Chapter 15: Party Disaster

"Wow, it looks better than I expected" Said Matt as he examined my appearance from top to bottom.

I stood uneasily under his scrutinizing gaze, "can't I at least wear a coat or something" I pleaded wanting to cover the exposed skin

"No way you look amazing, but-" he paused as he walked towards me and yanked my hair out of the ponytail allowing it to fall all over my face, he then fluffed my hair a little before continuing "now that looks much better"

I scowled at him and was about to retort when the door bell rang signaling the beginning of an excruciatingly long night.

One hour later...

These heels are killing me, it only been an hour since the party started and more than half the people are already drunk and are destroying property. I saw many of my school kids here but to my relief no one seems to recognize me, and I'm also thankful that John isn't interested in these kinds of things because if he saw me here wearing this humiliating outfit he would totally flip.

"YOU HEY PRETTY LADY! BRING A ROUND OF BEERS OUR WAY!" I heard a drunken guy slur at me, I then sighed as I grabbed a bunch of beers from the kitchen and squeezed my way through the horny teenagers, many of them take advantage of my skimpy dress and try to touch me, but those perverts get a good stomp of a foot and a knee in their privates.

As I went out to the pool area to give the beers, I saw Matt surrounded by a bunch of girls who obviously dress to keep up their reputation as sluts. Matt suddenly turned, looked my way and winked causing me to scoff, I then reached the people who ordered their beers and began handing them out. When I was about to walk away from the group one of them grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards them, I stumbled into his sweaty chest and instantly backed away.

The drunk then slurred "why don't you join us babe?"

"No thanks" I gritted out before freeing my wrist and turning to walk away, unfortunately he was persistent.

He grabbed me by my waist this time and was about to pull me back to his chest 'not this time buddy'turning around with full force I delivered a perfectly executed roundhouse kick right at his face.

He got pushed on the ground by the force while holding his hand to his now bleeding nose, "you b*tch!" one of his other drunken friends yelled as he wobbled towards me, but as expected he lost his footing and tripped pushing me in the process. Stumbling backwards I had no idea how close to the edge of the pool I was because a second later I was surrounded by water fighting for my breath.

Dad was always insistent on me taking swimming lessons saying that 'You never know when they might just come in handy'. Back then I never knew how true those words will be and now as I struggle to pull myself up wearing this frilly dress, which really wasn't helping my predicament, I regret not taking his words seriously. It felt like forever before I slowly drifted off, my eyes closing and my lungs slowing giving up.

I heard a slight splash from a distant and someone grab my hand but by then I had already fallen into darkness and my last thought was 'stupid swimminglessons'

"Hey wake up"


My eyes shot open in panic as I saw a figure lingering over me with tiny drops of water dripping from his hair, immediately sitting up I coughed up some water as I shivered. I was soon draped with a warm jacket, which made me glance up at the person who I assume was my savior.

Matt looked at me with concerned eyes as he asked "are you alright?"

I simply nodded still a bit shocked by the event. I slowly took in my surroundings and noticed everyone gathered around us and the music had stopped. Suddenly feeling exposed and embarrassed I hugged the jacket closer to me.

Feeling my discomfort Matt stood up still soaking wet and announced "alright everyone show's over, I'll right back so continue on with the party!" He gestured to the DJ who began playing the music again.

He then walked to me and put his arms behind my knees and picked me up bridal style causing a yelp from me.

"Its fine I can walk by myself" I said

He didn't reply just continued to carry me through the crowd. The eyes that followed our movement made me uneasy so I dug myself closer to Matt and hid my face in case someone recognized me.

Matt carried me up the stairs to his room and sat me down on the bed before going to his bed side drawers and taking out his wallet, opening it he took out a few bills and handed them to me.

I stood up from the bed and stared at the money in my hand "what's this for?" I asked curiously

"It's the money I promised you" he explained

"Why are you giving it to me now? I have to serve the whole night"

"that's because judging by the recent events I think you need a break from serving so I paid you for the one hour you did work tonight and..." he trailed off as he took a step towards me causing me to instantaneous take a step back, this charade went on until my back hit the wall and Matt toke that opportunity to lean his hands on either sides of me successfully trapping me.

"...and the rest of the night you will spend with me" he concluded in a low voice

"That...that wasn't part of the deal" I said timidly

He chuckled lightly before saying "oh sweetheart, the deal was that you work for me tonight and you get your money so technically I'm your boss right now and if I say I want you to spend some quality time with me then you have to"

"But that's unfair" I whispered a bit intimidated by the smirk on his face and the suggestive look in his eyes

"Alls fair in love and war, besides what's unfair is the fact that I always see you around other rich guys but you never approach me, am I not wealthy enough or is it the fact that I'm your employer's son..." he leaned closer until there was only an inch or two of distance between our faces "but now nothing's stopping you, my mom isn't here and she'll never know, it's a great opportunity for you to have another millionaire at the palm of your hands"

I was frozen in shock by what he said and I was speechless 'I can'tbelieve hethinksso lowly of me!'

He then began tilting his head and slowly closing the distance between, that's when I finally snapped out of my trance. I put my hands on his chest and roughly pushed him away with all my strength taking him by surprise and causing him to stumble backwards.

I then threw the money at his face and yelled "I'm no slut that you can play around with so don't you dare say otherwise, I don't care what you think of me and I no longer care about your filthy money!"

Taking a calming breath I then said with my voice dripping with venom "congratulations Matt, in about only five minutes you have succeeded on making me feel like trash and a filthy gold digger two of the things I am most certainly not! I never could have imagined that you thought so lowly of me, do you even have respect for me? Because all the little respect I had for you has completing vanished"

I then rushed out of the room while grabbing my bag from the hall closet where I thankfully hid it. Racing out of the house I heard Matt call my name but I ignored him and practically ran out of the house.

As I walked past the gates I breathed a sigh of relief before heading to the general direction of the bus stop. Clutching the jacket, that I was still draped with, closer to me I started contemplating whether to call John or not.

Since the next bus timing won't be for about an hour and by then I would freeze, considering the fact that I was still soaked from head to toe wearing clothes that barely covered my body, not to mention the constant cold winds that kept on blowing since it was the beginning of autumn.

Sighing to myself I scrambled through my bag to find my phone and when I did I tried turning it on 'key word 'tried''

My dumb battery had died; these few days have been so hectic I forgot to charge. Cursing at my stupidity I continued to walk as my legs ached because of the painful heels that Matt made me wear. After a few minutes of walking I heard a car slowing down beside me, 'oh no! What if it's some pervert thinking I'm some kind of prostitute'

Trying to avoid looking at the car I started speeding up and ended up kicking off my heels while moving in a full out sprint, I heard a car door slam and hurried footsteps chase after me 'Oh shit! That bastard's following me!'

Speeding up I heard the footsteps come closer and a few seconds later a hand grabbed my arm causing a shriek to come out of me, I swigged my hand around in order to deliver a punch but the guy caught my hand in time. "Annie calm down!" said a familiar voice which made me freeze in my spot.