A New Beginning...

Several Rooftops away…..

Miss Scranton was still were she was left before Kane and Robo-warrior went off to have their final showdown….on the rooftop.

She was basically using her chin to move her body now, thanks to Kane shutting down her systems.

She was cursing the man up and down for betraying her like this, she could have killed the Robo-warrior easily….she knew she could have, but Kane….Kane had to be the glory hog!

She was going to make him pay for this!

Suddenly, to Miss Scranton's surprise she started to float off the ground she was crawling on….and then she was floating upright and hovering in place by the door to the stairs.

"What….Kane, if this is your idea of a joke I am not laughing!" she began to object, but then she realised that her limbs weren't flying on their own power.

Something was lifting her up, and it wasn't her!

There was a subtle laughter from behind her in regards to her previous statement.

Suddenly she was involuntarily turned around to face the owner of the laugh.

It was some nutjob, in some kind of red and Black Armor that looked like something Kane would have built.

Those two red eyes, they were glowing as if something or someone powerful was within that suit of armor….and that might be the truth.

Whoever was inside that thing was powerful…because Mrs. Scranton realized that this metal/Masked man was the one who was levitating her…but how was he levitating her?!

"No….miss Scranton" the mysterious masked man's voice said, sounding like it was being spoken through a demonic cheese grater "I'm not Kane. As a matter of fact, he is dead"

Miss Scranton gasped, and began to panic because without Kane she couldn't move…and S.L.E.E.T would be sure to find her and do god knows what to her for aiding in Kane's lunatic scheme.

"Calm down Miss Scranton…." The masked man said assuringly, "Kane may be dead, but S.L.E.E.T won't get you…and I can turn your limbs back on easily….but on one condition. You work for me now…I was considering to recruit Kane, thought he might have the ability of technopathy…but it turned out he was just a human with technological augmentation….you on the other hand, aren't really all that human anymore are you….and you have more potential than he did….with my help that is…you could be greater!"

"Yeah…." Miss Scranton said with spite, "and just who the hell are you?"

"Call me meta-master…." The masked man grinned, "I am a metahuman. I am superior….I am the future of humanity….well, a small bit of humanity….a percentage which I will soon make into the ruling majority….with me as one above them all!"

"I don't care what you are…." Miss Scranton scowled, "after being backstabbed by my psycho lover I am not in the mood to listen to another lunatics offer….so just turn on my libs and screw off!"

Suddenly Miss Scranton felt an invisible force pierce into her brain, and she began to feel sleepy…and she began to realize the masked man was doing this too her.

"I wasn't giving you a choice; I need contingencies….and you're one I choose to have when the time comes. So you're coming with and working for me, you won't have a choice when I'm done with you…and you won't question my vision when I am finished either"

There was horror in Miss Scranton's eyes before she fell into unconsciousness, "you're….you're not human!"

The last thing she heard was Meta master before she faded into a deep sleep, "you're right Miss Scranton. I am not human, I am more advanced….and I promise, and it won't hurt a bit….in fact, you're going to enjoy your new life as a one of my Elite"

Andrew didn't know how long he had been in the darkness, or having been unable to move any part of his body for.

But suddenly he found that he could open his eyes.

He was blinded by a light that was above him, he shut his eyes until he was used to the bright light….his vision was blurry, and…were those clouds?

Or was it just his blurry vision.

"ughhh…." Andrew said, grimacing from a major headache he was experiencing "am….am I in heaven?"

"Damn kid…." came a familiar chuckle, "your some piece of work, you'd make a good S.L.E.E.T soldier"

Andrew looked in the direction the voice had come from, and saw the hazy but recognizable image of a grinning Agent smith.

Andrew groaned, "oh god…..I'm in hell aren't I?"

"You've been through hell kid…." Agent smith chuckled, "but you're not in hell…."

Suddenly Andrew felt the embrace of young female's lips on his own, and he realised that it was Sally….just by how she kissed him.

She then released him, and by now Andrew could see again.

He could see his mother standing beside him, tears of joy in her eyes.

"Andy!" soon enough Andrew saw Kara pop out from beside the bed.

Trevor, Mr. Reynolds, Carlos Benson and Sally's Uncle Harvey was there as well.

"Ow!" Andrew declared as the pain went through his head again, "what happened?"

"You stopped the nuke in the suit by disintegrating it kid" Agent smith explained.

"Yeah….very risky move Andrew" said Carlos Benson, "any closer to Kane's War reaper suit and you would have been killed by the backlash….you were lucky to get out with just a concussion."

"Cyber-29!" Andrew realised that he was out of his suit and in a hospital bed somewhere, "where is he….and where am I?"

"You're in Techno-general hospital kid" Roderick Reynolds explained, "as for cyber-29….."

"How about you let me explain what happened to me?" said Cyber-29's voice, coming from somewhere in the room.

"Cyber-29?!" asked a relived Andrew, "Where are you?"

"Right here in the corner, in backpack form Andy" Cyber-29 called from across the room.

Andrew used most of his strength to look over his chest to the futuristic backpack at the end of the hospital room, and chuckled in relief.

His newest friend was alright as well.

"wait….Miss Scranton….OW!" he moaned again.

"a robotic exoskeleton was found on the rooftop your battle began….it had Miss Scranton's blood remaining in it….she must have been self-destructed in unison with Kane's suicide bomb activating…to take her with him to the depths of hell! Any danger to you and your family is gone now."

"looks like we made it out of the fire mom?" Andrew said looking up at his mother.

Marie Griffin looked down upon her son with proud eyes, "yes….yes we did! Thanks to you, son"

"Andy, the flying robot superhero!" Kara griffin said tugging her brother's arm, "hey Andy, when you feel better can you take me flying with you, please, please?"

"Hold on young one!" Agent smith said sternly, "as far as I'm concerned your big brothers "superhero" days are over."

Amid Kara's groans of displeasure, Trevor spoke in question "over, what do you mean over?"

"Look…." Agent smith grimaced, "I appreciate what you did kid, I really do. And what you and….cyber-29 over there accomplished is deserving of several awards and medals by S.L.E.E.T standards. But the fact remains kid, that you're still just a child….and you almost got yourself killed. And that is why, unfortunately, we are allowing Carlos Benson to repossess the Robo-warrior armor" and then he paused and admitted, "and General Arcane himself wants to see Carlos Benson about the events that happened this past month, and to help you store the armor away for future use"

Agent smith turned to leave, and stopped at the door "don't let my calm exterior fool you kid, I wish I didn't have to do this….but I don't make the rules, and I don't break the rules….and I really am Grateful for all that you have done, and trust me….I never expected that I would ever owe my gratitude, and possibly my own life to a young man like you."

Andrew sighed in understanding; with Kane gone there wasn't a need for the Robo-warrior. But it still hurt to be forced to part from a friend like Cyber-29.

He could see the reluctance to break up the duo on the face of Carlos Benson as well.

But he knew that the reason they were doing this was that they didn't want to endanger Andrew and his loved ones again…and that was not something worth fighting against.

"I understand also Andrew…." Cyber-29 said, with barely masked sadness.

"Can I at least say goodbye to him?" asked Andrew to agent Smith and Carlos Benson.

Agent smith nodded, "yes…but make it quick, I need to take both Cyber-29 and Carlos Benson with me to debrief the General about what happened here"

Before agent smith left, Andrew stopped him with a "thank you agent smith….for everything you helped with"

Agent smith didn't turn around, but gave a courteous nod and continued out the hospital room door.

Carlos Benson sighed and placed the Backpack that was the Assault Armor on the bed with Andrew and his family.

"I don't know what to say…." Andrew said, fighting the urge to cry "I didn't expect I would have to say goodbye to a friend like you"

"And I didn't think I would ever have a friend like you, not many machines can claim to have friends" Cyber-29 admitted.

"I wish I could have gotten to know you better…" Trevor said beside Andrew, "I make it a rule to know the friends of my best friend"

"and I'm sure you and I would have gotten along fine…." Cyber-29 said, and then said snarkily "but don't think that I would have given you better pickup lines for girls..."

The whole room burst in laughter, Trevor just shrugged "win some, loose some"

"You were the one that suggested Andrew kiss me, didn't you?" Sally said, looking at the backpack with a mischievous grin.

"Define "suggested" Sally" Andrew said with a dry grin.

"Guilty as charged" Cyber-29 admitted.

"Thank you" Sally said, and kissed the top of the "backpack"….Cyber-29 whistled and beeped in response.

"I can't really understand this…." Marie Griffin said with a smile to the Backpack, "but thank you for looking after my son"

"It was an honor miss griffin, as was meeting you….and all of Andrews friends and family" Cyber-29 said with honor.

"It's a shame you have to leave…." Roderick Reynolds said with a smirk, "we had a place setting for you at the Griffin/Reynolds celebration dinner"

His brother Harvey Reynolds held back a chuckle at the thought.

"As what…." Cyber-29 joked, "The table centerpiece?"

The whole room erupted into laughter….until Carlos Benson spoke "I thank you for stopping my brother. I wish you could have known him before he lost his mind; he was a different person then….but thanks again for stopping him and returning my name and Business empire to me again….I was lucky to have met a young man like you, just as Cyber-29 was lucky to have been found in that garbage dump by you…." Carlos Bensons watch beeped, "it's almost time for me to go, it's time to say goodbye"

Andrew and cyber-29 looked at each other, and then cyber-29's "eye" on the backpack looked back at his creator, "goodbye is rarely forever…..between good friends, so why say goodbye if you are good friends"

But Andrew gave his mechanical friend a hug in response, "that's right my friend, that's right"

"I'll see you again someday Andrew…." Cyber-29 promised, "I am certain that we will see each other again soon….and until then" from out of a pocket on the "backpack" a wristband like object fell out and landed in Andrews lap, "take this….it's a …..Friendship bracelet, I hear its what humans use to cement friendships over long distance"

Andrew laughed inside at Cyber-29's touching move of friendship…he didn't have the heart to tell the computer that it was GIRLS that gave friendship bracelets to friends.

"Thanks…." Andrew said, still fighting to hold back his tears and placed the bracelet on his arm….not noticing that it beeped silently as he did.

"Maybe someday, when your older…." Carlos Benson said reassuringly as he held the Robo-warrior suit, "you will be able to be the Robo-warrior again….until then, Cyber-29 will be in my care" and with that Carlos Benson picked up cyber-29 and the assault armor and began to leave with him.

He paused when he passed Roderick and his family, "when my hearings with S.L.E.E.T are over, I would like to talk to you about rebuilding your house"

"Thank…" Roderick began.

"It is the least that I can do…." Carlos said with a smile, "if you want, I have a job opening on Thursday for head of security detail for all my buildings floors, or I could offer you some other job in my company if you'd like"

"Let me work on my resume first" Roderick smirked with approval.

Carlos Benson then looked back at the kid who had done so much for everyone in the room and the city, and bowed in respect.

"Goodbye, and thank you…." Carlos smiled, "Robo-warrior"

"you too…" Andrew nodded, "User-12"

And like that, the creator and the creation were gone….maybe forever from Andrews life.

Suddenly a doctor and a nurse entered the room, "I am sorry but time of visitation is almost up, and beside the painkillers and sleeping pills will kick in soon, it will help him heal better. I suggest you all say your goodbyes, and go. You can visit again tomorrow"

Just when everyone was about to say their goodbyes and leave for the night….everyone froze in their tracks.

For a moment, Andrew through everyone was hesitating leaving him here to recover for the night in the hospital….but then he noticed that no one was moving at all

No one looked like they were breathing, it was lie they had spontaneously become statues in that very second.

Andrew looked at the clock and realized that time had stopped as well.

"No…" said a kind, friendly voice "time hasn't stopped Andrew Griffin. This is all happening within a second from the inside of your thoughts and mind. All this isn't real; it just looks like what image your eyes were sending to your brain the moment I came in here"

"Who….what….." Andrew was perplexed at what was happening, "why are you here?!"

"I just want to talk to you…." The voice said to him, "and to warn you about another coming danger, like Kane turned out to be for you and your lovedones….as well as the world at large"

Suddenly right in front of Andrew a shimmering mass began to take form, until a person was standing in front of his bed in the frozen world he was now in.

A man whose skin was ink black, his eyes were gold with no irises and he was wearing a black hooded cloak…and was smiling friendly like to Andrew.

"Aww man…..!" Andrew exclaimed, "I knew it, I knew it was too good to be true. I really did die!" he then pointed at the mysterious man in black, "and YOU! You're the grim reaper come to take me to the other side, aren't you!?"

The man burst into innocent laughter, and spoke "I knew I should have left the cloak behind, its miss leading….no, I'm not the grim reaper. I am just a friend….and someone who wants to talk to you about yourself and your alter-ego, the Robo-warrior"

Andrew looked at the mysterious man with concern, how did he know about the Robo-warrior suit?

"Calm down…." The mysterious man assured, "I'm not an enemy! I know about the Robo-warrior suit because I read about it….in your mind. And I must say, I'm quite impressed with what you have accomplished in your short time as a superhero"

Andrew was stumped for a while, but then he put two and two together….and as crazy as it sounded, it sounded in his mind like the right assumption about what this guy was!

"your…." Andrew struggled to find the worlds, "a mutant?"

"I have powers yes, mine a psychic. The one I am using right now is telepathy. As for what I am I prefer the term, "metahuman" as metahumans can be born with their powers, or activated by external means….but so far I have only met "by external means" metahumans…." The mysterious man explained, "as for who I am, my name is Dr Marcus Masters: Codename: M-leader"

"So…." Andrew said calmly, "you're a superhuman…are there more like you?"

"Activated I am not sure…." M-leader said, "You see….a Metahuman is different from the average human due to a rare genetic mutation, an additional gene matrix that was recessive and dormant in 12% of the human population for a while….although I am sure that number will increase over time. Those born with the gene that I have dubbed the "metagene" have to potential when their genes are active or activated to be gifted with incredible super-extraordinary abilities. My gene was….activated in an accident and I was gifted with Telepathic abilities….which came in handy when my voice was taken from me during the accident"

"You said you were here to warn me, warn me about what?" asked a concerned Andrew.

"Well…." M-leader sighed, "you've read comic books right?" when Andrew nodded, M-leader continued "well….as much as I'd like to hope that any activated metahumans will use their powers wisely…the reality is some wont. Some will use them for selfish reasons, think they are above the law, think they are a living god….and unfortunately, a very dangerous one of those type of metahumans that you would call a supervillian is running loose out there…..his name is Meta-master. He was activated in the explosion that gave me my powers…..and that activated the entire dormant gene's that were in the United States and southern Canada. Meta-master is a megalomaniac, thinks metahumans are the "gods among mortals" and so he wants to….put non-powered humans, like your family, in their place"

"What do you mean in their place?" Andrew asked, but M-leaders concerned stare…confirmed EXACTLY what he meant by "in their place", he meant genocide on a genetic scale…and Andrew and his family, weren't lucky enough to be metahumans or potential metahumans.

"I fought him….it ended in a draw." M-leader said with regret, "he escaped…and when I realised what had happened to the dormant meta-gene bearers, I theorized that more metahumans like Meta-master would be sure to follow….but Meta-master is still out there planning who knows what…but I lost him in New York, so I have a strong suspicion he is hiding in that city somewhere" M-leader collected himself, this was the "main attraction" of what he was selling that he was about to talk about, "but I couldn't beat him alone, and I couldn't leave the activated gene bearers who wouldn't want to join his cause face him without warning….so I went out to look for them….only four of them, including me, have become activated metahumans and are on the side of good and have joined my response team against meta-master…. But I'm sure more activated metahumans will appear soon. When I heard tales about a man made of iron in Technogopolis in the tabloids of Chicago, I went to investigate….."

"But I don't have any powers, I'm not a metahuman!" Andrew pointed out.

"Neither are two other members of the team, but a hero isn't defined by their powers or what they can do….you a superhero with no powers, but you are augmented by a suit of high tech armor. A non-Metahumans in the group might be a good thing. That's why I came to see you, I wanted to see if you would like to join the team to fight Meta-master" M-leader explained.

"What if I say no?" asked Andrew.

"They always ask that…." M-leader shook his head in humor "I'm not drafting you. It's your choice if you join or not"

"And…." Andrew said considering the facts presented to him "what if we beat him, what next?"

"The team trains with each other to be ready to combat emerging supervillian's, and to find or rescue new metahumans…." M-leader began.

"Because there is going to be a lot of fear when the "world" finds out about the change that has happened to people who are no longer "normal" humans anymore, right?" Andrew knew it sounded like something from "X-Men", but he knew that the world would react to super powered humans…everyone feared anything "supernatural"…it was human nature to do so.

"not if we move first, if we form a "Super hero" team as it were to show what super powered people can be if they learn to control their powers and use them for the good of humanity….if we do that before any "cold war" style paranoia starts if and when the existence of "metahumans" is revealed to the world we will have a better shot at stopping unnecessary suffering, persecutions and witch hunts" M-leader answered.

"What about those with "powers" who don't want to live the life as a superhero?"

"There are thousands of things I need to plan for in what will happen when the team comes together in New York. I am currently on 103, that question you asked me is question 204….but whatever it will be it will be that metahumans decision, and theirs alone what will happen"

"But why are you asking me if I want to join?" asked Andrew askance, "I don't have cyber-29 anymore, I have no way to fight"

"Actually you do still have cyber-29" said M-leader, "You see…..I spoke to him earlier the day before while you were still in a coma. I told him about everything, and he and I discussed how we would be able to get him to you in the event you decided to join my team"

Andrew narrowed his eyes in question at what M-leader had said, and then with wide eyes open looked down at Cyber-29's parting gift, the friendship charm bracelet!

"Correct!" M-leader nodded, "just like how he left a piece of himself left behind with you (the glove) when the first suit was destroyed by the guardian, he made that "bracelet" to act as a wireless signal device to send your voice command of the secret code word to activate the suit to the suits signal receptors….therefore summoning the suit away from where it will be kept and sending it flying back to you, becoming the Robo-warrior again"

Andrew was in disbelief at what he had just been told, and looked at the "charm bracelet" with amazement, he could have the suit and his friend cyber-29 back!

"You've become part of a much bigger world, Mr. Griffin…." M-leader smiled, "it's your choice where you go in in now"

"This is all too much…." Andrew said indecisively, "Uh….I…..I need more time to think about this"

"I understand…." M-leader said, he shimmered and faded for a second, "I'm almost out of time, I broadcasting into your mind from Chicago. Just….think about it Mr. Griffin, the choice is yours on what you do with Robo-warrior now….but if you decide to join, Cyber-29 has the location where the others are going to meet imprinted in his records…. We are to meet at those coordinates in a month from this one. I bid you farewell, and I hope you heal from your wounds in time….choose wisely Andrew, and if you choose….tell your family and friends….they are part of the Robo-warrior now as well."

And like that, the mysterious M-leader vanished just like he appeared….from out of nowhere….and at that second time resumed and Andrew returned to consciousness…..only to fall asleep the second the sleeping pills took effect.


Knock, Knock

Andrew stood by the front door of the Reynolds newly refurbished and renovated home, Carlos Benson had made good his promises….it was I nice new look for the Reynolds house.

He was nervous, how was he going to break this to her….about, what he was going to have to do?

A month had passed since the battle with Kane and the city had recovered mostly from the blows that had been dealt to it.

There were casualties unfortunately, about 212 souls that Andrew didn't manage to save from Kane's madness in time.

There had been funerals for all the people who had been lost in the chaos; Andrew watched it all on the news.

S.L.E.E.T had in fact taken credit for stopping what had happened a month before, Andrew figured they would due to the fact that no one but a few people really knew about the Robo-warrior in Technogopolis.

S.L.E.E.T had also confiscated all of the guardian robots….Andrew bet that they would probably either store them away like they did cyber-29, or try and convince Carlos Benson to work on them to make them less dangerous and loyal to S.L.E.E.T…..although Andrew Doubted that Carlos Benson would even think about doing so for even a second, not after what had already happened.

The city was demanding answers for "Carlos Bensons" actions the night a month ago….Andrew hoped that Carlos Benson could with S.L.E. help clear his name from Kane's actions that he performed under his brother's identity.

He was a good man; he didn't deserve all this bad publicity.

S.L.E.E.T was praised for stopping two terrorist attacks on two major American cities, even though they "assisted" in stopping the one in Technogopolis in reality, but it didn't matter to Andrew that he wasn't getting praised for his deeds…. The praise of his family and friends were enough for him.

And that was one of the reasons he was here at the Reynolds front door of their renovated home, and the other reason being about the decision he was going to have to make now.

Ever since he read in the papers about the gas attack on lunar, and the masked vigilante seen during the chaos, or the events of Las Vegas, followed by sightings of a witch in New Orleans and a Fish woman warrior seen during Hurricane Tessie during the past month….Andrew realised that the world was changing fast, and dangerously.

And he was going to need to make a choice on where he stood on regarding the brave new world that the "normal" world had turned into seemingly over a month and a half.

It was a tough choice and he had mulled over it over and over again, and now there laid just one final obstacle….Sally's opinion.

He knocked on the door again, before he had finished knocking the door opened.

Roderick Reynolds looked out the latched door to see who it was knocking on the door, "oh….Hi Andrew, what brings you here?" he said with a friendly grin.

Andrew laughed inside, last time he had met Mr. Reynolds at his door it wasn't a happy moment….now he was like one of the family.

"I….I was wondering if Sally was home Mr. Reynolds" Andrew answered.

"She's upstairs in her room…." Mr. Reynolds answered, "Why…is this a date night I wasn't aware of?"

"Actually I need to discuss something important to her…." Andrew said, "if…if that's alright with you sir"

Roderick wondered why there was a nervous look on the young boys face, but he trusted the kid, so he relented "I'll go get her"

The door closed, and Andrew sat down on the stoop of the front porch and waited till his girlfriend came down.

While he waited, he thought about how he was going to explain this to her….it was all so fantastic, would she believe it?

He heard the door open and out from behind his back emerged Sally, she sat down on the porch stoop next to him "Andy!" she said with a smile, "what are you doing here, our date is on Saturday?"

"Sally…." Andrew said looking at her with concern, and placed a hand on sally's hands.

She became concerned with the look in Andrew's eyes, "what is it….what wrong?"

"I don't know where to begin…. I don't know if you'll believe me, and if you don't you'll probably think I'm trying to blow you off from our date or something" Andrew began.

Sally put an understanding hand to her boyfriend's cheek, she smiled "Andrew….you spent month being a superhero. Not many boyfriends of girls like me can say that and still have girlfriends. Besides, if you WERE trying to blow me off after everything that has happened to us. You wouldn't do it to my face here in front of my home….with my dad close by AND without the Robo-warrior suit….now try me, what is so unbelievable that you have to tell me?" she asked again.


Sally couldn't believe it…but after seeing powered battle armor and killer Robots, why would this sound so strange.

Super powered humans existing in the real world.

A mysterious leader of the world's first super team asking Andrew to join.

A dangerous Supervillian threatening the world's safety with his mad desires and plots.

All of those fit into the strangeness that had occurred in the past month, and the strange sightings seen in the papers, news reports and tabloids and other forms of world media lately.

If this was the world that Andrew was entering…or was going to enter….

"But Andrew…." Sally said looking down at the ground in disbelief, "you are just a man, how can you fight against this….supervillian, and how….and why….you almost died fighting Kane… could die going to New York….why are you telling me this?"

"Because I care about you….very much" Andrew said putting a hand to the bewildered Sally's cheek, "he said it was my choice if I went to fight or not. Its two days till the others are supposed to meet to form the team….and I decided I need to go, because I became a hero wether I wanted to be or not when I became the Robo-warrior….it's my calling….but I would refuse it if I didn't have the blessings of my friends and my loved ones in a heartbeat"

"You mean…" Sally said looking at Andrew askance.

"I've talked to my mom, Kara and Trevor…..and they all with great difficulty said yes….but yours is the opinion I want out of all of them" Andrew said with meaning in his eyes "should I do this Sally, should I become the Robo-warrior again and enter this strange and potentially dangerous new world? Or should I stay here on the sidelines? I have power now….should I use it, or shouldn't I? And if I do or don't… can you and I deal with the consequences"

"You would give up being a superhero…." Sally said touched, "for me?"

"In a heartbeat" Andrew nodded, he wasn't lying.

In the moment, sally embraced Andrew who embraced her back while she cried into his shoulder.

After a while, Sally stopped crying, she sat up and wiped her eyes and said "you be careful in New York Andy"

Andrew then kissed her, and she kissed him back.

"Thank you" Andrew said to his girlfriend, "and I promise, I will be coming back here…. I don't make promises I don't intend to keep"

"I know you don't" Sally said.

"I'll see you when I get back, and then we'll go out on or date…." Andrew assured her, "that is if you'll take a rain check"

Sally raised an eyebrow and put her hands on her hips, "that depends if it's a rainy day" she joked.


Alarms rang through the ship, agent smith ran down the hall toward the scene of the red alert: the vault!

The vault was the place on the Damocles where S.L.E.E.T keep controversial and classified items within until the ship returned to base, where the more "extremely classified" items in the vault would be stored in lock-up until further notice.

And only one of those items, that Agent smith knew about, would be a source of worry in the vault being compromised.

He passed by a bewildered Carlos Benson, who was shaving his beard off in a S.L.E.E.T cabin that he had been living in for the past month while being interrogated by S.L.E.E.T about the incident with Kane in Technogopolis….after all of that, he finally had a chance to shave off the "hippie beard" as Andrews friend Trevor had called it.

And now there was a red alert going off around the ship….what was going on now?

"What's going on?" Carlos asked, with a half shaved face full of shaving cream.

"There's a breach in the vault, I think it has something to do with your suit!" Agent smith explained while running to get to the vault before something happened.

"oh…." Carlos Benson said in shock, and started fumbling around with his shaver and shaving cream "be right there!"

But the moment Agent smith was out of sight; Carlos stopped….and then chuckled to himself.

He was aware of what was happening, in fact…..Cyber-29 had told him about this eventuality a month in advance….when he had been tinkering on the assault suit in the vault upon being brought on board the HMS Damocles.

He then went back to shaving his beard off, when this was over he had a lot to do to rebuild his reputation and his company's reputation after Kane all but destroyed it.

He had a fine young woman running it in his leave of absence, in fact….when this was over he wondered if she wouldn't mind doing dinner sometime.

He then reflected on what was occurring in the vault and sighed, "I sure hope you and that Griffin boy know what you are doing!" he exclaimed.

Agent smith was halfway to the viewport when he heard the Announcer over the intercoms say "foreign object detected! Exiting Vault deck… just broke out from the Damocles on deck sevens launch bay….its flying down towards the city…."

Agent smith managed to get to the View porthole on the deck he was currently on and watched as the Robo-warrior armor flew out away from the ship and down into the clouds….and after seven minutes of waiting he watched as from out of the clouds emerged the Robo-warrior!

The armor clad hero waved goodbye to the S.L.E.E.T battle cruiser, and began flying off at mach 3 into the distance, heading for somewhere east of the city….maybe even out of state!

It must have been the kid, Carlos hadn't changed the Code word yet and it was linked to the kids D.N.A…..he didn't know how the kid did it, but he stole the suit back from under S.L.E.E.T custody!

But where was he going…..and why

As if to answer agent smith, his headset buzzed….and Andrew Griffins voice came to him through the same radio frequency he had used when they had been working as allies.

"Sorry agent smith…." Said the voice of the Robo-warrior through his headset, "the world isn't ready for me to stay on the sidelines….the worlds going to become a lot more dangerous….and I need to be there to fight it….because I AM the Robo-warrior!"

Agent smith cursed inside as he watched the Robo-warrior fly off into the distance, heading for somewhere unknown, towards some unknown future.

And then he smiled when his conscious assured him that the kid had made the right choice, "go get 'em kid!" he said, giving his blessing to the hero…..who would soon become a part of a much bigger world in the following weeks.

This was only the begging of the adventures of the Robo-warrior, Member of the Heroes legion!