A night of terror.

A night of salvation.

A night of salvation-induced romance.

Queen-Knightess Presents:

A Shattered Encounter

" Good game, Katia," called a random person.

Katia flexed her fingers in irritation, knowing that society dictated she be nice when she really wanted to throw her kneepads on the ground and curse the very sky.

" Thanks," she said, smiling at the maternal woman. Probably the mother of some freshman or something, because Katia had never seen her in her life. " It was a tough match."

It had not been a good game. Hell, the five sets that she had played had made up the worst match she had ever seen. Her fingers flexed in irritation once more. Being a senior, Katia had expected her season to start off with a little more. . . umph. But there was no skill in the grades below her; they couldn't pass, they sure as hell couldn't hit, and they couldn't call plays if their life depended on it. They had shanked more balls, they had fucked up more passes, they had dropped easy serves, and they couldn't communicate for their lives.

Katia, being left-handed, was setter and right-side hitter, and the only person she could rely on for consistency was her fellow senior, Jazz. Together, they'd tried to fix every other mistake, but it hadn't been enough. The rest of their teammates. . . would be better if they had paper bags over their heads.

It was harsh, but it was true. But Katia kept her inner, violent monologue within herself, giving her teammates encouragement and smiles, telling them to get the next one. She never told any of her teammates that they should just not play, though she wanted to; she was nice about it, handled their losing game with skill, and when they had huddled up in the locker room after the horrible defeat, she had given them an inspiring speech to keep trying.

Katia stopped at the edge of the sidewalk, looking out into the sea of cars. Where was her car? Oh, right. She had parked in the teacher's parking lot, on the other side of the school.

Katia turned back around. Jazz was coming out with her parents on either side; they both nodded mutually to each other, and Katia gave her a high-five as they passed. There were no words to be said; they both knew the terrible outcome couldn't be changed.

Katia entered the school once more; everyone was emptying out, save for the janitor she saw. She crossed the lunchroom and exited out the other double doors.

It was a much different scene on the other side of the school. It was dark and desolate; no lampposts lit this area. A fall chill swept in the alcove, and Katia pulled her light hoodie up. She now knew that she should've changed out of her spandex. Goosebumps were appearing on her legs. She amped up her pace, walking along the backside of the gym, feet scraping on damp concrete to a jolted rhythm.

A dark shadow moved to her left, shifting into the figure of a man.

" Hey, sweet cheeks."

Katia froze, eyes zeroing in on the man. Was he smiling? Why the fuck was he smiling.

Alarm bells rang in her head. " Hello," she said curtly. She couldn't exactly ignore him, but she tilted her head away, hoping her uninterested body language would tell him off.

The man cut across her path, ten feet away. Katia stopped, her eyes widening. This was very, very bad. She could barely make out his features, and he was still smiling in a way that made Katia's veins freeze in panic.

" Nice game," he said, voice jilted, like he found something funny and was trying to subdue it. His posture as all off. " Sorry about your loss. No gorgeous girl like you should have such a sad face."

Katia gripped her athletic bag hard; she had shoes, they would hurt him. " I suggest you leave me be." She tried to keep her tone authoritative, strict. " I am going home."

He took a couple steps closer to her, and Katia's conscious screamed at her. Her mind went on overdrive; his behavior was not normal, like he was blocking her in. This was not good, and his smile, his posture, his intentions screamed violator.

" Move out of my way," she said, surprised at her strength.

Her heart was beating jaggedly in her chest. He wasn't moving. Just smiling. His hair was slicked back, shining greasily in the wane moonlight, hollows pronounced under his cheekbones. His eyes gleamed, and she placed his age around mid-twenties. Tall and well built. She had never seen him before.

" Move. Out. Of. My. Way."

The man didn't move, and Katia took an instinctive step back, to which he countered with a predatory advance.

" Listen," he said with another step. " I'll give you five hundred dollars if you just suck my cock. C'mon. We'll both get something out of it."

The words chilled her to the bone. She needed to get out of this situation, now. She should scream; she should run, but she was equal distance from the janitor as she was to her car.

" You'll be five hundred dollars richer." His voice was as oily as his hair. " And I'll get this image out of my head."

And she needed to do something now.

Katia made her move, her straining muscles pulling tight and bursting her into flight. She jab stepped, faking the man out, and sprinted past him in a large arc. A warm hand brushed her arm, sweaty fingers gripping, but she flipped her arm away.

The air tore at her throat. She raced to her car, feet flying desperately. The Lexus was one of two cars, and it was the farthest one away, and her heart was beating desperately. She flew. She ran. She raced. Breath harsh in her ear and terror chasing her, Katia flung herself around the trunk of her car, shoving herself in.

" Fuck!" Katia shouted, and she locked the doors. She screamed, and it choked off into a sob.

The man banged hard against her window.

Katia whipped her head around and screamed; a shattering, desperate scream. His gleaming eyes were piercing her, his hand tugging on her locked door. Panic and terror infused tight in her chest, and Katia's hand shook as she shoved the key into the ignition, revving the car. She could feel him watching her, smiling. I'll give you five hundred dollars if you just suck my cock. Banging. Banging. Banging.

Holy shit. Was this how she was going to die?

" Open up, Kitty," he said, still smiling. It creeped her out, freaked her to the point where her eyesight dimmed and her entire body paused.


This slam vibrated the entire car, shocking her. Katia revved the engine, her mind on overdrive, and she shoved the Lexus into reverse. She swung the car out, knocking him back, and her small hand shoved the joystick into drive.

There was not enough distance she could put inbetween them. There was not enough pavement she could put between them. He was much too close; he was standing in her rearview mirror, hand in his greasy hair.

And as she turned to cross the front of the school, she saw his dark form race for the other car.

" Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." She was crying, and she swerved dangerously on the abandoned road. " Fuck. Shit. Fuck."

Goddammit. These were times when she needed a phone. Her older brother, Caster, had a phone. Her mother and father had a phone. Only she didn't have one. She was a sitting duck as she merged with the remaining traffic streaming from the other side of the school. She was now in a line of cars, all waiting to turn onto the highway.

Lights flashed behind her, and Katia's breath stalled.

It was his car.

She couldn't go home. It was certain. He was following her. He must know that she didn't have a phone, yet she hadn't seen him anywhere, didn't know him from Eve.

Her knuckles were white on the steering wheel, her eyes permanently watching that dark car behind her. He could get out and rush to her car. He could be carrying a gun. He was probably smiling. I'll give you five hundred dollars if you just suck my cock. This was more than just a blow-job; he wanted something more. The car in front of her – Jazz's car, she now recognized – turned right onto the highway. This was where Katia would have to wait for an opening to turn left to her house.

But she couldn't turn left. Because she couldn't go home and show where she lived.

Katia didn't stop at the stop sign, and zoomed directly behind her friend, heading away from her house.

Where the fuck could she go? Why was he following her – he turned right. Katia mentally shot herself.

" Okay. Okay," she breathed shakily. " Calm. The. Fuck. Down."

She needed her wits about her. Where could she go? How could she lose him? She was strangling the steering wheel, murdering her fingers, and her heartbeats were as quick as milliseconds. She needed to think logically, practically, and to seek help immediately. The most crowded place now would be downtown, and in downtown. . .

The police station.

Katia pressed the accelerator, jerking forward, and nearly panicked as she caught him mirroring her movement. How did the people in movies get rid of trailers? They destroyed public property, but Katia didn't want to end up in juvie and ruin her scholarship to Harvard.

" Think, Katia," she growled to herself, eyes flicking back to the dark car, " Think, dammit."

A passing line was coming up, and thankfully there were several cars she could pass, Jazz being one of them. As the dotted line appeared, Katia threw caution to the wind and gritted her teeth. She opened the car, racing forward into opposing traffic. She passed Jazz, a blue van, and another clunky car. A logging truck was zooming towards her, coming closer, closer.

Humans plastered in head-on collisions. A cheerleader two years before had nearly died in one. The logging truck would flatten her; blaring horns. . . .

" FUCK!" Katia screamed, and she zipped over to the right lane just as a huge logger truck barreled past.

Her heart was fluttering like a humingbird's wings. That was so, so incredibly stupid, but the passing line ended and a steady stream of oncoming traffic ensured that he would stay behind her. Katia felt momentarily safe.

She couldn't see him now, but she knew he was there.

She exited into downtown, cutting off a silver car and earning an agitated honk. Downtown was three blocks long and was completely and utterly deserted, much to Katia's horror. There was only one car, in the entirety of the three blocks, and she felt desperation cling to her like death. What the fuck was she going to do?

Katia ignored the three stop signs, turned left, and hoped to God that he wasn't there. The police station was next to the courthouse, and Katia parked in front of it, shutting the ignition and slamming the car door.

Hope, that little inflation in her chest, gave a sharp pop. The police station was dark, the windows gleaming and shimmering with reflection, and looked like no one was in.

Katia, though, sprinted to it. She had to try. She raced across the long sidewalk to the double doors and grasped the metal handle.

The police station was locked.

Darting her eyes along the hours, she saw that it closed at nine. Nine. A police station closed at nine, in a small town that's biggest crime was not showing up to church. Trembling now, Katia shook violently. What the fuck was she going to do?

She pressed her shaking hands against the glass, peering in, her breath fogging the window. Thoughts, emotions – all expressed in vulgar obscenities – swirled in a hurricane within her mind, her heart erratically pounding. She didn't have a phone; why the fuck did she not have a phone?

Katia whirled back around; he was following her, she knew it. She could feel it rooted in her bones, with every painful jump of her heart. He was coming after her.

It was there that she saw it. That rusty, mud-splattered truck that rumbled and spewed infernal substance into the air, which many environmentalists tsked and balked at. It was a truck she knew – it belonged to her brother's friend, Kole – and it was the only truck in the grocery store parking lot across the street.

Before she knew what she was doing, she was sprinting away from the police station, her heart in her throat, racing across the street. She flung herself around her parked car, dread weighing her limbs. He was here somewhere. . . He was here somewhere. . . she could feel his eyes. Headlights came to her left, and when she looked at the car heading straight for her, Katia screamed.

He had found her.

Extra speed, fueled by panic, quickened her stride and she leaped over the curb. She needed Kole; where the fuck was he? She heard the car stop behind her, brakes squeaking, and Katia yelped in terror.

Kole emerged from the grocery store as if on cue, and Katia's immense relief flooded her senses.

" Kole!" she shouted, feet sprinting hard in his direction.

Her brother's friend looked up. Their eyes met. She didn't stop running, her eyes glued to his, trying to convey her panic, fear, and terror through them, begging for help. She hoped he understood. . . she hoped he understood. . . The closer she got, the more surprise he expressed, and by the time she could see his ice-blue iris', he had recovered and was now looking disgusted.

" Katia?" he said, voice high in surprise and irritation. " What the fuck –?"

But she had reached him and hadn't stopped there. She had caught him around the middle, disregarding the single plastic bag he was holding. Never mind that she had never hugged him before, never mind that she had never touched him for that matter, she was gripping him as tight as she could, trying to meld their bodies together and escape this blinding panic.

" Please," murmured Katia shakily. Her fingers gripped the soft fabric of Kole's shirt, balling it in her hands, the entire length of her body pressed against his side. " Please, please, please help me. Dear god, Kole." She closed her eyes; she was certain the man was watching them. " Please. Help. Me."

" Katia, get off me," he said. The plastic sack dropped to the ground, and he tried to unwind her arms. " What are you doing?"

" Stalker," she managed to choke out, before Kole managed to unhook her from his body. Her trembling increased, and her eyes darted over to the idling car in the street. The man was standing there, leaning against his car, his hungry eyes on them.

Bolts of terror ignited, and her stomach clenched.

" Yeah, you are a stalker," Kole muttered, and Katia's heart sank.

The thing about Kole was that he was a well-known jerk. He had graduated with Katia's brother, Caster, the previous year and had immediately gotten a job in . . . she thought it was construction. In the three years they had gone to school together, Katia had mutually acknowledged his hotness, but his personality of being as ice-cold as his pretty blue eyes had thrown her further attraction for him. Their relationship during her junior year and his senior year and boiled down to mutual eye-fucking, both realizing that while the other was hot they were unattainable.

But now she really needed him to be nice.

" Kole," she said, her voice coming out in a hurried rush. " There'samanwhoisstalkingme. I knowI'mjustCaster'syoungersisterbutplease,please,pleasehelpme."

She waited, tensed, and then the hair rose on the back of her neck and her spine snapped erect. There was a dragging of footsteps, and she knew, just knew, that the man was coming after her. Frowning, Kole looked down at her. He was six foot three of pure muscle, and so he looked down at her easily. She could feel his indecision, his hesitation, and it mirrored in his blue eyes.

" You need to calm down, Katia. I don't even know what you're saying, and you need to chill o–"

"–I'm sorry sir," said the lilting man. His voice scraped along her spine, and Katia whipped her head around to see him tilting awkwardly ten feet from them. She could now see him easily, illuminated by the bright grocery store, and she realized he was mid-thirties, with a plain, nondescript face, greasy black hair, and fathomless eyes. " She's had a bit too much to drink tonight. Actin' all crazy and whatnot."

Oh, god.

Katia snapped, splintered if you will. Anger, white and hot, surged in her veins and she was now disgusted, and her scream burned through her throat. " Get the fuck away!" She tried to advance him, wipe that creepy smile off his face, but Kole made a noncommittal sound and grabbed her. " You goddamn fucker. You senseless prick. You disgusting bastard."

" Whoa," murmured Kole, and she knew that he had never heard her cuss so vulgarly before. " Calm down."

" Please," she whispered brokenly so only Kole could hear. She hoped he understood. . . . she hoped he understood. " Kole. . ."

He got it; she felt it surge within him. He was going to help her. " I don't think so," said Kole, his voice strong and sure. She felt his arm wrap around her boneless body, and she sank into his embrace. " I suggest you leave. Now."

" And who are you?" demanded the man. His eyes were now vicious. " Who are you to her? Do you even know her?"

" He fucking followed me," she whimpered, the violence simmering to a low boil. " Followed me from the school."

Their eyes met, and Kole's eyes sparked dangerously. Unconsciously, he seemed to pull her even closer, wrapping a muscled arm around her waist and pulling her to his rock-hard chest.

" Okay," he said quietly, only for her to hear. " You're fine, okay?"

" Listen, prettyboy," came the hard voice of the man. " You don't even know her." That smile was back; oh, that disgusting, sinister smile. " She's my girlfriend. I don't like you touching her like that."

" Fuck you."

Katia, though her words were vicious, pressed back against Kole. She needed him; he was her shield, her savior. Beneath her head, she heard the harsh pounding of his heart, and she noticed that his entire body was as tense as hers, reacting to her fear of this man.

" Relax," he murmured in her ear, his warm breath soothing her. " Katia, you are okay."

" Kole."

" Listen, sir," Kole said, his voice low and harsh. His hold adjusted on her, and he now sidled in front of her, shielding her from the man. The man's rough eyes calculated the protective movement and narrowed. " I suggest you leave right now. We don't want any trouble, so get back into your car and drive away, and I don't want to see you ever again."

Katia shifted closer to Kole; he was warm and safe. Her head was pressed against his shoulder, and she eyed the bastard with one eye.

But the bastard. . . the bastard didn't move. His smile had fallen, and now he took a step forward. He wasn't leaving them alone; he wasn't leaving at all.

Kole sensed this, and she felt him straighten in determination. His hand dug into his pocket, and he took out his phone. Thank god he had a phone.

" Listen sir," he said, holding up the device. " I've got a phone and I'll call the police. You're a goddamn bastard, and I don't know what you did to her, but she's my goddamn girlfriend, and if she's scared of you, then I will not hesitate to punch your fucking lights out. And I'll call the police afterwards."

Katia had no qualms that Kole could indeed beat the man up. They were the same height, but the bastard weighed at least fifty more pounds than he did. She could feel him vibrating in front of her, muscles contracted and tensed, ready to rain havoc. She'd seen him before – beat a man up, that was – and it had been a pure act of lethal form; she'd never seen him look so controlled, vicious, or determined. He had been protecting his little sister, Natasha, from her pushy boyfriend, and she assumed that it was second-nature for him to protect.

Just because he was a jerk didn't mean he didn't have any good qualities.

" Kole," she said quietly. He didn't seem to hear her, just about ready to rip apart in front of her. She slipped a cold hand under his shirt, pressing her chilled fingers against his hot skin and sloping hipbone. He squirmed, and she murmured, " Don't hurt yourself."

" You little shit," snarled the bastard. Spittle rained from his mouth. " Fuck you."

Kole just about flew apart at the handle, but she squeezed his hip quickly. Please don't get into a fight, she thought. Please don't get into a fight.

" I'm pressing nine." Kole pressed the button, and the man balked. Narrowed eyes found hers, and the hatred in them made Katia's blood run cold. " One."

" I'm going," he snapped, though he seemed reluctant. " I'm leaving."

Katia had never felt so relieved as she watched the man turn on his heel. He cursed the entire way back to his car, casting them murderous glances over his shoulder. His hot eyes lingered on her, and Katia couldn't help but shift further behind Kole.

It was over.

He was gone.

But Katia couldn't stop shaking. Possible scenarios flooded her mind, assaulted her with worst case, ending with her tossed in a garbage can with a slit throat. Kole. . . she was so, entirely grateful to him.

" Katia?"

She couldn't focus on him, wasn't aware that she was gripping his shirt with vice, incomprehensible of the tears that had started to leak from her eyes. Never, in her entire life, had she ever been so scared. The underbelly of society had never attacked her before, shown it's ugly face, and this had been a cruel reality check.

" Shit."

She was briefly aware the Kole had craned back around and was cupping her face, eyes flicking between hers. Her breath was erratic, her heart beating swiftly, her entire body trembling and shaking like a leaf. She'd never been so weak before; her entire body was jell-o.

" Did he touch you? Are you okay? Shit, are you going panic-attack on my ass?"

Katia didn't know; she'd never had a panic attack before. She didn't think she was having one. She was just terrified.

" Thank you so much." Before he could react, she had wrapped her arms around his middle and was squeezing the living daylights out of him. She tried to convey her resolute gratitude in her hug; she just needed someone to assure her that she was okay, that she was still here. " Thank you," she mumbled into his chest. His arms came around her, tentatively. " Thank you so, so, so much. Jesus."

" Katia," he said quietly. " Katia."

" Thank you so much, Kole," she murmured. He smelled very good, some cologne that she hadn't noticed before. " Thank you for saving me."

" You're fine." He seemed to relent. " You're okay. Jesus, are you cold? Why are you shaking so badly?"

" Thank you," she said with a rush.

He tilted her head up, looking in to her eyes, and she wasn't certain what he saw, but it made his eyes harden. " C'mere." He gently disengaged himself and pushed her towards his truck. " And then you're going to tell me what's going on."

Katia grappled for his hand; she needed some sort of contact, and Kole recognized it with base instinct. His fingers curled around hers.

He opened the door, and she shakily climbed in, her head whipping around to eye the window. He could be out there somewhere. The bastard could be stalking them from afar.

Kole got in the driver's seat, and she gravitated towards him. His truck was just one seat, and she slid across it to him. She curled up against him, her head laying on his chest, struggling to grip suavity. Kole put the heaters on full-blast, and within moments the cab was steamy and comfortable. She couldn't believe that he was being this kind and nice. She couldn't believe that she was cuddling with him; the infamous jerk of high school was letting her use him as her teddy bear.

" Hey, Katia, you're fine." He coupled his words with a quick brush of her face, lingering under her jawline. " You're fine. He's gone."

" He could be waiting for me." As she said it, she tensed. " When you go."

" Tell me what happened."

Katia winced instinctively, burrowing herself further. She stumbled through her tale, but grew more and more soothed as she grew warmer and Kole rubbed circles on her hip. It almost felt nice, him calming her, and she found her mind becoming preoccupied with his thumb. Every circle was riding up her shirt, and when it touch exposed skin, Katia found her breath hitching.

She knew he heard her, heard how his touch affected her, but he didn't say anything but a, " Go on." His thumb dug into her skin, anchoring her as if it was seatbelt. Katia finished her encounter, coming to the point where she had rushed him, but she nearly jumped when that thumb dug just a bit deeper.

" You scared the shit out of me," he said, low with confession, " when I saw you running at me."

There was something in his voice, some emotion that she could not place.

" Thank you, Kole. Really."

Gratitude made her voice crack, and when she looked up at him, his beauty made her pause. His face was like an angel, his blonde hair scruffy and untamed, his ice-blue eyes wide-spaced and framed by thick lashes. His nose was a bit crooked, and his bottom lip was fuller than his top. And he was smirking like it was no big deal. God. That girlish crush she had on him – it was coming back in full, twisting her stomach and coiling lower into a condensation bubbly lusty stuff.

Katia looked away, entirely aware of the press of their bodies; her feet inbetween his legs on the cushion, her hand resting on his pectoral muscle, his arm around her back to rub his thumb against her hip. She had to avert her gaze, otherwise she would do something stupid.

Like jump him. Or kissing him. Those would all be very, very bad things.

The chest beneath her rose sharply, and the thumb in her hip tightened it's pressure. Katia couldn't help it; her eyes flitted up to him. His ice-blue eyes slanted darkly. " No." He paused, eyes drawn to her mouth. " Problem. Any time."

The entire atmosphere had shifted into a world that Katia had limited experience with. Her body recognized it, felt the heat, listened to the desire, and nodded it's head eagerly for more. Her mind balked at it, succumbed to the heat, and begged no to the desire. As it were, she was caught between where her body sublime to Kole's, reacting to the shift in the air, and her mind was keen to run far, far away.

" So," he said, and his voice had shifted to an octave deeper that made her hazy with desire. " Don't all heroes, when they save the damsel in distress – don't we get some sort of. . . reward?"


" What sort of reward were you looking for?" Their gazes met and locked, sweeping her out of this reality and shoving her into the stars.

He was suddenly close in front of her, his face mere inches from hers. Bad enough that she couldn't breathe, speak, swallow or hear anything outside of her own painfully thudding heartbeat. She must have looked like a deer caught in headlights.

" I was thinking," he said slowly, and fire erupted within her as his gaze flicked down to her parted lips. Her imagination went wild. " That some cookies would be nice."

Childishly, foolishly, Katia's shaky laugh expelled past her lips. " Are you serious?"

" Of course." Those damn eyes focused on her mouth again. " What did you think I wanted?"

Katia bit the bottom swell of her lip daintily, and felt a small thrill zip through her as Kole's eyes darkened. She so had him caught.

She attempted to recover. " I just thought you were more of a brownie sort of guy."

Maybe she was reading into it too much, but Kole's smirk became raunchy, ice-blue eyes glimmering.

" Maybe I've changed." She was most definitely thinking more about his tone. " Became a new man."

Katia tipped her head up, looking him square in the eyes. Their noses brushed, their lips scant centimeters apart, but she lewdly said, " Graduating high school really does that to people, doesn't it."

Kole's thumb moved, and she felt his entire hand slip under her shirt. Katia's back arched at his sensitive touch, and a gasp escaped her mouth. The hot wash of breath against her mouth, the knowing look in his eyes – it turned her on.

Hell, it did more than turn her on. It owned her.

Katia raised her head and surprised him as she touched her lips against his. It was a connection of flesh for just two of the clock's quickest ticks. His bottom lip was cradled in between hers, and she relished the tender touch.

It didn't even satisfy the most carnal desire raging within, but it was enough for that moment.

She pulled her head back and didn't look at him. Electricity zipped through her, stinging her lips. He was frozen, body still as death under her. She waited for him to shove her away, call her a freak, but he wet his lips instead.

" You kissed me."

He sounded stunned, shocked. " Well," Katia said, trying to infuse humor, " I'm a terrible baker. I couldn't very well have you dying from food poisoning, which is a distinct possibility if you have me cook, and I couldn't very well have you dying on my watch because that wouldn't sit well with the legal system, and I couldn't go to juvenile for killing you because then I wouldn't get my scholarship –"

Her rant was stemming from her embarrassment, but before she could recover, Kole let out a deep growl. She glanced at him, shocked, words dying off. His gaze was fixed like an addict on her mouth, and heat spread in her core.

She bit her lip uncertainly. She liked having him out of control.

Something inside him broke, shattered if you will. She saw the remnants in those blue iris'. His lips came down on hers, hard. She could barely breathe as his tongue slipped inside her mouth, entangling with hers.

Holy. Fucking. Hell.

She'd never felt anything like it. Any thought. Any rationale. Any fear. It vaporized with the entrance of his tongue. Hungry little nips, bites, sucks seared her desire, flung her to an entire different reality where all she needed was him and his sinful mouth to do that – god, that – and she would be fine. He tasted like mint and something distinctly masculine, and Katia quivered as they thoroughly and lavishly tasted each other, bit each other, owned each other. A demanding hand was in her hair, yanking her smooth ponytail out, and twisting the loose strands so she bent for a better angle. Her hands were tugging in his smooth locks, desperately slanting their mouths, tugging him for that oh-so-delicious and wicked connection.

It was pure lust, and neither of them could get enough. Kole kissed her as if he were drowning and she was his air. Katia kissed him as if she were starving and he was her food. It was hot, wet, and wild.

They were on the move, Kole digging his fingers into her skin and pushing her back roughly. She needed to be closer, wanted to be closer, but he was holding himself above her, elbows by her head, ravaging her mouth.

Katia had no idea what she was doing, but the emotions inside her were too demanding. She responded in full, hands clutching his shirt like he was her world, and she sucked his bottom lip into the cavern of his mouth and bit down. Hard.

His body tensed, and she heard his breath catch in his throat. Kole drew away, and her body screamed in protest. He looked into her eyes, half-lidded with desire, and for a moment she thought he was going to say something insulting. Katia trembled in anticipation.

But instead, he lowered himself down, eyes still on hers. Their bodies fitted together, melded together as if they were two puzzle pieces made for each other. A soft moan that Katia desperately tried to withhold rushed into the space between their lips. His touch. . . his body. . . it was perfect. Just perfect.

He didn't kiss her, though, not yet, and she desperately needed him to. He just looked at her. His beautiful eyes. . . the untold emotion in them prompted Katia to run her fingers up his neck and through his downy blonde hair, enjoying the silent moment. Her mouth felt swollen from his earlier ministrations, and she wondered why he had paused. The way he was looking at her. . . it made her body grow weak, and she was thankful that they were lying down. His chest rose and fell against the rhythm of hers.

" Kole," she whispered.

Kole ducked his head to the crook of her neck, warm breath fanning out against her skin. " Do you realize," he murmured, lips teasing the shell of her ear, " That I've wanted to do this" – He licked her lobe, biting down gently – " Since tenth grade?"

" No," she shuddered out.

" Good," he said, voice low and deep. His mouth descended upon her neck, and he pulled her skin into his mouth. Katia gasped at the sensation, her back arching into his chest as he proceeded to give her the most wonderful hickey she had ever experienced. When he finally lifted his mouth to hers, she was thoroughly and breathlessly weak. " Because I'm going to kiss you. Forget about anyone else that you've kissed and I'll fucking blow them out of the park."

" I have little doubt," she murmured, lips brushing his jawline.

" And before you leave this truck," he growled, " you will have completely forgotten about that stupid bastard."

Katia smiled coyly, waiting.

And he made good on his promise.

Ten days later, Katia was graced with a phone. Turns out, all she'd had to do was recount her dangerous escape from the madman, and her parents scrambled to put her on their plan. Put your child in danger and everything speeds up substantially. After her father had set it up, with express instructions not to become a brain-addled child, Katia stole into her brother's room. He was still sleeping at ten in the morning, and looked so peaceful in his bed that Katia decided not to wake him. She dug through the contents of his dresser and pulled out his phone. There was one contact in particular. . .

Hey -K

Who's this? - Sexy Beast

Katia -K

So you finally got a goddamn phone. Congrats. No more scary encounters, yeah? Thank god that guy is jailed. Fucking hate him. -Sexy Beast

I have a better reason to hate him, idiot. And you'd better be pretty damn happy that I haven't had a phone until now -K

I know ;) Wasn't my kiss thoroughly ravishing? You nearly forgot your name at the end of it- Sexy Beast

If this is your way of spreading your ego, I'm not helping with it -K

Fine, fine. I'll relent if you give me lessons. - Sexy Beast.

And your way of asking out a girl is horrific – K

I need practice, babe. I do. - Sexy Beast

I guess I could help. . . - Sexy Beast's Guuurl

Did you really just spell 'girl' 'gurl'? Tsk, tsk, Miss Priss. -Sexy Beast

I thought it sounded more official. What about this one? - Fuck you

I would like to progress to that ;) Kissing is good and all, but fucking is a different story. Of course, after I take you on a couple dates. – Sexy Beast

See? I've already whipped you into shape – Girlfriend rulllzz/SexyBEASTisWhipped

CHANGE. IT. BACK. I like the first one- Sexy Beast

Katia couldn't stop laughing. The conversation ended with a date to the local restaurant, and was given specific instructions not to park in the back, and to most definitely not go to any volleyball games. She was also told to not, under any circumstances, give any dude a five hundred dollar handjob. Under which Katia nearly screamed, chucking her brand new phone across her room, before angrily picking it up and expressing telling Kole, in all caps, that she would never in her entire life give any boy/guy/pervert a handjob, blowjob, or any other kind of 'job'.

You can imagine where the conversation went from there.

Author's Note:So, here's another one! Sappy, romantic, cliche! Love it! I have another story called Inspiration that I will post within the next week that's semi-sorta of like this, but alot less dark.

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