So I was just sitting on a park bench, reading through a book and minding my own business, when suddenly someone cleared their throat next to me. I mentally groaned. I wasn't ready to deal with people yet. Of course, why was I in a park if I wanted to avoid people? Don't ask me, because I didn't have a clue. It had barely been twenty four hours since The Change problem, and I was still upset over Adrianne. I only pushed her away to keep her safe, right? That just had to be it. No.. No, it wasn't. I had been selfish and stupid the day before. But it was much safer for her if she stayed away, so calling her or apologizing was not an option. It seemed like the best choice to just keep her seperated from the wrestling group as much as possible.

The person cleared their throat again. Good grief! Couldn't he see I was busy wallowing in misery and self pity?! Not to mention I was reading. You just didn't interupt a person while they were reading. It wasn't right! I glared at the page, wishing the dumbass would go away. I was reading through the section about 2010's rebellion again, but I I was absolutely dumbfounded. I knew now that Adrianne really was the girl of the rebellion, but one thing still wasn't making sense, and that was the pythus. I knew a lot of Pythus people, and our kind being this brave was unheard of. Then there was the extra page at the back of the section that I was absolutely sure had not been there before. It had a short quote on it. "No amount of water can wash the blood of so many off the hands of one being." I jumped when I heard the person next to me read the page. There was a spell on the ink to disguise the book from humans so they couldn't read it. I had double checked the enchantments before leaving my house! What the hell!

I looked up and jumped. The stranger was no stranger. Unfortunately, I knew what he wanted, and I knew this couldn't end well. Mentally kicking myself for not recognizing his voice, I hissed. "Get away from me. I don't need to concern myself with that business." He gave me a steel-hard look, and I looked away. No chance in hell that I was I getting involved in that mess. I didn't remember 2010, I didn't want to, and this was screwing it up for me. "I already told you that I have no memories of that rebellion." He could read the momentary thoughts in my mind, but I had to give him permission to see anything else.

"Dickie." He sighed. "Don't you see? I know that she's just a teenager. But we are in desperate need of evidence. And forgetting the past doesn't make it disappear, you know that." The flying fool would have to figure it out on his own. "Yes, Dickie. I'm highly aware that you think this is ridiculous, and I want you to remember that I am trying to run an investigation. I'm also trying to prevent the past from repeating." He sounded pleading. Odd. Wonder what came up that he needed to beg now. "I need Pythus magic, no matter the cost."

Yes, Pythus people had magic. We were good with memories. I'd tried my hand at it, but I had seen better memory magic than mine. All he needed, however, was the basics. Didn't mean I was going to help. "Listen, I don't work with the flying fools of the sky. If I were to bring back any more of your memory than I already have, I would start remembering, too. No amount of money or anything else will change that I don't want to remember." I shut my book and went to stand up. "Now, if you'll excuse me-"

"How about freedom?" He asked, pulling me back down to sit beside him. "Would you trade for freedom? It's hardly fair, but I'm willing to make it happen-" Gosh, for a mind reading winged weirdo, he was stupid. You'd think maybe he'd use that power of his more often.

"My freedom doesn't matter. The Lost Prince can't change my views there. If I die as his slave, I die. It doesn't matter either way." I scowled. This guy was ridiculous. Just because he was The Lost Prince and took pity on my kind, he thought I owed him. I didn't ask him to intervene during the first rebellion. Why would I repay him for it? He was so full of himself that it made me sick. I glared at him. "Even if I was free, I'd never be free. Not really. That council of yours would have rules to tie our kind down. Who is to say you will treat us any better than we are treated now?" It was almost like the hybrids like me were the Jews, and the Great Hunt was the Holocaust. Except for just outright killing, there were some seriously similar points. The people like my boss were all the Nazis. Of course, you can't summarize the whole species of his by that statement. No, not all Germans were Nazis, just like not all Magicians kind were hunters. None the less, when we were freed from the horrors of the Magician kind, who was to say the Guardian Angels would accept us? They already hated women, and-newflash- hybrids were of both genders! Sometimes of no gender at all, but that's complicated and something even most hybrids found repulsive- I was not one of those, though it definately through me off a little.

"And they say you Pythus people aren't brave. Then again, maybe it's foolishness instead of bravery. Or, maybe you're just being stubborn. None seem to make sense for a Pythus, though." He laughed next to me. "Of course, maybe you'd rather have- no, never mind. You'd never want- hm." He seemed lost in a thought, and he had my attention now. Mentally, I was torn between getting up and leaving or asking him. My inner greed was hungry to know, but I held it back as steadily as I could. Nevertheless, the Lost Prince opened his mouth again. "You would do it for the one you love the most, wouldn't you, Dickie?" Oh, the bastard!

"Explain." I said. Now the idiot had caught my attention, and he knew it. I had a sinking feeling that this wasn't going to go my way.

"If you do this for me, I swear on my own life that someone will be in love with you by the end of all of this." He smiled at me, and it almost seemed victorious. He knew I couldn't refuse, and I had to remind myself to breathe. This couldn't be happening. I couldn't seriously be considering that- no, I wasn't even considering anymore. I had already decided, and it wasn't what I wanted to pick. "Come on, Dickie! You know it's worth it." He was just taunting me now. I decided, since I was supposively a stubborn person, that I would make him wait for him answer.

"I'll tell you later, then." I grinned. The man frowned, but he nodded.

"It's only fair, I guess. But don't think that this will be the last time I ask." He stood up, glancing up at the sky. "You've got one day, Dickie. My offer expires after that. And, please," He chuckled. "Don't try to run from it this time. I always find you, you know that." He held out his hand for me to shake. "Until tomorrow, then?" I stared at his hand for a moment before I shook it.

"Until tomorrow, Josh."

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