Your breath against,

my neck,

I blush,

You know I am weak,

for your touch,

It's the wind,

I know,

I followed your scent,

carried by that pesky wind,

It laughs,

Then it howls,

the wind knows what a fool I am.

I am charmed against my will,

Your spell binds my heart,

Squeezing, tearing, ripping to shreds,

I chuckle,

I like the way it feels.

We kiss, we fight,

Our lips fight the passion inside us,

Cursed by our memories,

I lay in our bed,


When I sleep,

that world is real,

It has to be,

Because, there, you'd never hurt me.

In that world,

You're there waiting,

Smiling and wearing that cheap perfume,

Your moist lips part,

You want to speak,

Speechless, you reach out for me.

I wake up,

On one side,

Our bed is empty,

You are not there,

And I shouldn't desire you there,

You're away,

Packed your things,

Like a thief in the night,

You took something that doesn't belong to you,

My heart,

You crushed it,

When I saw you,

kissing another man.

Still, I fall asleep,

Hoping to keep loving,

a slowly fading memory,

the ghost of you,

the real you.