Just a random story that popped into my head.

Chapter 1: Misunderstood

In this world we live in, we all have a father and a mother. We children aren't made by machines or by air. It's impossible. Illogical.

But some of us can't have both. Some only have a mother or just a father. A few of us have neither. Even though we never had a mother or a father, we still have one.

I know this because I learned the hard way.

But before I start, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kite Showner. Odd name, but that's what my mother gave me. I am an only child with just a mother. She was a strong woman with a strong will. When she sets her mind in something there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop her.

She raised me all by herself. None of her family members wanted to help us or support us financially. All because of me.

I was a troublesome child; the type to always get in trouble in school. But she knew how to keep me in check in public. To everyone, I am "retarded". I don't look the part, honestly. But I'm mostly misunderstood.

I don't know how she did it, but every single day she smiled and worked nine to five in an unpopular flower shop. Never once did she once raise her voice or yell at me. She only used a stern voice to scold me lightly.

Now, my father is another story. Never in my life have I met him. He left mom before I was born and disappeared off the face of the Earth. And like any child, I hated him for leaving. I hated him for making mom work so hard just to make enough money to pay the monthly rent.

But at the time, I never knew how much he cares for me even though he never met me.


The rain poured down on all of us, most hitting the umbrella and harmlessly slipping off. It throughly soaked my copper colored hair and drenched my black suit. I hated wearing the thing but I had no other choice. I never knew I was going to use the suit my mom got me for this crappy day.

"Mom, this sucks." I said under my breath. The priest beside the tombstone was getting soaked as he spoke over the pouring rain. He spoke about what kind of person the deceased was. I didn't listen because I already knew what kind of person the deceased was.

My mother was a wonderful mother who dropped out of high school just to take care of me. An older sister that abandoned everything to to attempt to live a peaceful life. A daughter that left her comfy home to live in a crappy apartment one country over. A friend willing to give a helping hand.

The priest closed his book and nodded to me. I swallowed silently and tightened my grip on the everlasting flowers, walking up to the hole that held my dead mother. Looking up at the rain, I closed my eyes and saw my mother's face smiling at me.

I savored the moment before I dropped the flower on top of my mother's black coffin. I opened my eyes to see everyone else come up to do the same. My mother's boss came up first, followed by my neighbor and a couple of my friends from high school. It didn't surprise me when no one in my mother's family came. I wouldn't even know unless they come up to me and said "Hi, I'm your uncle," or "Hi, I'm your aunt".

There were some others here that knew my mother. I never met them, but I didn't care. I'm happy mom was at least remembered by others I could care less about.

Soon after everyone dropped their flower, I stood out of the way and watched my mother disappear into that dark hole forever. But then, someone just had to ruin the little sad moment...


I nearly yelped but I did spin around in utter shock. For the past week I NEVER heard anyone HAPPILY greet me. So, of course I would find this scary and completely OUT of place.

A girl wearing a black frilly dress stood there with a cheery smile on her face. I could have sworn I've seen her before but I don't recall seeing her at the wake. She smiled and stuck out her hand.

"I'm Rose!" she said. I just stared at her. She frowned for a split second and covered it up by a big smile and grabbing my hand, shaking it. "You must be Kite Showner, correct?"

I pulled back my hand and glared at her. "If you know who I am, then why are you asking?" I said, taking a step back. She pouted.

"I was just making sure. After all, I have a letter to give you!" She pulled out a white envelope from nowhere and placed it neatly into my hand. "This letter was something your mother gave me, and she advised me to give it to you when something drastic happens."

I took the letter and stared at the black ink with my name written in some kind of swirly font. Yup. Definitely my mom's odd handwriting. I looked up at Rose.

"Uh...thanks, I guess..." I said awkwardly.

"'I guess'?!" exclaimed the girl. I flinched. Her voice was too loud and one octave away from sounding like a rat. "You SHOULD be thankful! I traveled from Rhode Island to get to Washington State!"

I gave her a confused look before dismissing it completely. "Uh, thanks again. I'll look at the letter later. I'm sure mom will tell me what it's about anyway."

Her eyes widened at my statement. "Your mother? I do hope you're just playing tricks on me."

I tilted my head. "Why would I?"

"But your mother is-" She was suddenly cut off from a voice beside me.

"O~Kay! I think that's enough for one day." said my friend, Alex. He placed a hand on my shoulder and gently pulled me away. The girl had a surprised look.

"H-hey! Wait!" she started, lifting her hand a bit before letting it fall back to her side.

Alex gave a smile and waved at her as he ushered me away from her. "Nice meeting you!"

I blinked. "Uh, thanks?"

"No problem, Kite." said Alex. "Are you going home?"

"I think I should. My landlady said that she'll take me under her wing until someone comes and claims me." I said, slipping the letter in my pocket. Alex smiled.

"Good. Want a ride home?" he asked. I looked over to his mother, who was fixing up Lucy's black bow in her blonde hair.

"If your mother doesn't mind..."

"Great-" Alex started, but I cut him off.

"After I talk to my dead mother." I stated bluntly. Alex blinked before smiling.

"Take your time, Kite." He left me alone as I went back to my mother'a grave. At first I thought this was just a joke, but now it didn't seem like it is.

The name on that tombstone; the fresh flowers that lie at its front; and the dirt covering the black coffin six feet below, just proves me wrong.

My mother really is gone.

Ahaaaa... there is a second chapter to this. And yeah, sorry for a sad beginning. Update coming whenever!