Sometimes I spend days in the dark,

In a place where nobody can reach me

A shelter to hide in

that blocks out all feelings

but anger and sadness and loneliness

Sometimes I spend weeks in the dark

Losing interest in everything,

shutting it all out

everything is better off without me anyway, I think

I'm doing everyone a favor


Sometimes I spend too much time in the dark

Staying quiet so long that I don't remember what it is

to speak and to mean the words,

Letting the color drain from my skin,

life drain from my eyes

Sometimes I forget how long I've been in the dark

and I become overwhelmed

this shelter that is meant to block out feeling

locks it in with me

until I am sick of it

until it all bursts

Sometimes the darkness shatters,

like brittle black glass it falls around me

And I am left standing in the light