(A/N: Something I've been working on and wondered if it is a good start off or not. Trying to get better at this whole writing thing. Feedback is very much appreciated and going to be very helpful.)

Did you know that a human's terminal velocity is about 117 to 125 miles per hour? Learned that in Science yesterday. I didn't think I'd be doing a practical experiment on it today.

I wasn't expecting to be falling to my death on my birthday. Quite a shock actually. Finally made it to sixteen and I'll never know what it's like. Maybe if I hadn't agreed to come with my friends today to the abandoned housing complexes, this wouldn't have been a problem. Maybe if those assholes who always bully us hadn't found us, it might have been a good birthday.

The wind rushed around my head and I was getting closer to the ground as the window I was pushed out of got further and further away. I felt my whole body tingle and I thought it was the sensation from falling but something in my mind clicked. The change was happening. I'd never been so happy in my life.

I shifted my body so that I was now looking at the ground. I felt my shirt start to rip and a foreign heaviness on my back. I spread my arms and legs and turned my body sharply. I felt the wind catch me and I quickly pulled up. I was no longer looking at the ground but the sky. I was flying. It was short-lived though. I turned too sharp and lost complete control of my body. I was falling again and smacked into the ground, back first. I blacked out as soon as I hit the earth.