Even at Twenty-One

We are sixteen,

still very young and sweet.

Oblivious to the world ahead

and of what is yet to come.

We don't care though.

All that matters is now,

between you and I.

Laughing, crying, living.

This is our summer of learning.

You stand beside me through it all.

Never once failing me at all.

And with our hands grasped so tight,

I get to hold you for tonight.

Every minute, every second

seems infinite, endless, and gone.

We are torn, we are broke,

but we are happy.

It gets cold now with snow

and the sun slowly dims away.

You and I are all alone.

But this time

not as one.

You cry, I apologize.

Yet again here we are,

as torn, as broke,

but for better or for worse

as happy as we should be.

We learned that

we are sixteen,

still very young and sweet.

Growing for the world ahead.

I am your still your friend,

even now at twenty-one.