The Awesometastic Adventure of Xain, Anna, and the Blue-Glowing Turtle Melo

Once upon a sunny, summer day

The famous Xain said, "Hey,

"Today is the perfect day to adventure!"

"Aye," Replied his comrade, Anna, "Let us go venture!"

He thought a moment before asking, "Where will we go?"

"I know just the place," Anna answered, "but there be many a foe!"
He needed to hear no more. "It sounds like the perfect place!"
"Yes, shall we make it a race?"
"You've read my mind!"

"Well, we're one of a kind!"

And nothing could be more true.

Long ago, together the two grew

Fighting side by side with all their might

For anything they deemed right

On one particular adventure they met a peculiar fellow

A little green turtle, who could glow blue, named Melo

Together since day one

They'd traveled everywhere under the sun.

Two blue-striped beach towels would lead them to their destination

On them they could glide through the air, over the ocean without a single hesitation.

"So," Asked Xain, "where will we land?"

"We won't be landing, you see, there is no sand.

"Atlantis is at the bottom of the sea!

"Getting there will be a feat, even for you and me."

"Remind me once more,"

Xain turned to Anna, "What are we going there for?"

She brightened with excitement and exclaimed,

"It has long been proclaimed,

"That after a mighty storm

"A disturbance took form."

Anna pointed to the ocean,

"And in a single motion

"Sent Atlantis to a watery grave."

The two watched the swell of a wave.

"Atlantis," Anna continued, "is home to an ancient magic."

"There are many stories of those gone in search of it, but every end was tragic."

"What happened?" Xain couldn't help ask.

"It's considered an undo-able task,"

Anna's eyes went wide as she spoke, "To defeat the city's protector.

"Some even call him the unkillable specter."

"Oh," Xain replied, awed. "What is it he keeps?"

"There is no gold, no money; piled in heaps.

"What is hidden there, is much more precious, they say."

"The journey is dark and dangerous, but we have Melo to lead the way."

Responding to his name, Melo began to glow,

A useful tool for diving down below.

"Well, come then, time is not to waste,"
Xain said. "Let us make haste!"

The two raced forward

Unaware of the danger they moved toward.

Soon after Melo made a funny sound

And began to look around.

Xain and Anna came to a halt.

Both covered completely in sea salt.

"What is it, is something here?"

"Nothing I can hear."

A giant tail reached from the deep blue

And, before they could react, capsized the two

Xain and Anna stared, unable to believe their eyes,

Unable to contain their cries.

"Do you see what I see?"

"I do, but it simply cannot be."

From the depths rose the most fearsome of creatures,

Of which possessed the most startling features.

The Great Golden Summer Sunfish

The monster, with its tail, created a tidal wave in a single swish.

"This must be the Atlantis Guardian." Anna said.

"You don't suppose it might somehow lead us to the sea bed?"

"What a brilliant idea, and I know just the way.

"Do you remember what we found back in Dehay?"

Xain thought a moment, before his face lit up.

"The fairy cup?"

Nodding she pulled it out, "Now, can you remember what it does?"

This time he drew a blank, "I can't recall what it was."

"With it we can make any wish,

"For example: I wish we could breath like fish."

"And, with that the wish should come true."

Before anything could happen, the Sunfish came into view.

Anna glanced at the cup, and saw something emerging.

Knowing what to do, she quickly started urging:

"Quick, jump onto the Sunfish's scales!"

The Sunfish was quick, and both ended up clinging to one of its tails.

From the cup, Anna pulled a beach ball

She tossed it to Xain, before a second could fall

Quickly she stashed the cup away, and turned to her friend.

As the Summer Sunfish began to dive, they held tightly to its tail end.

"Anna," Xain yelled over the booming of waves, "What are these for?"

No time for an answer was given, as the Sunfish dived with a mighty roar.

Down, down, deeper and deeper

Farther than any sea sweeper

They went

Until the fish was spent.

It's swim slowed, and a city appeared

With the beach balls the two found despite how weird

They could breath.

Together they explored the underwater city

Everything was gritty, but still pretty.

In the town center the treasure appeared.

A dazzling fountain of lemonade.

And two glasses, handmade.