point of view: avery's.
word count: 841, blah.

The first thing I saw after walking out of the bathroom with Jayy was Richie, making out with Ashley. I blinked, wondering what the fuck was going. I didn't have the slightest clue; but at the moment, my attentions were primarily focused on not waddling. Yeah, waddling. It sounded fucked, but that was just the affect that Jayy always had on me. Every fuckin' time after taking his monstrous cock, I was left waddling like a pregnant bitch.

As I stood leaning back against Jayy, Jacky began to herd the guys off the floor and onto the couches, all but yanking Richie away from Ash. My head started to spin as everyone began to talk. I tried to listen, except there was a weird ringing in my ears––and it hurt. Jayy had probably hit me too hard with the bottle .. or maybe he'd been too enthusiastic about shoving me into the wall .. or maybe it was the cuts on my face––the bite marks on my throat–?

"Babe, you ok?" Jayy asked suddenly, jolting me from my thoughts.

I nodded in spite of the pain. "I'm fine," I lied, brushing off his concern. I knew Jayy––even though we had fun, when everything was all said and done, he would usually feel guilty for hurting me. He would worry almost to the point of obsession and sometimes it took more than a few days to calm him down. Such a sweetie. I smiled, wondering how I'd gotten so lucky.

"Yo, Avery! Truth or dare?" Oli – I think it was him, anyway – said, once more startling me. My stomach twisted uneasily, but I allowed Jayy to lead me over to the couch as I tried to think.

"Um .. truth?" I replied. My uncertainty was evident in the crack of my voice.

Beside me, Jayy cleared his throat. "Can you skip Avery for now? He's not feeling good."

How did he know? I wondered. Was I really that transparent? Surely he couldn't see right through me ..

"He chose truth anyway," Ronnie interjected with a dismissive shrug. "Chicken," he added, lips contorting in a brief sneer.

I felt my boyfriend tense at the teasing remark and laid a hand on his arm, leaning more heavily against him so he couldn't go over and beat the shit out of the singer. "Better a chicken than a whore," I mumbled sourly, though with just enough bite that the others hooted, calling out buuurrrrnnn!

Peering shyly at Ronnie to gauge his reaction, hoping that he wasn't going to come over and beat the shit out of me, I instead found him eyeing Richie, while talking to Jacky. I ground my teeth together, feeling the beginnings of a headache throb at my temples. Fuck, this was gonna be hell for me and Richy. My gut said so. Never mind that it wasn't feeling well––my gut was never wrong.

I closed my eyes, wishing I had allowed Jayy to give me something for the drugs.

"Yo, Avery. Truth or dare?" I heard Ronnie ask.

I refused to open my eyes, instead burrowing deeper into Jayy's chest. "I said truth," I half-mumbled, half-hissed. I really didn't want to do a dare, 'cause it would probably mean having to leave my boyfriend's arms and my ass was way too comfy there. Besides, I didn't feel good.

"What's your darkest secret?"

Not Ronnie, I realized belatedly. It was Andy asking the questions. Unease returning to cramp my stomach, I stifled the urge to beg off and fall asleep in Jayy's arm. Tonight was about having fun––I could sleep whenever.

"Yeah!" Oliver piped up. "You seem so innocent!"

I rubbed Jayy's back through his shirt, wordlessly insisting that he calm down. I had this. Affecting an embarassed expression, I pretended to fidget. "I .. I watch porn."

It wasn't completely a lie––I mean, I did watch porn. Who didn't?

"Truth or dare?" I returned, opening my eyes to look over to Ronnie. He struck as douchebag an image as ever, but that was what made him hot, I mused. Yeah, I could see Richie's attraction to him. I might have been happily involved .. but I wasn't blind.

"Dare, unlike you." Ronnie smirked.

I rolled my eyes and pretended to take a deep breath. "I dare you to kiss your own ass."

The others busted out laughing. "This should be interesting." Jacky purred, ignoring the singer's glare. I winked discreetly at Richie, who was practically rolling on the floor, guffawing.

Joke was on us, though, because while Ronnie wasn't the most flexible person in the room, he still delivered, touching lips to the curve of his backside before unfurling with a gasp.

Next up to the bat was Jacky. I watched as Ronnie whispered something in the Brit's ear, his eyes burning into mine––and I realized my mistake with an inward whimper. Fuck, they were scheming and whatever it was, I was gonna get it, 'cause Ronnie was planning revenge.