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The three friends were surrounded by a rainbow of colors. Red, blue, lavender, aquamarine, fuchsia, emerald, gold, and about all the colors they could think of. They floated down a tunnel, while not touching the irresistible exquisiteness of the colors.

Do not touch the wall. It is unsafe. If you do, you shall all suffer the consequences. The voice seemed to emanate from everywhere and no where at the same time.

"Bitch, please. How harmful can these colorful walls be?," Jay asked. "I'm going in," Jay said with total confidence.

Then, as soon as Jay reached out her hand, a dark figure stepped out of the wall. He looked rather young, around the same age as them. He had a mischievous smile on his face and he was trying hard to hide it.

"Go ahead. It's fine. I have been in there many times and do I look hurt or in pain?," he asked humbly.

There was a flicker of pain in his eyes, but as he blinked, it disappeared. Demetrius, Shannon, and Jay huddled together to talk.

"Should we trust him... He looks very sneaky...I could check the book...No, we might get hurt...What if he wants this book of yours...Who is this guy…"

Just as the group broke from their huddle, the guy violently pushed them into the void. They were transported to another faraway place, probably in the south of the U.S. The sun was sweltering, and the houses were shabby. There were signs on store windows that read, Whites only. There were few blacks in the neighborhood they landed in.

"Oh, it's so hot!," exclaimed Jay, unnecessarily.

"According to our history, we are in the past, maybe in the 1960's," said Shannon.

"Oh really," Demetrius retorted sarcastically.

"Anyway, where are we exactly? All I remember is that we fell into the wall of colors and here we are," said Jay.

They looked around cautiously, for any sign of the devious man they met minutes before.

"Oh look! That sign says that we are in Alabama!," confirmed Demetrius.

"Okay, so what do we do-OH MY GOSH YOUR SKIN IS BLACK AND MY SKIN IS BLACK AND THIS IS FLIPPIN' WEIRD!," Jay screeched out loud. People stared at them curiously.

"Don't panic, it's alright. Let's go sit in the shade so we can figure this out. Together. And also, Jay, your skin is already black."

"Oh, you're right. For a second, I was about to say….," and Jay trailed off, mumbling to herself. Demetrius tried to sooth her friends, but she was freaked out as well. What is happening?!

Suddenly, a bulky tan-skinned man with a face set with determination stalked towards them.

"Hey, you!," he pointed and shot at each of them with it seemed like a tranquilizer dart…

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