"Stop! You're tickling me!" I giggled like a girl lost in love as Jay held my foot hostage, sprawled out across my bed.

"Never, young maiden! A kiss is the price and the only bargain I'm offering you!" Jay's hand wrapped tightly around my foot as he lightly traced his fingers down the bottom, tormenting me.

"Fine!" I lean forward and kiss him lightly on the lips. He dropped my foot and pushed me backwards on the bed as he kissed me deeper. His tongue flicked in, tasting every inch of me. One hand grabbed both of my wrists as he pinned them above me and the other hand lifted my chin for easier access.

I lost myself yet again in the expanse of us.

Jay pulled away several minutes later, chuckling.

"I don't know how to control myself with you, Gorgi." I laughed at his words and crawled over him to exit my twin bed's confinements.

"Shhhh! I have to show you something. Close your eyes!" I squealed as he peaked at me, lights fully on, standing before him only in panties.

I reached into my closet and pulled out the slutty/ sexy pink wedges reserved for this occasion. I buckled them to my ankles, occasionally shooting a look at my guy to see if he was peeking yet.

"Okay, look." I flipped my curly hair to my back as he opened his gorgeous eyes.

"Oh. My. God." His mouth, bitten and bruised, fell open as he gazed at me. My panties were hot pink, black lace on the edges. My long legs were bare. My chest was bare. I'm naked up to my panties and my heels. "Walk around for me?" His eyes begged me as his voice rasped, too much in awe to look away.

I strutted around my tiny bedroom, sending air kisses to him. He screamed into a pillow, a grin of excitement lit his handsome face.

The happiness of the moment spread throughout me, warming me to my core.

He grabbed me by the waist and we tumbled back on the bed.

"The day I wear these with you, is the day you're going to get lucky." I winked at him as I kissed his neck, my hands winding through his back hair. "Unless it's springtime.''

"I'm not going to get lucky until spring?!" The comment struck me down to my heart and slashed a hole into it.

"Keep talking like that and you won't get lucky at all." I pushed him away and stood up.

"Sorry! It's just...this friendship could be a lot more fun if we..you know?"

"Exactly, Jay! We're only friends! Do you expect me to lose my virginity to my FRIEND?" I ripped the shoes off, the moment ruined. I knew him and I were on the tight rope. I teetered on the edge, destined to fall. Because I wouldn't have sex with him? Maybe I wasn't ready. But, at the same time, it's my virginity. And once I lose it, I lose it forever. I'll never get it back and that is the scariest part.

"We'll be closer friends.'' Was his only response.

"You said that."

"Please don't do this now, Gorgi." He leaned back and threw an arm over his eyes as he groaned.

"Don't do what? Talk about having sex with the guy who wants to bang me?"

"Don't say it like that! You know that's not how it is!" Jay shot up, anger clear on his features, a storm in hs brown eyes.

''That's what you act like, Jay." My anger diminished as I peered into his light brown eyes. The gold tint in them heightened as I leaned in and wrapped my legs around his waist. "I'm sorry, honey. I'm just angry. Let's not talk about it anymore, please?" I batted my eyelashes, hoping he'd change the subject.

"Okay." He stared at my lips as my hands drifted up his abdomen and on to his shoulders. His hands found their way to my waist and I flipped my hair back off my shoulder as his lips found their way to my neck. A gasp of pain escaped me when he bit too hard. But the heat of his touch stroked the ice I had within, melting the very glaze I had supported for the past few years of my life.

We became animals as we consumed each other. Every touch was like fire. My tongue met his as he took a taste of my mouth. His hands roamed, leaving fire exposed on my pale skin. Jay gripped my thighs, forcing my legs around him as he kissed my neck again. My hands roamed through his hair, my nails made their mark on his back.

I undid his jeans, forcing them away. He pushed me down on the bed, my legs open, my core covered by only a barest hint of panties. Jay took my wrists in his hand and pinned them above me as he kissed me deeply. I followed my trek down to his neck and bit like an animal. Fire heightened as he rocked against me.

My hands were finally released as he began to wind down from his frenzy. My nails trailed down his back as he kissed down my body.

"You're so soft." He whispered, a hand trailing down my thigh.

The spell broke, he was too busy exploring me. He kissed every part of me as I laid, writhing, begging for him to stop in a gentle voice. Laughing, he kissed his way up my belly, between my breasts, and landed again on my neck.

"I'm so sorry." He muttered as he lightly kissed the hickies left beneath my ears. I was too happy just being with him to care.

I pulled him up to my mouth, a soft kiss against his lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close. Lightly, he brushed the hair from my neck and ears as he laid his head there. I wound my fingers through his, a smile on my lips as his breath blew into my ears.

This moment was absolute perfection. Thankfully, I knew he still had his boxers on and I had my panties. We hadn't done anything too bad.

Too quiet to be heard by my own ears, I whisper under my breath: "I love you." And I drift into the realm of sleep with his arms wrapped around me and my heart beating quickly with love for this amazing boy.