It seems I am a shallow one
I laugh and smile when he is gone
That bad existence, annoyance, grief
whom next to me becomes a thief
He steals my time, he steals my smile
Ugly, nasty, stupid, vile

I never thought I'd fall this low
To aquire such an useless foe
No, he's not even worth this line
Or the very breath I spend to whine
Can't he simply go away?
So I won't see his face today?

His face is ugly, his mind is dim.
There really isn't much to him
He tries to brag with naught to say
His words don't match what he display
No skills, no fire, no life, no work
In short, he's just a simple dork

Why is he even where I am?
He never even gives a damn
Ignoring every tips he gets
and when he fails, there's no regrets
He even talkes rude back to me
when I'm as kind as kind can be

I simply cannot care no more
I've tried to many times before
If he won't change, and he won't try
to cooperate, then tell me why
should I bother helping out this fool,
who fails to use a simple tool

An idiot repeats mistakes,
but there's no limit to what he breaks
No, In work we meet many stupid men
But This one's worse than all of them
He simply has no cause or will
No goal, no dream, no work, no skill

So please, remove him from my path
Before he truly invokes my wrath
So far I've held myself in check
But soon I will think "what the heck",
and I'll shout at him and scream at him
and even throw my things at whim

I'll hit him heavy in the head
And not a single tear I'll shed
For inspiration died when he arrived
where previously passion thrived
But just a glimpse of his ugly face
and happiness will show no trace

So yes, it seems I've fallen far
I guess I am no shining star
But grumpyness has filled my head
From all the stupid things he said
And how he thinks and how he talks,
I even dislike how he walks