Prompt: - Picture Prompt

"I hope you like it here? Apparently their seafood is the best in town."

Fiona looks around, barely bothering to hide her distaste. "Really? It's way too crowded, the waiters are poorly dressed, and the seafood is under twenty bucks, so it's probably crappy." Vince's shoulders slump, but she doesn't seem to notice as she rants, "And I can't believe we came here in a horse-drawn carriage. My dress is all wrinkled now, and my hair's a mess."

"I thought it would be romantic." he says quietly, staring at a fixed point on the table. "Sorry."

"Romantic," she scoffs under her breath while glaring disgustedly across the room at a busy table of about ten.

Diners at nearby tables and even the staff all pause to sing"Happy Birthday" to a girl sandwiched between her friends and family, whose face is flushed with joy as she blows the birthday cake's candles out. Gazing and smiling a little at the innocence of it all—his first genuine smile all evening—Vince claps, and the others cheer and hoot as the girl cuts the cake. His distraction just enrages Fiona further.

"Are you even listening to me?" she hisses, smacking his arm.

"Yes, dear," Vince sighs exasperatedly. He's completely exhausted—physically and mentally. "What will you have?"

She waves one hand dismissively. "Just choose anything for me. I can't wait to get out of here."

"Okay," he says carefully, opening up the menu. "How about the lamb—?"

"No meat."

He tries to hide his annoyance. "A salad then. And water."

"I could've eaten as much at home. Some date," she snorts but beckons the waiter.

As she prattles off her specifications for the most expensive salad available ("No cheese, fat-free salad dressing, whole wheat bread croutons…"), Vince locks eyes with the birthday girl across the room. She stares back, a little sadly.

Happy birthday, he mouths to his best friend.

She shrugs, as if to say, "Not really." Her eyes dart to his date and back to him. She mouths back, Miss you.