"Quinn, go help your brother unpack the car." I sigh in defeat and walk back to our full golf cart. I was hoping he wouldn't notice me sneak off, no such luck. Jamie isn't even unloading the car! Looking around the front yard, I notice my mom has coincidentally disappeared too. Smart woman.

I slowly trudge to the back of the car and loop as many bags as I can on my arms. I might as well try to make this one trip, right? My arms shake as I quickly speed walk to the front path and up the stairs into our beach house. I drop all the bags on the floor in the foyer, and my shoulders immediately relax. Well, I think I have done my fair share of helping. I quickly grab my bag and escape through the hallway towards my designated room.

I open the door, and the familiar smell of sunscreen and sand immediately greets me. This room has been mine every summer since I can remember. The light blue walls and sand dollar printed bedspread give the whole room a beachy feel. My mom loves to decorate, so pretty much the whole house is coordinated the same way. What I love most about my room is that it has a sliding glass door that leads directly to the beach. It has always been one of the perks of having the only bedroom on the first floor.

I carefully set my bag down on my bed and head towards the sliding door. My fingers unlatch the lock and push the door open with ease. The sound of crashing waves fills my ears, and my feet lead me to a sandy path and up our private boardwalk. I kick my flip-flops off and walk down the wood that has earned me countless splinters.

Once I reach the end of the boardwalk, I drag my feet through the warm sand and plant myself on the ground. My eyes scan the open beach while I run my fingers through the soft sand. I love this place, but right now, I wish I was back home. I wish I was with my friends, spending what little time I have left with them. College starts in the fall, so I wanted to spend this summer with them, but I already knew I was coming here. My family stays at our beach house every year for the whole summer. I was hoping maybe this year they would make an exception though, but this summer is going to be very different than the others.

My mom has invited her former college roommate to spend the summer at our beach house with her family. They don't get to see each other very often, and they both happened to be free this summer. I have only met the Banks' family once years ago. I was probably about five when they spent a week at the beach with us. They have a son about my age, but I don't remember him much. The only memory I actually have is of him continually pouring sand in my hair throughout the trip. We do get the occasional Christmas card from them, but other than that, I have not seen them since. They apparently also have a son that is Jamie's age, so my parents thought it would be a great idea for them to come.

Our beach house is located on Bald Head Island. My grandparents built the house and gave it to us once they were no longer able to use it. The house is beautiful and can sleep at least 12 people comfortably. Let's just say my grandparents aren't exactly dirt poor. The only way to get on and off the island is by a 20-minute ferry ride, so there aren't any cars. Everyone owns at least one golf cart because that is the only way to get around the island other than riding a bike.

Most people on the island during the summer are tourists that stay for a week or two, but there are families like mine that stay the whole summer. My family likes to get together with the other families every year, but I never look forward to it. Most of the kids my age tend to be snobby. Thankfully, my parents usually let me go home for a couple of weekends to spend some time with my friends.

"Hey Quinn, we're going to have a family meeting in the living room in five minutes." My dad yells from far behind me.

I turn and see him standing on the boardwalk. I give him a thumbs up in response before pushing myself up off the ground and dusting the sand off my hands. Oh family meetings... My parents can be kind of lame sometimes.

I walk up the boardwalk and back towards the house. I open the back door and spot my mom putting food away in the kitchen and my dad sitting on the living room couch. My dad glances up, and then calls my brother into the room. I quietly sit in one of the love seats.

"Okay everyone, the Banks will be coming tomorrow, so I want everything unpacked by tonight including your suitcases. Quinn, Jamie.." My dad says while looking to the two of us. "I expect you both to be on your best behavior this summer, and I want you guys to be nice to Logan and Charlie." I can't help but roll my eyes.

"Dad, we know. It's not like we're going to be mean to them." I state with a laugh. Seriously, Jamie and I don't even misbehave. "Jeez have a little faith in us." I look to my ten-year-old brother, but he seems to be more focused on his itouch. "But if I get sand poured on my head, I will not refrain from drop kicking Logan." My mom laughs while shaking her head. I'm being serious here.

"I'm sure Logan has grown out of that phase by now." My mom says while running her hand through my hair. I hope so...

"Okay, Quinn why don't you go take Chowder for a walk while your mom and I make dinner, and Jamie, go unpack your clothes." I scan the room until I spot our old yellow lab wagging his tail near the front door. You're probably thinking, who names their dog Chowder?! What can I say, I was eight! Plus, I think it gives him character. I hook him onto a leash and let him pull me outside. His chubby body waddles down the sidewalk, and I just follow along.

I just really hope Logan isn't a jerk. If I'm going to have to spend my summer here, then I want it to be somewhat fun. I'm sure he is not too thrilled about spending his whole summer at our beach house either, but I bet he is dreading this more than I am.

"Chowder, if Logan is mean to me, could you bite him?" Chowder glances up at me then back to a patch of grass. Who am I kidding…Chowder has never bitten anyway. Everyone knows you've hit an all time low when you start asking your dog for help.

My dad wanted us to take two golf carts to pick up the Banks at the ferry, so that's why me and him are both waiting at the dock today. My mom said I needed to look nice and make a good impression, so I'm wearing a white sundress with my dirty blonde hair braided to the side in a fishtail. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty nervous about this whole situation. Living with someone you know for three months can sometimes be difficult, so I can only imagine what it will be like to live with someone I don't know for three months. My mom had a chat with me yesterday about how I need to be very welcoming. Sometimes I come off as standoffish, but I'm really just a little shy.

My dad waves to a woman getting off the ferry, and I immediately recognize her as my mom's old friend. I don't see the rest of the family...maybe they aren't coming. Let's hope. My mom's friend, Karen, hugs my dad then looks at me.

"Oh, wow. Quinn, you have grown into such a beautiful young woman." She squeezes me into a hug while I mutter a polite thanks. I've never been a huge fan of hugging...at least people I don't know very well.

"Where's the rest of the family?" My dad asks looking back at the ferry. Yeah, good question.

"Oh, they are getting our bags. It's nice to have so many men in the family to do the hard labor." She says with a laugh. I laugh at her comment politely. Well, I guess I'm out of luck.

"Yeah, my kids try to avoid labor at all costs." My dad puts his arm around, and I smile tightly. My eyes look back to the ferry, and I spot Karen's husband Rick carrying two large duffel bags. Trailing behind him must be Logan and Charlie. I can't really get a good look at them yet though. Karen follows my eyes and smiles.

"Oh, there are the boys! They are just so excited for this summer." Oh, I'm sure...She waves her hand for them to see us, and they walk over. As they get closer, I nervously fumble with a ring on my finger. My dad and Mr. Banks shake hands like old pals. I politely smile and greet him too.

"Quinn, you remember Logan." Mrs. Banks puts arm around Logan, and I finally get a good look at him. He's pretty tall, probably about 6'1, which makes him tower over his very short mother. His brown hair is thick and wavy. I meet his eyes and notice they are green like mine. I did not expect him to be this handsome. He doesn't look anything like the blurry memories I remember. He smiles before saying hello, and I quietly greet him back. How am I supposed to live with this guy all summer? He looks like he just walked out of an Abercrombie ad.

"And this is Charlie. You guys haven't met yet. Charlie, say hello to Quinn." He looks up from what looks like a Gameboy and says hi. He is about Jamie's age and a spitting image of Logan. Jamie and him are going to get along just fine.

"Quinn, why don't you take Logan and Charlie in your car, and I'll take Karen and Rick." My dad says while loading their bags in the carts. Great... Once all the bags are loaded, everyone gets situated in their assigned seats. Logan ends up sitting in front with me, and Charlie faces opposite in the back. My dad drives off, and I follow behind on the small concrete road.

"So, how fast does this thing go?" Logan asks looking for the speedometer. The car actually doesn't have one though. I look over at him for a second then back at the road.

"Maybe a little over 20 mph, but the fastest you're allowed to go is like 15mph." I reply focusing my eyes on the road. He hums at my response and glances towards the passing scenery.

It doesn't take very long for us to reach the beach house, and I slowly pull up into the driveway next to our other car. My mom immediately comes outside to give Karen a hug. Chowder slowly waddles down the stairs to greet the newcomers. Logan and Charlie both bend down to rub his head. While they are distracted, I walk around the back of the car and pull out one of their bags to carry into the house. The bag I choose ends up being heavier than I thought and weighs my shoulder down. I slowly start to move, but suddenly the weight is lifted off my shoulder. I glance up and see they Logan has taken it from me and puts it on his shoulder.

"You don't have to carry these. I've got this." He says before adding another bag to his other shoulder as if they weigh nothing. Boys…

"Are you sure?" I ask looking at the other bags. I don't want to be rude.

"Yeah, just show me where to put them." He replies with a half smile. I smile back and lead him into the house. He is staying upstairs in the room above mine, so I take him up to the second floor.

"You'll be staying in here." I push open his bedroom door and let him walk in and drop the bags on the bed. "I think Charlie is staying in that room." I say pointing to the room next door. "And your parents in that one." I point to another. He looks to the clear door in the room and walks over to it. His bedroom and another spare room have access to our upper deck. Opening the door, he walks out onto the deck, and I take that as my opportunity to escape. I quickly leave the room and head downstairs into the kitchen to help my mom prepare appetizers for everyone.

Ten minutes later, Logan finally comes back downstairs. Mr. and Mrs. Banks are lounging in the living room with my dad while my mom is in the kitchen with me. My mom and I made a cheese and cracker platter, and Logan casually swipes a cracker off the tray.

"Quinn, why don't you show Logan the beach? I'm sure he would love to see it." Logan looks up at the sound of his name and back at me.

"Sure." I say with a smile and start to head towards the back door. When Logan isn't looking, I glare at my mom. She shakes her head with a smile and goes back to preparing. Oh, I am going to have a talk with her later.