Chapter 2 The First Encounter

After school blew off John dropped me home as usual. When I opened the front door I annouced "Mom I'm home, you here?" I waited for a few seconds when there was no reply I took a sign of relief and tossed my bag on the ground.

Mom's almost never home when I arrive from school, even though she gets a 2 hour lunch break, she's usually out gambling with her buddies or just lollygagging around doing who knows what. But I think its better this way, since I try to avoid confrontation with her as much as possible, I really detest doing so but whenever I do try to communicate with her she never listens, she's either half drunk or just doesn't care.I checked the time in my watch and soon realized if I don't hurry I'll be late for work again, so I rushed up stairs to change into my uniform.

I work as a part-time maid for a rich business man's (Cameron Rethson) wife Mrs. Cameron who works as a professional lawyer in a law firm which she owns, they also have a son named Mathew he's about my age but attends a more expensive school than me. I'm the help around their house I do the more domestic chores like running Aarons and cleaning the house, my chores increase a lot whenever Mr. or Mrs. Cameron throw big business events which is almost every alternate day. The job pays well but I can't say I want to keep doing it but for now it's enough to pay the bills. I ran from the house as fast as I could and luckily reached the bus stop on time.

The Rethson's live in the more elegant part of town where large houses with tiled floors, mahogany window sills and gigantic backyards (mostly with pools) are situated, and not to mention the squeaky clean roads and polished pavements ' there're living the dream'. There house is a bit far from the others, you can even say they live on the outskirts of town but among all the houses their's is the biggest, it's a three story house with large glass windows, a huge terrace (that's where most of their parties are held) and a humongous backyard (that's where Matt throws his massive pool parties). As I arrived to their front gate I waved to Ted (the watchman)who was sitting in his mini office reading the daily news , when he noticed me he seemed quite surprised, he looked at his watch and gave me a thumbs up, I reached just on time.

I rang the door bell near the front door and waited patiently for Larry (their butler) to open the door, but got the biggest surprise of my life when I saw Matt standing on the other side. Matt's a handsome and smooth guy, he has silky dark brown hair, hazel green eyes and perfectly tanned skin and he's rich so you can say he's the whole package. But with great looks comes great responsibility something that he clearly lacks. Almost every week you see him dating a new girl (not that I notice), in other words he's a player and an absolute jerk I have no idea why girls fall for guys like that, just because he has strong biceps and a 6-pack(I might or might not have seen him shirtless) doesn't mean he's perfect for you.

Matt opened the door and gave me a pleasant smile which I couldn't return "Wow Mr. Mathew answered his front door for the first time, how did he stoop to such a level?" I asked him sarcastically

He chuckled before replying "And how did pheasant worker Annie for once reach to work on time?"

I shot him a deathly glare "Ha-ha very funny, any way where's Larry, or should I say the only person in this entire house who can actually stand you?" I asked , Matt looked down and placed his hands on his chest gesturing an 'ouch! That hurt' gesture. He straightened up and answered "Larry called in sick today, that means more work for you I presume" with a fake sympathetic look in his eyes he then turned around and headed upstairs.

I finally entered the house and searched for Mrs. Cameron. When I found her she was busy planning another event in the backyard, without even giving me a second glace she handed me a list of chores to complete, there were more chores than usual because of Larry's absence. I then checked my watch to remind myself that I had to be at John's by 8 and began my chores.

It took me about 4 hours to finish all the chores but they were finally done, after completing them I was so breathless and exhausted that I was leaning on the kitchen's marble counter top with a vacuum in one hand and the other on the counter for support. Matt was passing by the kitchen when I caught his eye I looked terribly messy and extremely fatigued, after a second's pause a grin appeared on his face, he was clearly amused "What are you grinning about?" I finally asked trying to catch my breath, he then answered defensively "Oh nothing, I just find it intriguing to see the great and powerful Annie Martin in such a position (gesturing to my entire outlook), and anyway I was also surprised to see that you finished all the chores so quickly were you in hurry or something?" ,I stood up and replied "Well if you really must know I do have somewhere better to be so could you just cut the chit chat and move out of the way" I straightened up, put the vacuum in the kitchen closet and started walking towards the garden where Mrs. Cameron was organizing her latest event, Matt followed me.

"Hey wait! What do mean by 'somewhere better to be'?" he asked curiously, "I don't need to answer that and besides why do you seem so surprised? You're not the only with a social life you know"

"You a 'social life' please!" he said,I rolled my eyes in response as I approached Mrs. Cameron. I told her that I'll be heading out now; she nodded and told me I had to come to work early tomorrow so I can help in the preparations for the event I told her I'll be there and headed for the door.

When I finally reached home I was so worn-out that I really didn't feel like going over at John's ,but as soon as I heard my mom's and an unknown male's voice from downstairs I, without a blink of an eye, changed my decision. I opened my closet and started sweeping through it in order to find something decent to wear, but unfortunately the only thing I found was my old black t-shirt with my favorite band 'Rock Angels' printed on it, which I got for free at one of their concerts, and my knee-length white skirt, which I bought for half- price at a yard sale last year.

After quickly changing into my some-what decent clothes I pulled my hair up in a pony tail and headed downstairs. As I passed the living room my mom spotted me and called out "oh Annie I didn't know you came home, anyway this is Jerry (pointing to the person next to her) I met him in the bar half an hour ago," 'uh, figures', the weird middle aged hippy sitting next to her looked at me giving me a peace sign and said in his deep surfer voice "Yo" 'wow!' my mom has brought many strange guys home for dinner before but he really topped the list, he had long flowing blonde hair, a dangling rainbow colored shirt and not to mention he was wearing sunglasses 'indoors' at 'night', I also noticed him wearing a silver ring with a bright red ruby which I thought was a strange fashion accessory "Yah umm…n-nice to... meet you too" I stuttered, mom gave him a pleased smile as I continued "hey mom I'll be eating dinner at john's house tonight so you…." I paused when I noticed that she wasn't even listening 'seriously what's the use; "so bye" .

I left the house slamming the door behind me and ran to John's house because I was already half an hour late.

As soon as I reached their door step I dusted my skirt, fixed my hair and reached out to ring the doorbell. When I pressed it I could hear the sound echoing all around the house and soon I heard John yelling "its ok I'll get it" I heard footsteps walking towards the door and soon he swung open the door and froze in shock when he saw me. And his face turned a deep shade of red.

To break the awkward silence that was building up I said "Hello you there?" and started waving my hands in front of his face, after a few seconds he snapped out of it and replied "Woh! You came dressed up for the occasion" I was really astonished to hear so, considering the fact that I was in a hurry and just wore the first thing that came in my hand "Really! I don't think I would call this getting dressed up?"

"No No I didn't literally mean dressed up but you know it's been a long time since I actually saw you wearing something…..feminine"

I couldn't disagree on that one since it has been about 2 years since I actually wore a girly-looking short skirt, usually I wear short or long jeans since they sell those much cheaper here. "Any ways come on in" he gave way so I could enter and then shut the door behind me. I felt like he was still blushing as I walked in front of him. While passing through their hallway, which is just beautiful with its magnificent abstract paintings hung on the walls and a wonderfully soft carpeted floor, I asked John with concern "I hope I'm not too late? I had to do some extra chores since Larry was sick"

He then happily answered "your just on time Mason just arrived a few minutes ago"

I breathed out a sigh of relief and headed towards their living room door. As I entered their lavishly designed living room I noticed that Mr. Wortin was busy chatting with a guy, I couldn't really see his face but all the attention was being directed on to him, but as much as I could see from the back he had long broad shoulders and strong biceps seemed like he spend most of his time in the gym and not to mention his short wavy well-trimmed blonde hair and perfectly tanned skin 'wow he's a hottie'. John came in the room seconds after and introduced me "Mason this is my best friend Annie and Annie this is my cousin Mason"

'Mason' then turned around and looked at me with his beautiful crystal clear blue eyes and gave me a sweet smile with his sparkling white teeth. He was wearing a tux but without the tie, instead he opened his color button, his shoes also looked well polished 'you could tell he wanted to make a good first impression' he then walked towards me and raised his hand out saying, "it's very nice to meet Ann…" he paused when I reached out and shook his hand.

As our hands touched I a felt a shiver run down my spine 'but in a good way' and it felt like a burst of colors exploded in my body, like a damp had just been broken and the water started pouring out of it, it was so intense, it felt so wonderful, it was like there were sparks all around us, 'wait a second there 'were' sparks around us but not the good kin'd, I panicked as one of them flew on our hands and shocked me causing me to black out.