Fourth Installment

31. Change

You've grown
Depicted by the length of your gown
Or it's not your own
Who do you depend on?

I can relate
I'm the person others tend to elate
Unless it's much too late
Then, the words I ate
Will find targets to curse at

His world was themed
And as an aspect of this theme
He kept it hidden from them:
The gun sewn into the hem
He wouldn't change, would he?

32. They Say

They say as the asteroid cries
He's soaring through the skies
But the autonomy
Of this astronomy
Affirms that this prospect belies

They say as the lashes rain
The tiles may not stain
But in confession
Of certain depression
What are they to gain?

They say as the willows weep
Their thoughts are all but deep
But says botany,
"Trees are monotony
So comprehension dies to sleep"

They say as the sunshine thaws
It's mending all its flaws
But this perception
Is transparent deception
For it challenges all laws

They say as the heron wades
Her wings transform to blades
But her majestic plume
Fails to entomb
The trespassers of these glades

They say as the rust wind screams
It pools around the streams
But the irrationality
Of deviant mentality
Extends to none but dreams

They say crystalline meth
Tends to steal one's breath
And some coincide
While others deride
The elicitation of their death.

33. Lollipops

The cherry falls
There's blood on the walls

The grape dies
Folks spit at their lies

They are fushia excuses
The succulent slew
The prevalent cabooses
Of the candy crew.

34. Clouds

Rippled clouds
Whispered remnants of unrequited infatuations
She's still here
Laughing while the stars rain down
But you're crying while the sun rises

Chipped teacups
Empty, but still you drink
Imagining the liquid that quenches your thirst
She's the tea
That dispersed before your time
Filling other hearts

You try- hair tumbling down
Eyes wide and staring
Skin pressed to skin, lips to lips
She doesn't understand- doesn't want to understand
Why do you try, anyway?

Rippled clouds
Is it love if it isn't infatuation?
She's sought home elsewhere
Laughing where the stars rain down
But you're dying where the sun rises

No one ever understood, anyway.

35. Imprisoned

Steel pressed against my back
Cutting into my wrists
They offer me no slack
My innocence exists!

What did I do wrong?
What did I do right?
This sentence lasts so long
Yet I've not been here a night

And though you try to save me
There's no one left to save
It's attempted to enslave me
So I'm the prison's slave.

36. Angels

We cannot see
Those shrouded in darkness
What will it bequeath?
Maybe our blindness is essential
Maybe there's reasons why we cannot see
Maybe we don't want to see

They say to fear
The monsters under our beds
But why fear what remains hidden
When we cannot determine
What we will discover?

Maybe the monsters are angels
Maybe they're here to fix you
You, the monster
We, the monsters
They, the angels

There's a reason we are blind
In our twisted, demented little minds
We've deluded ourselves
To believe that we are angelic
We are the angels
But discovery can be erased
And long ago, we banished them to darkness


Why do you think we invented light?
So we can all be the protaginists
Of our twisted, demented, false little lives
To ease our twisted, demented, false little minds
Delusion is the basis of humanity
And you'll deny it, won't you?

Don't feed delusion
It bites eventually.

37. Sometimes

Sometimes you stare
At the picture frames
Flung just over there
Engulfed in flames

Sometimes you wonder
If he hadn't gone far
Behind storm clouds and thunder
Could he be your star?

Remember when you were torn apart?
Waiting for your life to start
But now you've wished your life away
You won't see him again one day

Sometimes you gaze
At the toddler's first step
And question, through the haze
Why hadn't you leapt?

Sometimes you make yourself believe
That if you'd been more close
You wouldn't hide behind your sleeves
You'd not be so morose

Remember when you were torn apart?
Waiting for your life to start
But now you've wished your life away
You won't see him again one day

And one of these days
A name will ring a bell
He'll enter your gaze
Married, and well...

Remember when you were torn apart?
Turns out your dreams won't ever start
The wishes, begging you to stay
You've tried your best to store away

Your life, once coated in a varnish
Has taken its sweet time to tarnish
The photographs, protected by their frames
Are safe no more
They're up in flames.

38. Lies

There are casual phrasings
Of depths unreached
Irrelevant dramatics
Over topics unbreached
There are silent agreements
Of things not unpreached
Secrets and rumors
From which truth isn't leeched

Distinguishing lies;
Interrogators must have complicated lives
The taut truth
Severed with all sorts of knives
He'll call you a four
In the land of all fives
(He's a hypocrite, with nine imaginary wives)

Life is the epitome of a serial killer's visions
Who's your victim?
We all point fingers.

39. Hidden

Hidden away in plain sight
They search the world, but cannot see
Maybe you were right
I'm surrounded by invisible debris

Sometimes I'm content to observe
Watch as they go on with life
Moments I try to preserve
To rid myself from incessant strife

Crouched down, huddled on a mattress
You glide across the wooden floor, talking to yourself
At the moment you aren't an actress
You don't care about anyone else

I could compare you to a child
Experiencing life for a second time
Let's just say, it's been a while
Since you've committed no crime

You are beautiful; you are real
Why do you hide behind your lies?
Despite the personas you steal
Your disguise won't prompt surprise

But then again, we're hypocrites
You can't see us, we can't see you
And no matter where we sit
We'll speculate upon which personality's true.

40. Ignorance is Bliss

The shouts and screams
Of delighted individuals
Haunt these walls-
Masking the soft cries
Of a dying soul
Trapped in purgatory-
And the graduations
Of other, infamous institutes
Drown out the pleas
Of those who cannot scream
Cannot whisper
Cannot speak-
Those who cannot be heard
For we are deaf

There are some
Who were struck with audible defects
Without choice-
But others
Who believe that ignorance is bliss
Who make the unwise decision
Who pretend to be surprised-
Induces fear
Induces panic
The definition of humanity

And if ignorance is bliss
Then misery is ephemeral-
Like babies
We cannot fathom
What we were meant to fathom-
We refuse to open our eyes
And observe a razed world
A razed world where
The souls enter the afterlife expecting happiness
But are not satisfied-
Because something happened here
Something that we could have controlled
But turned our heads away from

Ignorance is bliss
So we rip down signs
Advertising our prosperity-
Ignorance is bliss
So we fun the people
Who live their glamorous lives in superiority-
Ignorance is bliss
So we go about with a smile on our faces
And a frown on the tip of the tongue-
Ignorance is bliss
Until you've reached the climax
When there isn't anything else to preserve.

Ignorance is bliss-
Until tickets to purgatory sell out-
And the remaining souls shatter into confusion.