Ripped body. Muscles. Cute smile. Blazing green eyes. That was all Demetrius judged about him before he slipped through the crowd, stealthily, not wanting to be seen. It was spring break and all the high schoolers were partying and mingling. This was all happening at a fancy hotel rich kids payed for everyone and everything. There were many rooms yet to be found, and rooms already discovered by couples, wanting a lot more privacy for what they were doing. The living room had a high ceiling, with beautiful, detailed decor. The sofas were a soft lavender, the carpet a deep, midnight blue. The nerds were in a corner on the far side of the pool table, judging everyone's shots and working on some data on their laptops. The cool guys and girls were against the wall, flirting and possessively touching one another. Demetrius was with her best friend Jay, chatting about the next few days. It was a bit chilly, not the perfect weather to show off your body and take a dip in the pool. But that didn't stop anyone from opening the windows wide.

"Hey, Demetrius", Jay called. "Bring Shannon over here".

Shannon was Demetrius's second best friend, since she had met her later than Jay. "Take a look at that dude", Jay said, eyeing a scruffy, tough guy in shorts and a plaid shirt.

"Do you think he's cute? Even a little?", she whined as he started talking to a girl in tight, low-hanging booty shorts.

He started running his hands up and down her body uncontrollably. Just then, the three friends turned away.

"Aw, Gawd. The guy couldn't even get his grimy hands offa her"-"Ew. Please do us the favor and don't mention the scene that just went down", Shannon broke in before Jay could finish.

There was music blasting in almost every room.

"Demi, come with me and boogie!", Jay yelled.

"Uh, no thanks. The walls far away from the dance floor are very cozy", Demetrius

Demetrius was a shy and quiet girl, so she wasn't out on the dance floor; she was watching from a distance. The lights flickered but no one noticed but Demetrius. She saw a shadow out the corner of her eye. She shrugged it off and went over to talk to Jay about the English homework. They had to write a two-page essay about a long journey one time in their life over a period of time. They had to write about how they changed and developed from the situation. Only the teacher will read it. It must be personal and significant. It had to play a part in who they were now. Demetrius has been seeing the shadow for the last five minutes. This was getting creepy. People were winding down for the night, going into their own rooms, or others. The living room was getting emptier by the minute, and Demetrius was starting to feel vulnerable. Jay and Shannon were chatting and laughing with a group of friends and Demetrius was on the far side of the room, near a huge, fogged window because of the cold. It was bitter cold so she closed the window. Just then, she saw a dark figure stride towards her. She froze with panic. The figure had a ghastly grin on its face. He spoke in a harsh, raspy whisper, Demetrius had to strain to listen. She was frightened but curious, like a child who just used scissors. Come with me. You be safe with me. Come, let's be together, forever and ever. Give me the book. Images of Demetrius's childhood flashed in front of her, but she did not make it happen. Her mother was beckoning her to come forward. Demetrius started to tear up. She started moving gingerly towards her. Her mother died during a car accident when Demetrius was twelve. A stupid bastard passed the stop light, but he didn't care. Shannon and Jay walked in the room to see that Demetrius opened the window and was going to step out.

"No, Demi what are you doing?!", Jay and Shannon yelled frantically.

"My mother, my mother", Demetrius kept mumbling while Jay and Shannon held her back. They closed the window. Suddenly, a portal opened up. Demetrius snapped out of it and was still feeling groggy. They all joined hands.

"What happened just now?", Jay and Shannon asked in unison.

"Maybe my mom's Book of Sacred Knowledge will explain it", she replied. Demetrius got it from under a floorboard.

"Well, what about the portal thingy?", Shannon asked.

"It means that someone needs us. We need to go and see what we are up against. Our destinies await", Demetrius said.

"Huh?", Jay and Shannon said in unison again.

Demetrius simply replied, "I'll explain later". She took a step towards the portal. "You in?", she asked. Jay and shannon joined hands in reply.

And they jumped in together, wondering what will await them on the other sideā€¦..