The Prison Life

Chapter 1: My 'New Home'

The prison horn rung as the rusty old gates creaked open, welcoming me to my new life or should I say my hell hole. The rush of dry air whooshed passed us, causing my dark red curls to jumble up messily all over my face, blocking my sight.

Just when I was trying to brush them off I heard some heavy footsteps make their way towards me, I felt my body instantly tense up as the presence neared me. I subconsciously dug my nails into my palms when I sensed the person come to a halt and soon lean in until the person was right next to my left ear. After a moment of silence the person then spoke "Welcome to your new home Jessica, I promise to make it a living hell for you" his words struck my brain like a bolt of lightning sending shivers down my spine, the unknown man then stood up straight and without another word walked away, leaving me speechless and baffled.

I didn't have the courage to look up until I finally heard that the mystery man's footsteps slowly fade away and when I reassured myself that he was far enough I quickly exhaled a deep breath to relieve my rigid body, in the process I also accomplished to blow the annoying strands of hair from my face which finally gave me a clear view of my surroundings.

My eyes found themselves examining the exterior of my so called 'new home', but unfortunately as expected it was a complete eye sore, the gigantic black concrete building at the center of the thick bricks walls had many guards positioned at the top of the fort like roof while others were circling around in the courtyard, silently observing and eyeing my-now- fellow prisoners.

At first I found it quite offending and ridiculous for them to think that they would even try to escape this heavily tested and obviously fool proof prison cell, but when I began to perceive the death glares the prisoners were giving the guards and the way they were inquiring the walls around them I thought again.

My train of thought was rudely interrupted by my escorting officer who yelled "KEEP MOVING!" whilst yanking my arm towards her causing me to stumble forward a few steps. I lowly growled at her angrily before freeing from her manly grasp, it was clear that this woman was aggravated with my presence, but truthfully I couldn't blame her since I did 'accidently' mistake her for a man on our first encounter, which was an obvious mistake, I mean with her abnormally large forehead and small yet painfully tight bun, not to mention that visible mustache under her nose, who would consider her a woman, but me actually stating that to her face wasn't one of my best ideas.

As we made our way towards the building through a small pathway, that separated the men's and women's courtyards, I could just feel the intense stares that were been thrown my way as I walked by, some with curiosity, others with caution while the rest were filled with pure unexplainable hatred, at the corner of my eye I even caught a pair of grey eyes deviously glaring at me.

On further observation I noticed they actually belonged to a young teenager about my age, he had pitch black hair and a slim body. His mesmerizing eyes bored into mine as if trying to decipher some kind of code, and just for a brief second we both held each other's gaze. Well, that was before an irritating police officer with a villain-ish mustache blocked my view, he looked down and read something from his old fashioned clipboard "Jessica Albert, cell no: 105 ,cellmate : Ryder Lambert" and who knew that that one simple sentence would be a gateway to the life I never thought I would embark .