PT 2


BY MaskedHero100


A Slight Roadblock In The Plan

Technogopolis City hall, City council room: May 7th 2012

In a room full of Bureaucrats and civic servants, Carlos Benson listened to the seemingly endless chattering around him regarding the "terrorist" attacks on the city of tomorrow and the escalation of the events happening in their sister city "Lunar city".

All the while he was keeping watch on two members of the council that he knew would be both a help and or hindrance to his plans.

The mayor of the city, who by now held Carlos in contempt since it was his tech that was at the center of this council meeting, and the easily fooled senator Chapman. If there were strings attached to the man's body…it would be fitting… Carlos Benson knew the man was easily prone to take aggressive and quick and effective remedies to terrorism due to his hidden paranoia about security needing to be increased…a common post 9/11 philosophy.

He had no doubt that Senator Chapman would play his part in his plan.

The mayor then called the debate to a close and then rationalised what he felt was the obvious to everyone in his point of view.

"look all I'm saying is that the S.L.E.E.T experts have done their investigations into these terrorist attacks and attempted atrocities…and they all have found Bullets in the walls of the high school and the warehouse the 86rs street gang operated in…and they were all found to be special bullets made and manufactured by Benson industries. These Pshyco's sure are using a lot of your tech!" the mayor said suspiciously to Carlos Benson.

"My "Tech" as you call it…" Carlos stood up in faked outrage, putting on the charade "has been stolen… no doubt by the masterminds behind these attacks. I have lost twelve weapons trucks with supplies meant for S.L.E.E.T in the past three months…and now I know where the weapons have been sent…onto our cities streets…in the hands of degenerates and power hungry gunmen… Goodness knows what whoever has my tech will do next now…with those weapons alone any fringed member of society in this city could raid City hall easily, even with all of its security defenses. The Criminal mind behind this has been making bolder moves, from schools to Police precinct…what is next, a hospital…a Kindergarten?" Carlos Benson sighed in faked disgust, and slumped back down into his chair and eyed everyone present "this is escalation my friends. The only way to combat it is to use a weapon that has no equal to what's being sold on the "black markets" of the cities under streets or my stolen merchandise…thankfully…I have a working weapon that can do just that"

"No thank you…" the mayor hand waved Carlos Bensons proposal "I think this city has enough of your weapons on the streets causing havoc!"

"No…no let him talk" Councilmen Chapman said in interest "I want to hear what he's selling. It might be what we need against this terrorist who is causing all of this"

When the rest of the council added their own interest in hearing Carlos Benson's proposal overpowered his own misgivings about Carlos Benson's proposal, the mayor sighed and let Carlos tell the council his proposal… "But remember…" The mayor warned, "S.L.E.E.T is involved in this as well, you will have to convince them as well before we "do anything" against this terrorism….terrorism combat is their business, so this had better be good"

Carlos Benson then picked up the suitcase he had taken into the meeting with him, and placed it on the council table, and pressed a button on the side of the suitcase.

The suitcase then shot a light into the air and then formed a cone shaped column…and within that column of light the image of some kind of robot formed.

It was one of those Holographic Office presentation hologram devices that Benson Industries had made during the war…S.L.E.E.T had bought most of them during the war in Iraq.

And now it was showing a hologram of exactly what Carlos wanted "city approval" to set loose on the city to catch the "terrorists" using his merchandise.

"I've had this idea formulating for some time now…" Carlos Benson explained in a businessman like voice and stance, "now as you know, Benson industries is the leading manufacturer of the synthetic polymer-metal known as Diatitanium"

"we know that…" One of the councilmen pointed out, "so what's your point?"

"well…as you are all vaguely aware…Diatitanium is not very mouldable as it is durable and nigh indestructible…trying to destroy it with conventional weaponry is near impossible…but advanced machinery or weaponry like rockets, missiles or in S.L.E.E.T's case laser riffles can if aimed right can damage it…but that's not the case with the stolen shipment" Carlos warned.

"what do you mean?" inquired Senator Chapman.

"I mean these weapons on the streets are made from a recently created stronger form of Diatitanium…so "blowing" them up with advanced weapons won't work…unless you fight advanced weaponry with advanced weaponry…I call this and the 10 others I have waiting alongside it…the Guardians!" Carlos Benson showcased his armored centurions in the hologram to the in awe city council.

He continued, "I originally had plans for them to sold to be used by S.L.E.E.T…for any of their "high risk hush, hush!" missions…but when I realised that my tech had been stolen and was in the hands of thieves and criminals and zealots…I decided to use them for this instead…with you the mayor and the councils permission of course… once they are on the streets I assure you…the men who are doing this are going to wish they had one of these instead!"

"Yes…" came a stern voice that was now entering the room behind Carlos Benson, everyone turned around to see who it was that had interrupted the city council meeting.

It was the S.L.E.E.T spectre agent…Agent Smith who was looking at the hologram of "the guardians" with a stern look with his dark shades that hid his recognition of the robots in the hologram, "which is why we aren't going to use it."

There was uproar around the council room at Agent smith's brash show of power.

"What authority do you have to interrupt this council and decide what we should do for our city's safety!" demanded one of the politicians present.

"When Terrorism is on our native soil, S.L.E.E.T is given orders to do whatever steps are necessary to do so under the decrees of the president and the patriot act" Agent smith answered calmly.

"What…" asked senator chapman snidely, "you're going to lockdown our city as well, set up surveillance and put troops into the streets and search sector by sector, bust down doors?"

Agent smiths shades masked his glaring eyes, "that was the U.S government before the Patriot acts amendment, not us… were a separate division…we don't answer to JUST the united states…and to answer your question, if we have to yes…but only if it's absolutely necessary: We're flexible. It's better than this alternative, I'm sorry but you can't authorise the release of these…"guardians" as you call it Mr. Benson. Also this council can't give you authorization either"

"Why not?!" senator chapman stood up in his chair in shock.

"we have sufficient reason to believe that the mastermind behind these attacks also has access to the early prototypes of your…"guardians" as you call it. We've seen footage of the high school attack from security camera's that weren't wiped out electromagnetically or destroyed, we have a report from the recovering Commissioner of police that a 8 ft. tall killer robot was responsible for the arson of precinct 12 last night…we also managed to get a photo from one of the onlookers on the site of the Central school lockdown, said they thought they saw a plane fly overhead and drop something into the school from the air…we managed to get the photo from that citizens and her camera…and sent it to HQ…they have ways of clearing up hazy images that would put all of the Photo developing companies out of work!" Agent smith answered.

Agent smith then held up a High definition photo of the "blur" people had seen fall down into the school from the air that day….and it was clear as day that in the photo, the thing in question was a robot looking similar to the "Guardians" Benson was showcasing.

Agent smith then tossed the photo onto the table where everyone could see it, and looked questionably at Carlos Bensons, with a small squad of S.L.E.E.T soldiers beside him ready for anything.

"the shells we found embedded in the schools walls where the…and I stress the word, Crazy Five death school gang members were found shot dead…or in one case remains found amide explosion blast zone. As you can see that is a Benson industries Machine gun attached to its left arm, and a Benson Industries Neuron-electro-reactor attached to its "heart"…as well as some kind of detonation device…" Agent smith smirked, "our tech boys back home were drooling over the notion of what kind of device can vaporize Diatitanium into dust…when they found your label on it in the picture as well…" Agent Smith then took a whiff on his cigar…waiting to see the effect this information would have on the crowd of politicians, fat cats, and lawmen and women that were present in this room.

"What does this mean…?" The mayor asked agent smith, "that the "terrorists" has some of their own robots out there on the streets already?"

"No…that's not it…" Agent smith then decided to play the "I don't suspect you at all card" to keep things going, he did suspect Carlos…but until the kid pulled through there wasn't enough evidence to justify arresting or taking him in for questioning. Carlos Benson WAS one of their countries biggest industrial supplier, better to play the cards your dealt with first…and deal when you're ready.

"no, it means that they got their hands on the "early versions", the commissioners description of the one that attacked the prescient doesn't match this photo…meaning that these very well might be stolen prototypes of "guardian" robots…computer controlled. Isn't that right, Mr. Benson?" Agent smith inquired.

The whole room turned to look at Carlos Benson following Agent smith's question.

Carlos struggled to maintain his calm, he didn't count on a S.L.E.E.T agent to still be on the job searching for something amiss in Technogopolis…in his company, and he could tell that the Spectre agent suspected him…he had to keep his lie and alibis stable and viable…for his plans sake…otherwise this agent would spoil everything.

And if the agent had suspensions on Carlos Bensons hand in these tragedies…that meant it could only have come from one source…now he really had to kill that kid and destroy that suit!

Thinking quickly, Carlos made himself appear sympathetic and looking to remedy a mistake that was his fault, and hoped the council and the agent would be foolish enough to believe it.

"Yes…" Carlos Benson admitted, with a sigh of remorse "they were…but that's why I built these ones in response, they have heavier, stronger armor of Diatitanium, and they are controlled by a control source only I know about…the stolen prototypes weren't built that way…these are the best weapons against them and the maniacs controlling them I assure you!"

"I'm sure they are…" Agent smith nodded, "but my sources on the street tell me that the risk is too great if we do deploy them…they might have been tampered somehow. Whoever stole these weapons and your prototypes is no fool. He knows what he's doing, and if he's hiding in your building or is an ex-employee that worked on the project with you…he could figure out somehow how to take control of your MRK 2 "Guardians" and set them loose on this city's streets under his command. I can't take the risk…and neither can S.L.E.E.T. this won't happen, not until we are certain we "absolutely" need your Guardians, only then will this project be deployed. Until then, S.L.E.E.T will have the city on lockdown and we will search sector by sector for the tech by zeroing in on the Diatitanium's metallic signature…we'll find the madman behind this"

Now Carlos knew that the spectre agent knew more than he was revealing, he had said "madman" not "madmen"…he was going to need to put an eye on him…and grinning inside, he knew the perfect girl for the job.

Senator Chapman as Carlos Benson could see, was not impressed…Chapman had never been a strong believer in S.L.E.E.T, in fact he believed that S.L.E.E.T was "too soft" in handling terrorism, peacekeeping, world security and other affairs that they had been built to help deal with by the U.N…to the point that in his opinion they were "an obsolete idea".

He resented that they, in his opinion, paid more attention fighting their secret war with some international fanatic organization and "foreign affairs" abroad instead of focusing on defending their country, and solving its own problems… as they should!

The rest of the world should handle their own problems, the country had lost so many soldiers in a recent war most people in the U.S and in parliament didn't care about during and still don't care about afterward…yet ridiculous Organizations like S.L.E.E.T continue to aid country's rich and third world…in times of crisis…spending billions of dollars on places that wouldn't know how to use it, while their home country still deals with high crime rates in various cities, Economic recession, and health care scares.

S.L.E.E.T swore to combat terrorism both foreign and domestic, but still things like the Bombing of Boston, 9/11 and the…bloody "occupy" movement, still happened!

As far as he was concerned, S.L.E.E.T was a hole in the nations Dyke and that hole needed to be replaced with something stronger.

Something that could ensure events like those could never happen again, that no one would dare try anything along those lines ever again…out of fear of reprisals!

It was time for a new kind of defence, one that worked "perfectly".

Carlos had presented one and it looked for sure like it would have worked, and this matter would be solved in a day.

And now S.L.E.E.T was going to stand over them all and say "no" to the quick remedy to this cities problem so that "They can handle it"?…like fun they will!

Senator Chapman then made his disapproval vocal to Agent smith and the S.L.E.E.T officers present.

"Let me get this straight. We have a viable way to end this matter quickly and efficiently and we're supposed to put our cities defense and security on you people?" Senator Chapman asked in disbelief, "When you can't even catch one criminal kingpin nutcase in a locked down lunar city?"

Agent Smith chuckled at the Senators Arrogance, he had already been briefed on the councilmembers before he had been given these orders by General Arcane, he knew about Senator Chapman's Paranoia, his arrogance and his disdain for S.L.E.E.T…it didn't matter, and he didn't matter.

If S.L.E.E.T ran on the opinions of people like the senator, then F.E.I.N.D or somebody worse would be in the white house…or the whole known world wouldn't be what it is now…he thanked god, if he was up there, for that!

These pencil pushers and campaign hounds had no idea the responsibilities and the extremely risky things S.L.E.E.T personal go through every day to keep them in their beds, with their families…safely resting peacefully. Unaware of the danger that would come if S.L.E.E.T ever fell, or failed in its mission.

That this secret war was the ONLY necessary war being fought on the earth, the rest were "petty, insane squabbles" compared to this… minus W.W II…because that's when this all began.

So now S.L.E.E.T had to be on the offensive, someone was attacking another major U.S city…and it looked like they were doing in order to goad someone into doing something.

So this was the only option…so now to end this "debate" to get back to working with the Robo warrior to get to the bottom of this quickly…because if the Crap hits the fan in lunar city, here, or both cities at the same time…heavier firepower assistance might not get here in time.

"I'm not asking you to agree or comply…I'm telling you." Agent smith scowled at the paranoid senator, "my general has orders from the president himself to give this order….so follow it or it's off to prison if you defy the presidential order. We're going to search this city…and that is final…" he then tossed the council a phone from his trench coat pocket, "you have a problem with that…take it up with my supervisor….he's waiting on the phone to hear your reply"

Agent smith, knowing he had won turned and began exiting the room.

"This is intimidation!" Senator Chapmen yelled from across the table, "this is out right Blackmail! How do we know this Crisis doesn't have S.L.E.E.T involvement in it as well?"

"What a drama queen, always wanting center stage"…agent Smith finally decided to dispense with tact regarding the senator.

"Senator, with all due respect…" Agent smith said as he left the room, "Shut up and lay off the caffeine and the Paranoia…the worlds not going to hell…not while were here!".