The day was perfect with a hint of wind, with bright warm rays of sunlight. But as perfect as things seem, there was a storm brewing.

Kia: "I don't want to do it."

Dealer: "It's going to make you feel so good."
Kia backed up against the wall, gripping the bumpy curse as if they could help her some way. The dealer grinned and moved forward, inclosing the girl with no escape.

Kia: "please." she begged.

Dealer: "I don't think so sweetheart."
Tears leaked out of Kia's eyes. As she thought about how she had gotten herself here. Her mother was a heavy drinker, who often was passed out or doing drugs, while her father was between a different pair of legs every night. It had all just gotten to be to much for her and she wanted an escape. Hearing from a couple of friends from school, how the drugs they were on numb their pain and emotions, she searched out their local drug dealer.
She thought she had found her answer until...

The dealer took out a small paper bag which contained pills of every color. He chose a small bright blue one and pressed it on the girl's lips.
Kia shook her head to the side and the pill it the floor.
The dealer watched as the pill hit the floor and sighed. He had seen this before, the unsurenesss.

Dealer: "look sweetheart, you shouldn't come looking for drugs if your not willing to take the risk.
Kia looked at the dealer, she was sure he was going to hit her for what she had done, at least that was what she expected after what she witness from the many TV shows and her mother's own dealer. She hadn't been expecting him to be smiling at her. He held out his hand.

Dealer: "come on. Let's go get something to eat."
Kia stared at the dealer. He couldn't be serious?! She thought.
Dealer: "Come. No drugs or anything just some food and conversation, where I could get to know you a little.

Kia stared but continued walking towards him, food and conversation couldn't hurt right?!

If only she knew...

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