First of all, this is terribly nerve-wrecking. Props to all who have the guts to post their babie-er, stories on here. Secondly, this is a short prologue and everything I will be posting on Fictionpress will be unedited/unbeta-ed/draft material. Thirdly, I hope you enjoy my story!


"Fuck this." The words escaped my mouth like a deflating balloon, straight into the building I had just entered. It chaotically danced its way into the still, frozen air of the room before me. Sort of like a fallen ballerina who'd spent too much time at the local bar.

Faces turned towards me in shock, amusement, horror, anger, disapproval, or agreement. Or a strange, random cocktail of those. I could feel my panicking mind beginning to wander, trying to pick out who was showing what emotion and why. Which I thought was reasonable because I was absolutely sure that pretentious gentleman over there looked like he agreeing. He looked red and amused. And was that a nod of agreement? Or was that just the nearly-drained bottle of alcohol in front of him?

A smothered giggle faked into a cough from someone in the room whisked me back to my faux pas.

"Aha…hahaha…ha?" And there was that adorable, tinkling giggle that drew men to me in herds. Not.

As the halting, maniacal laughter left my lips, my sweaty, trembling hand raised to tuck a strand of my wavy brown hair behind my ear. A habit I had never succeeded, or really tried, in quitting. Same with my now twitching right eye; then again, that might have been because of my lack of sleep this past week. Or month.

"Sam," A dry, amused baritone caught the drunken ballerina in a familiar embrace and my hand jerked from my ear, "It's nice to see you haven't changed."

And that was how I crashed my ex-best-frenemy-with-benefits-slash-fake-fiance-slash-love-of-my-life's wedding.

Cue adorable, tinkling giggle.

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