Summer can be beautiful

So beautiful that it causes me sorrow

I envy the way the sun shines

I'm jealous of the birds that flutter freely and sing happily

Unlike the sun, I cannot shine

Unlike the birds, I'm caged- up in an inner prison

I'm restricted and my heart is a stiff stone with delicate cracks

It seems these dark shadows will never stop following me

This weight on my shoulders will never be lifted, it seems

And I will always be trapped

No matter how much I try to shine and flutter like the sun and birds

I cannot find a way to overcome this heavy heart

Summer will always make every bone in my body ache and cringe with pain

Because I will always be the dying bee with no stinger

I will always be the un-watered dandelion that never got a wish

I didn't ask to be this way

But the sun never asked to shine all day and be cast down for the moon to take it's place

The birds never asked for winter to come and force them away from home

We never asked for this

It seems that we all envy each other for what the other has and we lack

So maybe this book shouldn't be judged by the cover

Because these pages hold more than just verbs, nouns, and periods

There's more to this book than words and dialogue

And there's more to Summer than free birds and the shining sun