I congratulate you.

For never giving me and others

and others like me

a chance.

You tossed us away.

You ignored our cries.

We begged you to

acknowledge us.

We just wanted you to


we existed.

But you threw us

to the dogs.

You let them tear

us apart,

until all that

was left

was the inner

core of emotions



didn't have.


along with the


only wanted even

a sliver of

your acceptance.

We wanted you

to give us love,

to throw a bone,

and get to know us.


you ignored our wails,

our tears,

and our broken attire.

We tried to get you

to forgive us

for whatever it was

we had done

by giving our pure blood.

Allowing it to drip

to the ground,

the soil soaking it up,

accepting it's presence,

like we wanted you

to do to us.

We signed ourselves,

our souls,

our hearts,

to the devil

that overtook us.

Just so you'd finally

love us.

We lost our hope

of ever again loving ourselves.

We lost sight

of who we were.

We lost sight

of what we became.

So you'd finally accept us.

We traveled for miles,

we traveled for years

just for you.

Yet you still ignored us.

Like we weren't alive,

like we weren't important

enough for you

to acknowledge.

We forget what it

was like

to breathe

as ourselves,

we spent so much

time being like

your spawns,

your clones.


we still meant nothing.

We coated ourselves

in your rock dust,

your skin.

But our shine,

our specialness,

refused to leave us.

It shone through your dust,

of course it was

our fault.

All we ever wanted

was for you to accept


not even for who we were,

we gave that up long ago,

but to accept us as

one of your own,

to finally love us.

Yet you again tossed us back down,

in that dark hole,

we couldn't escape from.

We tore ourselves apart

looking for a way to change for you.

But we couldn't hide our shine.


it shone brighter with every


like a warning signal

we should have paid attention