A/N: I wrote this after my last softball game (July 10, 1999). I was quite angry with my coach, because he's evil. This is one of my favorites.


The people here are not what I thought them to be,
I don't even know them, nor do they know me.
What am I doing here among these strangers,
Disoriented and undaunted among dangers.

I stand alone, unnoticed in a crowd;
The silence around me is deafeningly loud.
This scene starts to blur,
And my thoughts begin to whir.

Just when I become secure with myself,
My companions put my feelings upon the shelf.
Why should they not care about me?
I gave them friendship for no fee.

How did I get to be like this,
The only sounds I hear are the shouts and hiss?
Is there anyone out there for me,
One who loves me unconditionally?