In your care...

The quiet town of Marshall Ware was chilly as the wind blew small crystal flakes and drops of icy rain, but that didn't stop the small population of barely 600 people from scurrying towards the only hospital the small town held. The occasion was just too big to miss.

A newlywed family had just moved to the town and like many times before the towns' people moved carefully around them. They had seen this before, where new comers came to their beloved town and had tried to change it. Had tried to tell them their ways were old and not right, but they soon enough left just as the next pair arrived to replaced them.

Though this couple was different! They right away tried to make peace with the weary towns' people, including them in their little house parties and dinners, but three weeks after moving in the couple became pregnant.

The women, Alexdae, was big and round with her nine month belly, though a kick and the busted of her water lead to believe something was wrong, when the baby wasn't due for another two weeks. Rushed to the small but busy hospital .It was found that this type of thing was actually normal but after farther examination, pressed by the young mother that something didn't feel right, it was determined that Alexdae's baby was in fact in trouble. The fetus was not breathing as it should've.

Leaving no choice but an emergency C-Section, she was rolled away. She placed a small feathery kiss to her husband's lips as tears ran down her eyes.

"I love you."


Twenty years later

Nurses and the few doctors bustled through the newly expanded halls as they ran towards one room. A room that had needed them since the person inside was just a small tiny newborn, though in the many years they had watched over this person with increasing worry, this person also had a special place in their hearts.

"Doctor Knel, this is the seventh time today we been called into that room on your orders! Never has she been in any real danger infact she sleeps most of the day with all the drugs you give her! Do you think its wise to keep spoiling her?! We can not afford to show favoritism only to one person, no matter how dear they are to us." The young nurse concluded.

"I know but ever since... Since the accident, I've felt responsible. It was all my fault for what happened to this young lady and I will not be criticized for standing by my decision to give her nothing less than perfect!"

Pausing the young nurse sighed as did some of the others did too. They had this argument before as it never seemed to stick into the stubborn doctor's head, like it flew into one ear and out the had more important patients than this one girl. Though they could see reason as to why he never listened. He was seeking approval like all other guilty people trying to correct their wrongs. Although Doctor Knel wasn't really at fault. He had tried to save the young mother and her newborn, but when it became apparent that he could only save one, mother or child. Even though Doctor Knel stilled believe he could save them both, the mother quickly forfeited her life to save her baby's, saying she couldn't live knowing her baby was dead while she was alive.

Complying to the dying mothers wish, Doctor Knel managed to save the child as he watched the young mother bleed to death.

Finally reaching the door to that room, Doctor Knel knocked before entering at the weak 'come in.'

Inside laid a small young girl of twenty years on one of the hospitals cheap beds. Pale as snow almost, she was connected to loads of tubes connecting to other tubes. Though that sounds bothersome, it was actually quite necessary, see this young woman had trouble breathing. She had lung cancer, which explains why she wasn't breathing as the way she should have been as a baby. Although the she wasn't expected to live over one year, she made it this far which got doctors thinking their was still hope for her, although when symptoms got worse and she rejected any blood given to her as replacement when she coughed up blood, they worried. But then she amazed them again by surviving another two years and so on until once again things went wrong and that had been six years ago and there still hadn't been any improvement.

Turning her head towards the open door, Faith couldn't help but let the silent tears run down her face as another pang of pain stuck her. She hadn't meant to call them so much but the pain wasn't going anywhere, even after the doses of medication they had given her an hour pain throbbed as it increased it's voltage.

"H-help." She hoarsely pleaded.


Exiting the emergency room, Doctors Jones, Dev, and King sighed as they had just finished yet another successful but tiring surgery. This patient had tubers removed from her the left side of her brain and around her heart. It seemed that the brain tumor spread but not the way it normally would have,it left the right side of her brain alone and tore a hole in her left brain somehow spreading the tumor into the woman's lower body surround her heart, killing her slowly but surely, well that was until Jones, Dev and King got to her.

They were the most successful doctors in Europe, Russia, China,and America! Well really wherever they stepped, they were well known. They had cured everyone of every disease possible saving many and letting none die on their watch.

They owned loads of property, cars, homes,but none of that mattered since all that was given away to the needy. All they needed was each other or so they thought.

Smiling as she sat down, Jones leaned across on King's shoulder as Dev explained their next assignment. They were being transferred again. Seemed their curing people was making some of the other nurses and doctors angry, though it wasn't something new, this always happened.

People were either jealous of their skills or their relationship with each other. No one wanted to believe that Jones was a couple with two hot adonis. Though when she looked at them herself she couldn't help but count herself lucky at finding such great catches.

Rubbing her hand down King's shoulder, Jones pecked his cheek.

"Jones, dear. You gotta play attention, this involves you just as much as us. We can all play together tonight, but for now pay attention or else." Dev smirked.

Jones pulled away shivering at the promised threat knowing full well what her punishment would be as she has been somewhat of a rebel when it came to these two.

"The higher ups are moving us to a small town of Marshall Ware to work on helping out the doctors there on a special case." Dev explained.

"Now let's go home, for a little r on r time." King smiled as he pulled Jones up and headed towards Dev, who kissed him quickly on the lips before pulling away.


"Please, please make it stop!" I screamed. The pain it was to much! I wanted to be gone and done with! Why did mom have to save me instead of herself.?! Why?! What had I or we done to deserve our fate?!

"Please,' I called out to anyone, who listened to me. 'Please help me."

The doctors and nurses had stopped coming to check up on me after my calls for help got worse. My pain had increased another voltage, leaving my body frozen as pain wrecked me. Tears blinded my eyes as I prayed for help over and over again.

Nothing mattered anymore expect the pain. Pain began to take over my life and I was gonna let it to,if it meant I would be done with it once and for all. I wanted to be dust on this earth, to never know the feel of pain ever again.

"Please take me away." I whispered softly.

"We will, dear, but not the way you want." A strong husky voice answered just as pain stuck again, knocking me out.


Arriving in the small town the three hadn't hadn't known they would be right away rushed to the special case. They thought they would at least have a couple if not few minutes to themselves after they exited the plane. But the doctor in front of them expressed just how important they were needed.

Entering the hospital where they would be working in, they immediately took notice to how small but spacious the hospital was along with the few, very few people sitting or running around as they walked pass the front desk towards to what was presume the case's room.

Coming up on a lone door far from the others, the doctor made some useless excuse as he turned and ran.

Sighing Dev took the lead as he always did when dealing with a patient, though he paused when screams echoed though the door. Pressing his ear onto the door he heard the cries for help, the sad emotion in the person's voice. It broke his heart to hear someone like this so far gone.

Looking back at the others, he knew they had heard also from the looks on their faces.

Opening the door, the sight before them was a sad sight indeed. Tied to many tubes as she struggled was a girl of no more than eighteen...twenty at most. Tears streamed down her eyes as she stared at seemingly nothing.

She whispered something that froze all the doctors before, King spoke as he walked towards her bed, running his fingers though her hair, soon Jones followed him. He promised we would save her and he was right. There was something about this pale girl, that had effected us.

Calling to some of the people who had mysteriously gathered around, we told them to get us all information about this girl and to prepare everything we would need to save her.


Well I hope you like my new story!