Prologue: The birth of a girl

Corinth, what used to be North America (Colony 13) 6990 A.D

"Her name will be Kaya Raven Locksley," the weary mother said as she looked down at the sleeping bundle in her arms.

"A fine name," the rough voice of Roger Robin Locksley said. He gently brushed the hair out of his beloved's eyes, because it stuck to her sweaty forehead.

The sound of battle could be heard outside in the courtyard. Roger had stayed to protect his wife and new born baby girl. A body barged into the room holding a black compound bow and a notched arrow.

"Rog, they've gotten into the mansion. We must go," Jefferson Scarlet, Rogers's best friend, said in a rush to shut the door. He looked around the well upholstered room and began to push heavy furniture against the door to barricade them in.

"Jeff, Lena cannot travel in this state. Nor can the baby," Roger said, stone faced. He was not going to lose his family when he'd just gotten them. Melina grabbed her husband's arm with a surprisingly strong grip, considering she'd just given birth not five minutes ago.

"Roger, go, take Kaya. I will stay behind," Melina said, closing her eyes. A tear escaped her closed lid.

"I will not leave you my Lena," he said forcefully, looking upon her sad face.

"I will only slow you down so you will, and you will get our daughter to safety," Melina said protectively.

"You always did know how to give orders," Roger said helplessly. He knew that she would not budge now that her mind was made up. His heart was breaking as he looked at his helpless wife. He turned to leave with Jefferson, but his wife stopped him.

"I love you and Kaya so much," she said with feverish intensity.

"We love you more," Roger said caressing Malians' cheek. At this point the battle could be heard in the corridor and moving towards the room where this heart breaking scene was taking place.

"Let her know about her family, and about us," Melina said softly, more tears escaping her eyes.

"I will my sweet," Roger said giving her a chaste kiss and turning to leave once more.

"And Roger, let no harm come to her," Melina said with a sob.

"I won't, I promise," Roger said glancing once more at his wife, his heart, his soul. But he knew his new mission was to get Kaya away, to keep her safe. He turned and disappeared through the window along with Jefferson.

When the two men and the baby were safely concealed in the fringe of low hanging branches of the forest, Roger looked up at the window where his wife lay in their bed recovering from childbirth. There was a moment of silence and then a gun shot rang out in the silence of the night; Melina had been killed.

"Rog, let's go," Jefferson said with a grimace.

"Yeah," Roger answered, looking down upon the serene face of his little girl. "Let's go."

Newbury, Colony 13, 6990

The sun started to set over the horizon as the lone driver, directed his car to the north. The message that he carried in his satchel, was the most important of any that had ever been received. As the gates of the tall mansion grew more visible in the darkening sky, the messenger began to become excited with the reward he was sure to get. He told the guard his name and pulled through; he drove around the gravel of the circular drive way.

He jumped out of his car, ran up the steps to the front door, and knocked on the heavy Victorian wood. It opened and as he walked into the grand foyer, he almost died from the shock of all the riches that sat before him. He tiptoed down the long marble hallway. When he reached the study, another guard stopped him.

"sheriff! Someone is here to see you!" The guard announced to the closed door.

"Who is it?" An angry voice asked, as it made its way to the door, and opened it. "What?"

Standing before the messenger was a sort man, only barely reaching five feet tall. He had short cropped black hair that was balding on the top. He was also very plump and red faced; eyes as pricing and cunning as a slimy snake and yellow teeth that smelled of cigarette smoke.

"You told me to tell you when the child was borne sir," the messenger said slowly.

"Yes. And…." The sheriff of Newbury trailed off for the messenger to go on.

"Well it has, and here," the messenger handed over the piece of paper.

"Great! The price on the infants head will be equal….no greater- than that of his fathers. Roger Locksley will not have a son to plague the colonies with his family legacy!" The sheriff said with a gruesome smile on his face.

"Oh, but the child is a female, sir," the messenger said a grimace twisting his lips as the sheriff confirmed that by the note.

"A girl?" The sheriff asked. The messenger nodded.

"Yes sir. A female," the messenger said.

"A girl! Ha-ha," the sheriff laughed his evil cackle, and everyone in the corridor laughed along with him. "A girl!"

"Do you still wish a price on her head sir?" The messenger asked, having the suspicion that he was not going to get paid for this job.

"No, let Rogers daughter live," the sheriff said. "After all she's just a woman. What harm could she possibly do? A girl!"