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I slid into a warm luxurious bath that evening and reflected over what had transpired.

1)I survived my first day of school.

I smirked at myself thinking how though I now stood on the other side of the train tracks I was still utterly terrified of first days.

2) My students were overtly obedient and respectful.

This was something I definitely wasn't expecting. Dismissive comments or a complete disregard for my existence were normal. Complete, undivided attention and the immediate want to get to know me… that I wasn't ready for. Neither was I ready for the comments about my appearance.

Most of the students had introduced themselves as soon as the headmaster had left. They were all very talkative and enthusiastic, making me like them all even. I heard someone ask Kaden his impression of me. I felt his eyes staring from behind before he simply answered beautiful. I had never blushed before but I'm pretty sure I was completely red from the comment. Some of the girls who were talking to me giggled and a couple of girls laughed before people began to agree. I was completely embarrassed and yet very humbled and happy. I had never in my life met so many nice young people in one place. Just thinking about it again had me hotter than any bath could ever get. Leading me to…

3) I had met one of the hottest guys I'd ever seen, and he turned out to be one of my students.

I had taken me most of the fact to come to terms with the fact that my mysterious McDreamy was Kaden Locke, age 19. The moment Kaden was introduced by headmaster as the student body president, my soul screamed then proceeded to collapse and throw a tantrum. I shrugged internally, scolded my soul and told myself how unsurprised I should be that once again, there were things in this life that weren't fair no matter how cute they were. I smiled, told him it was an honor, and then shook his hand.

Since it was the first day, I decided to simply hand out the syllabus, and then told them to read it by tomorrow and go explore the state-of-the-art lab we were in. Most of the equipment was top-notch an either brand-new or gently used. There was even a cold room that while not the size of the class, was large enough for efficient for groups of at least 5 to work leisurely. There was also a third smaller room which would function as my office. Ceiling to floor bookshelves, filing cabinets, and a nice glass box to show case my degrees and awards were located here. There was a large oak desk, comfy leather chairs across from the door and every wall except for the book wall had pictures of friends, family and loved one scattered about. Impressed was too lax to describe the feelings of awe I had for what would become my second home. All in all I'd say that I came out on top, especially considering that I could conduct my research using this facility and its researches as well as my own to do whatever I wanted.

Realizing how long I'd spent lounging in the tube and how cool the water had become, I quickly washed and dressed in a t-shirt and short shorts. I went downstairs ate and settled on the couch to look through the mail. Along with the usually stuff was a large stuffed yellow folder with a hand written label which simply read, "To the New Doctor".

My heart began pounding. I recognized the handwriting. It was the same handwriting as the first letter. I sat the envelope down and walked over to one of the few unpacked boxes I had left. There was an opened letter setting on top of the paper with in the box. The envelope simply said "To the Curious Doctor". I walked back to the couch, rereading the first letter.

Doctor Keeta Reeves,

You have received this letter in the hopes that once you have read it, you will consider taking a position as a Professor of Science at Hauwl Forest Academy. The academy will have state of the art facilities comparable to any Ivy League university, and the city has also authorized the building of a research facility on your choice of either your housing grounds, in town or on school property with equipment comparable to the CDC; all at no expense to you.

In addition to your teaching responsibilities you will be given an advisory position on the health board, and be considered the lead expert in between the community and health department. Because the conditions of this offer are all or nothing, given the considerations that these are all separate and equally important jobs, your starting annualized salary rate will be 87,486.00.

It would be such a pleasure and honor to welcome you into our community. We believe that your expertise of study and your outstanding work in community service are exactly what we need. Acceptance of the offer will be assumed if you fill out and submit the attached application on-line using the application code: please7283887.



Tristate City, Northwest National Forest Preserve

I must admit, my curiosity had gotten the very best of me that day. I did a bit of research on the school and community, just to make sure it wasn't some hoax. It all seemed legit. It was a small city similar to the one I had come from surrounded by beautiful scenery and everyday people with old school, hardworking and good people moral. I needed it. After the cut-throat competitive education, the demands of big company success, and an impersonal half-assed relationship. I needed to get back to what I loved: research and education.

Strangely, enough I didn't regret it. Not when I put in my resignation, not when I broke off my engagement Braydon. It was liberating and necessary, especially when both parties had assured me that I would be back once I realized they (i.e. the old job and ex-fiancé) were opportunities of a lifetime I passing up. That I would be wasting my life away.

Today had certainly proved them wrong and I was going to continue to do so.

I focused my attention on the new envelope and its contents. Inside was another letter, along with several documents. Glancing over documents, I realized they were permits and code passes allowing me to practice research in any facility under the jurisdiction of the Northwest Tribe. I assumed that this was the mother company of the people who hired me because the facilities listed were the school, local hospital and many places all over the US and Canada. There were even locations in foreign companies.

A ring with keys labeled 1-6, and an ID card that looked government issued designed with the company name, my photo, my name, a bar code and an encoded magnetic strip to swipe. I left out the letter, putting everything else in my briefcase. Only then did I read my second mysterious letter.

To the New Doctor,

I sincerely hope you are settling in well. I also hope you enjoyed your first day. I know the students to be a bit rowdy but they are all very good and well-mannered. I wanted to inform you of your probationary period. During your first two months of here, you will be under strict probation due only to your newly inducted status into the community and company. As such, your privilege of information will be very limited to a need to know basis. I apologize for the inconvenience but it is very important due to the confidential nature of people who live, work and take part in the company and its various avenues. I simply ask that you have patience during this period, and understand company officials will be evaluating you. This is only a security measure and necessary as stated before to protect company privacy. Upon the ending of probation, you will will be debriefed as well as invoke of high level clearance access to company information. I have every bit of confidence in you, and will be in touch again soon.



Oddly, I was comforted by the letter. It was comforting to know that someone in the company was invested in its employees and the people to whom they provided service. Everything they had said made sense. I was "the new doctor" but I needed to gain the trust and respect of the people I would be working with. What better way to evaluate me if not in secret. Sure, it was a little weird but the heads up was nice, considering that some companies didn't seriously consider integrity.

I also had already figured from the efficiency and easiness it was for me to be hired (with no interview, and prime real-estate choices already picked) and the cluelessness I had come across from the academy staff, someone really high up wanted me here. The question was why.

As I went to bed that night, a sense of normalcy that more letters like this one would be coming. These letters hadn't been threatening in any sense to me. If anything, they seemed encouraging and uplifting. Whoever it was that hired me wanted me to make a difference, I just hoped it was a good one.