I was your princess.

Princess of my love seat.

Time lost in each other,

as a movie played behind us.

Lost in the eyes of each other,

lost in laughing,

lost in touching.

Never did our lips touch.

Never did we speak "love."

So afraid of each other.

Yet so devoted.

You scared me

with your fear of commitment.

You scared me

with your distance.

The distance you put

between us.

I left my heart to you,

My Dearest Prince,

the night my lips

found their way home.

And you rode off with

it in the freezing cold.

And you never brought

it back.

I feel you hold it

in your hands.

I feel you break it

as you say goodbye

for the last time.

And you take the pieces.

And I'm left empty

and desolate.

Tears that flow,

and an empty place

in my chest.

You melted away

the ice on my soul

and gave me feelings

I'd never had.

You gave me a

reason to breathe.

You were the first

to ever call me beautiful.


Your little nicknames

left smiles

and giggles

of a girl completely


Almost every day,

when I forget what smart means,

I imagine you.

I imagine your laugh,

when I smile.

I imagine your hands,

when I'm alone.

I imagine your gorgeous eyes

when I look in the mirror.

I imagine the way you tasted,

when I sob my way into sleep.

I imagine the times we shared

when I think about us.

My heart is still

with you,

Dearest Prince.

You left,

with a single goodbye

and no explanation.

But you still own my heart.

Lock the pieces away

in a box.

Hide the key.

Keep it safe.

Because it's never leaving.

Just like I'm

never leaving.

I'll always be here,

waiting for you

to realize that




A/N- I didn't write this down anywhere before I wrote it down here. So if you don't like- tell me. I kinda just made it up off the top of my heart just this moment so I understand if you hate : ).