I love you

Like creeks bubbling through dense greenery

I meander through the jagged terrain

My brand of aggression smoothing

Sticks, stone

And bone

A natural chaos of life I've lived since time immemorial

Opposition I stated when I saw your strife

You love me, you say

Holes punched into our creation

Caused by calloused and weathered hands

Steel bending, nay


The right angles scorching crimson lies

Empty words and promises hollow as if life has ended

For whatever we are


Ever will be

I am isolated from myself

Stagnation bred the leeches to swarm

Miasma and decay now allowing the terrain

To fight back

To jut their truths into these feeble eyes

That now squint from seering pain

But no tears

Sediment burying me into the ground

And breath escaping but naught a bubble

As they are wont to do

Traveling away from their humble start

Jaded and transformed by a man's embrace

Of death branded 'Love'

You take my breathe

My blood

My essence of being

And damn it with heresay

Ignorance I've ignored far too long

Heed my evaporation

For the Words precipitate

Transpose; repose; transpose

Friction of feelings to wither your damn

To clean thee away, to get thee back, to free me once more