How To Get Over A Heartbreak

First of all, whoever you are, know that you are not alone (even though you may feel like it)–everyone gets their heart broken at least once.

Even though it is shown that girls go directly to the fridge to get a pint of Ben and Jerry's in the movies, I recommend you do something you enjoy that will help you clear your mind (and if it makes you laugh, that's even better!). Maybe you enjoy singing, playing an instrument, watching a particular T.V. show or Youtube channel, journaling or beating the guts out of a punching bag—just do what makes you feel good and helps you express yourself!

Something that people going through heartbreak struggle with is detaching themselves from their feelings for that person. You feel that maybe there is still hope for you and the person who broke your heart—and sometimes there is! But if there is no hope for you and the person, treasure your times together and know that some relationships are just not meant to work out. However, it is up to you to decide if the relationship is worth saving or not.

Relationships are…well, they're a lot of things, but in order for a relationship to work out, there has to be a mutual sense of respect, and you have to feel good about yourself even if you're not at your most confident when you're around this person. (Trust me, butterflies fluttering around in your stomach, excessive sweating and nervousness are all common.)

If things are not reparable, try your best to move on. You don't have to push yourself into the dating field if you're not comfortable, but please don't listen to your lingering feelings—if things aren't worth saving, you'll only hurt yourself more.

This is optional, but if you find yourself thinking about your heartbreak more often than you'd like to, do something that makes you feel confident. Maybe playing dress-up (whether it's at the mall or at your own house) and if you enjoy playing around with your look, try different hair styles and new make-up tricks. Maybe you're athletic and would rather enjoy playing ball, exercising, or running. The last thing that comes to mind is maybe you're a person who enjoys music or books—find something that intrigues you and indulge yourself in it.

Good luck with your heartbreak, and if you ever want to read more on the topic, I have a collection of poems called Someday and Today.

Best of luck!


**Beta-ing credits go to my lovely friend, Caitie Manda.