point of view: richard's.
word count: 826, blah.

Fuck, you are so wasted, I thought idly to myself as I watched my ex-boyfriend try to kiss his own ass. Yeah, I definitely owed Avery for that one.

I was too drunk to see who, but I heard someone asked, "Truth or dare?" It sounded like Ronnie, and because I didn't want anything to do with that bastard, I tuned out. For some reason, I kind of wanted to makeout with Purdy again. He was a way better kisser than Ronnie. I reached for another beer, popping the cap and taking a swig.

Once upon a time, I hadn't been one to drink. These days, though .. I drank because of an ass. Ronnie fucking Radke's ass. That much, I would admit.

I was in love with his ass––I would admit that, too, but only to myself––and wanted to be with him forever, but the stupid fucker only wanted to be a goddamn manwhore.

He was such a fucking control freak. In all the times we'd hooked up, he'd never once let me top him. Never mind that I wasn't a top; the least the bastard could've done was ask.

I bet Ashley's dick is bigger than Ronnie's, purred a naughty voice from within.

I hissed. Shut up, Richard.

Taking a gulp of beer, I tuned back into my surroundings, just in time to hear Avery say, "Dream on, bitch. There is no way in hell that I'm sucking Ronnie's dick. Can I phone a friend?"

I snorted, laughing.

"Fine. Pick someone who's got a yellow tank top on." Ronnie said; I could've slapped him. But Avery was smirking at me, so I had no choice but to smirk back .. and raise my hand.

"Hmm .. ooh, I pick Richie!" Avery said, winking at me.

This time, Ronnie was one of the people laughing.

"He won't do it," he sneered. "He's too much of a pussy." He and Jacky highfived and I felt my blood begin to boil. Bastards. If I wasn't so drunk, I told myself, I wouldn't even think about sucking his nasty dick. So there.

Liiiaaarrr, taunted that naughty voice again. I snapped. Suddenly I was on my feet, swinging my hips suggestively as I slid over to Ronnie, purring.

"Ronnie-boo, you know that I'm the king of dares .."

By the time I reached my ex-boyfriend, he had his pants down around his ankles, his cock free of his boxers. Already erect, too. I laughed, trailing a finger over the thick ridges––grinning as Ronnie bit his lip, hips twitching reflexively.

Still trying to pretend that I wasn't interested in Ronnie's big, throbbing cock, I took a deep breath and thought to myself, Lord have mercy .. here goes nothing ..

Then I went down on him, taking him into my mouth. He tasted like sweat and .. booze? And yet I didn't care––I fell into the groove of the act in minutes, my own arousal increasing steadily as we found a mutual rhythm, my mouth soon full of his thick length. Fuck, the noises he was making ..

I was vaguely aware that the others were cheering––the naughty voice inside me included. Hell, I was cheering. I had missed this .. missed Ronnie, missed the way he tasted, the way he liked to fuck my mouth and how I loved to let him .. mm ..

And then the bliss of the act was shattered, as all of a sudden my ex-boyfriend snapped his hips forward, hard––fucking the back of my throat in short, quick jabs. I choked, trying to pull away, but his hands kept me trapped, my lips impaled on his monstrous erection. Fuck, I couldn't breathe! He was trying to kill me–––!

"Dude, stop. Dude, Ronnie, he can't breathe––you're smothering him––" I heard someone say from far away and suddenly I really was choking, desperately trying to swallow thick ropes of come and still service my ex's spasming cock, my gag reflex making the effort futile altogether.

Ronnie released me. I thought I felt humiliated––then I felt my own self coming, letting go in my skinny jeans. Stumbling back, I gasped for air and lurched to my feet, ignoring my ex's smirk as I grabbed the whiskey that Ashley offered me as I passed him on my way back to the couch. I drank the liquor greedily, trying to rinse my mouth free of the viscous taste.

Avery gave me a worried look, but I shrugged it off. I felt like I was going to cry and I struggled not to, knowing Ronnie was watching me. I looked at him without seeing; he pulled his pants back into place, winking at me. Goddamn, he was such a prick.

But that was okay. Because now, it was my turn––and revenge was definitely in order.