There's a method to my madness

That has a root in sadness

With a question to my sorrow

On if I'll see tomorrow

A tinge of darkness to my soul

Where reality is no goal

As whispers hiss and voices cry

I have the feeling I shall die

My days are numbered, the time is marked

Another body in the dark

Though light battles day and day

From the night I can not stray

The moon a pearl, the stars mere diamonds

I look within and can not find them

Black and cold, bleak and drear

I hear Them whisper to my ear

Silent demons come to play

A constant war with them today

And through it all I must confess

This world of mine I do detest

Shattered mirrors and haunting dreams

Broken by a piercing scream

In darkest nights and brightest days

It seems that sanity never stays

A sharpened blade, a hanging noose

If I falter They shall be loose

My mind a prison for Them and I

Life a journey, the end to die

Shadows abound, silent and free

Are there others quite like me?

Twisted dreams and scattered thoughts

Darkness breeds insidious thoughts

The light inside me fights in vain

For long has nighthood overcame

Shadows alive inside my head

Forever speaking tongues of dead

Will you come out to play with me?

We still have so much more to see

Take it not serious, life's a game

If you believe me you're insane

Blood flows blue and blood flows red

Another name for fear is dread

I hear a creature I do not see

Could it be inside of me?

A loaded gun, a bottle and pills

Can't you see my mind is ill?

As if it were of shattered glass

Once repaired but not to last

My heart is bleeding, crying blood

If only I could hide it under mud

Not suffer through the slings and arrows

But raise an army from the barrows

To go forth, conquer and see

Then raise my arm in victory

It's but a dream, that's a fact

Yet still I feel under attack

A constant war within my head

About the living, about the dead

I sincerely hope that you can see

The method to my insanity