The twilight sky twinkled on the night the wolves came out to play.

The cold wind blew through the forest as the branches began to sway.

From the depths of the shadows huffed a breath most foul.

And proudly upon a moonlit peak a wolf began to howl.

Down from the mountains they moved with great haste.

Toward a clearing were the forest had been laid to waste.

Upon this open ground stood a structure of steel and concrete.

Built by what we call man, by what wolves call fresh meat.

The first was a doctor who was heading out for a stroll.

Along with his wife, their young child and her doll.

They were talking and laughing and recounting their day.

Heedless of the yellow eyes that saw them as prey.

The guards would say they heard a snarl or a bark.

But none of them could see a thing in the forboding dark.

When the moon retired and the sun was reborn.

All that could be found was a doll, bloody and torn.

It was a terrible tragedy, for the family was held dear.

And those who remained now knew they had much to fear.

For the wolves had a taste for blood and would surely be back for more.

When next the moon rose they struck again, killing not three but four.

Night after night, and more people began to die.

The wolves must be stopped, was the unanimous cry.

So parties of soldiers that counted four by twenty men.

Sought to hunt the hunters back to their den.

But in the forest one could hear the howls and screams.

There would be no triumphant return for those ill-fated teams.

For days and weeks the wolves came back.

Always hungry for a tasty human snack.

With teeth in the dark the people started to perish.

As the wolves stole them from those they cherish.

Until along came a man who was clever and brave.

A barrel chested giant they all called Big Dave.

He created a plan that was sure not to fail.

A way to catch the wolf by the proverbial tail.

He knew a thing or two about wolves and their sensitive ears.

And of a high pitched sound that would bring them to tears.

So they mounted speakers in the trees and among the stones.

And waited for the wolves who where tired of chewing bones.

Boldly Big Dave stood alone and in the dark

With his finger on the button ready to start.

When the first wolf lunged for his throat he did not hesitate.

He activated the trap and the sound began to resonate.

The wolves went wild, whining and vicious.

Who knew that man could be so malicious.

But one wolf stood tall, who was large and black.

He had lost his hearing during the soldiers attack.

He tackled Big Dave and the two did fight.

It was teeth and claws versus fists and might.

The people worried. Where was Big Dave? Did all go as planned?

Until a blood dripping Dave emerged from the forest, dead wolf in hand.

The wolves returned to their caves to lick their wounds and scheme.

They had grown fat and confident, thought themselves supreme.

But now they knew better, they knew that man had some fight.

And they hatched their own plan the following night.

The did not attack at least not with their teeth.

Offering the humans one night of relief.

Instead they sought the speakers and tore them apart.

Knowing sounds of destruction would break the humans heart.

The next night they did gather out in the open just to be seen.

By the humans who fretted and wondered "Whats does this mean?"

Then for endless nights they howled from the dark.

Knowing the humans could do nothing but hark.

As the wolves concocted a plan of crippling dread.

To seize the facility and paint the walls red.

So many moons later they gathered for the kill.

Snarling and licking lips from upon their hill.

Then the leader gave one bone rattling cry.

Tonight, my brothers. The humans will die!

They poured down like rain from the nightly gloom.

Hungry and eager to seal the humans doom.

Until a peculiar sight pulled them up quite short.

The humans were coming out to spoil their sport.

But humans they weren't or at least not as they were.

For now they were strong, had claws and dark fur.

The wolves knew not what to make of these insidious tricks.

How were they to know the humans studied applied genetics.

That the dead wolf that Big Dave had managed to salvage.

Could be used to turn the humans into something more savage.

While the wolves played their games the humans hatched their own plan.

To combine the best of both worlds and make a hybrid wolf-man.

So the enemies engaged some on four feet , some on two.

The ripped and tore at each other, through and through.

Blood soaked the ground and screams of fury filled the night.

To the remaining humans who watched it was a sickening sight.

Bodies where flung and eaten in the field.

As the death toll began to quickly build.

Until the battle came down to one final and fateful last challenge.

The leader of the wolves stood thrice the size of those he would avenge.

As for what remained of the defenders that stood against him.

Was two loving souls, one wolf-man, one wolf-woman.

Both weary and mad they circled each other.

One growled like a wolf, two cursed like a sailor.

Then the wolf lunged first for the females neck.

Hoping the fear would keep her in check.

But instead she ducked and the wolf sailed over head.

And the man tackled the beast to defend his beloved.

They sprawled, and clawed and tore at each others hide.

The woman recovered and then leapt to his side.

They kicked and clawed and pounded with their fists.

But the wolf was wild, berserk and assuredly pissed.

Then the man and the woman each took a front paw in hand.

And they wretched it back more than the wolf could stand.

From deep in his throat came a blood squelching sound.

For they had torn apart the heart of the hound.

The great wolf slumped into a deathly silence.

Nature had lost to the superiority of science.

To the ground the victors dropped both exhausted and done.

They kissed and rejoiced as it appeared they had won.

For weeks the people celebrated and never more than on the day.

When the wolf woman announced she had a child on the way.

But alas the experiment that made them so powerful.

Came with a deadly sickness that proved incurable.

The man died first, for he sustained great injuries from the wolfs teeth.

And soon after that the woman did follow, not from pain, but grief.

But not before she could leave one beautiful legacy.

A darling baby wolf boy who survived her pregnancy.

Right from the beginning the people knew this boy held something special within.

So they took him under their wing, raised him, loved him and called him Lupin.