I still loved her.

author's note: Heartbreaking aint' it. Don't worry people, their might be a sequel in the works. Until next time. ~Fire Bug