In a daze, he texted Joshua back. I'm counting on it. Today's been hell.

The response was almost immediate. What happened? You okay?

His boyfriend's steadfast devotion warmed him, soothing his frayed nerves. His cell phone buzzed more urgently, warning him of an incoming call, and he answered without hesitation, already anticipating the voice he knew would be on the other end.

"Yo," Joshua's greeting was husky, his voice pitched low and throaty. Sasha swallowed, scuffing his feet as he gathered his books for next period.

"Hey, you. Listen, don't worry––I'm not hurt or anything, just stressed out. I'm okay. No need to get yourself worked up, too."

"What's stressing you out?"

Briefly, Sasha contemplated sharing the issue that was Nathan. He decided not to. "Nothing in particular. I guess I'm just menstruating. Everything's amplified, you know? Academic pressure, social interactions .. trying not to bite the heads off everyone who touches me." He sighed into the phone. "It's a struggle."

"Yeah, I bet. If you come home now, I can rub you down and .. destress you." The innuendo was there, just under the surface, and Sasha couldn't help but rise to the heat of it, growling a purr.

"Mmm. Sounds so good. But even as much as I might want to, you know I can't. I still have––" he drew the phone away from his ear to glance at the time "––three and a half hours of hell left." The gypsy's genuine regret at the circumstances bled into his voice and on the other end, Joshua exhaled loudly.

Sasha pictured the weredaemon, all hard edges and raw need and fuck, he wanted so much. He needed .. so much that his words slipped free, seemingly of their own accord.

"I want you to fuck me so bad," he whimpered, stepping out of view of the security cameras; hunching his shoulders and half-hiding into his locker, rubbing himself through his jeans.

Something rustled in the background, eerily reminiscent of static and for a moment he panicked, worrying that the connection was going bad. Fuck. No, no, no.

"Are you still there?" he whispered, fighting desperately against the anxiety that was swelling, swelling––

"Can you hear me? Joshua?"

"Yeah, sorry." Relief flooded through Sasha at the sound of his boyfriend's voice, deep and guttural; he wanted to crawl into it and sleep forever amongst its sensual bones. "I just had––"

"But you can hear me, right?" Sasha interrupted. "I'm not cutting out or anything?"

"Baby, I can hear you loud and clear. I mean, I fucking should, with as much as I've got invested in these goddamn phones," Joshua grumbled sourly. "I was just taking off some .. restrictions."

Sasha bit his lip. "Clothes?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?"


A/N: Sorry it's so short ;_; It's just that things can go two ways: sex in the parking lot or Sasha's left at home by himself and has a wild rendezvous with Nathan out of boredom and childish spite .. and possibly gets caught!? Send your vote in via review or PM!(;