Horologium Turris

An angel. That's what many have called me. But I am not an angel.

A demon. That's what some cursed me, but I am no demon.

I had pure white bird-like wings sprouting from my back, and unnaturally bright violet eyes. My hair was the color of freshly fallen snow. If anything, I was considered an abnormal human. But that was not what I am. I am neither human, angel, or demon. I am a dove, who has taken the form of a human. How? Well, coming from an enchanted forest can give someone extraordinary abilities.

I have always dreamed of seeing the world outside my home. The other birds told me the humans outside were cruel beings with no hearts. Some, however, told me about the kind hearted ones; and some have even told me about the ones who seemed out of place. And yet, my curiosity to see the world outside the forest grow. Without hesitation, I left my home.

For days, I had traveled through rough winds, heavy snow, and misleading winds and found myself in a city called "Nordane". It was surrounded and littered with snow. Heavy, dark clouds hovered above the city as carried hail and snow. As I entered the city in my human appearance, it seemed like no one was convinced that I was a human being. Everywhere I went, people gazed in awe or shock at my unusual appearance. They came to the conclusion that I was an angel sent from the heavens to heal their frozen land. I had tried over and over again to tell them that I was no angel, but it was all in vain. The priest of the city became jealous of my so-called "angelic" powers and tried to take it from me. As a result, I was forced to move on to another place and continue on my journey to see more of the world.

I flew through even more storms and blistery winds as I searched. A month later, I found myself in another town. Stone houses and paved streets surrounded a beautiful, elegant clock tower with large roman numbers on its clock face. Entering the city with my disguise, people gave me warm, welcoming smiles. They were nothing like those people in Nordane. They were kind. One of the people had told me that they were used to seeing odd things and creatures enter their peaceful town.

That was a town that many had stayed as a place of refuge. A town called "Horologium Turris."


The cool night felt refreshing on my aching wings after a long flight over the town of Horologium Turris. I sat down on the rail of the giant clock tower as my legs hung over the edge. I stretched my wings to cool them further. The stars began to glitter in the sky as the moon reached its peak. I stared at the glistening stars in quiet content as I allowed to bright moonlight wash over me. Suddenly, footsteps sounded behind me. I knew that one of the workers in the tower was here. Startled, I lowered my wings and prepared to jump.

"Miss Angel?" said a voice.

I paused and slowly turned to look at the owner. A teenager was standing seven feet away. His messy chestnut colored hair swayed in the evening air and his golden brown eyes stared right through me. He was wearing a thin cream shirt with a copper vest over it, matching beige gloves that reached his elbows, matching bronze shorts, dark leather boots that reached his knees, and a silver wing shaped pendant around his neck. I pulled my wings closer to myself and brushed away a stray lock of white hair. Keeping a close eye on him, I swung my legs over the rail and managed to keep my dress down.

"I'm not an angel, child." I said as my left wing twitched in slight annoyance. The boy smiled apologetically.

"Ah, sorry." he said as he scratched the back of his head. He stopped and looked at me in confusion. "So, if you're not an angel, then what are you?"

I stared at him in surprise. No one had ever asked me what I was, but rather, who I was. I dismissed my musing and smiled at him. "I am a dove."

"A dove?!" he exclaimed as his voice cracked and eyes widened. "Y-you're a d-dove?!"

The look of disbelief on his face brought a smile on my face, and before I knew it, I began to laugh. "Haha! You are quite humorous."

His face flushed in embarrassment as he straightened his shoulders. "It's just…! It's not every day someone sees a dove, let alone, in its human form!"

Trying to cease my laughter, I smiled. "Of course, it's not normal to see our kind in this strange form. I am merely playing with you."

He sighed and rolled his eyes. I slid off the railing and walked towards him. He took a step back and stared down at me, since I only reached to his chin. My wings stretched as I stopped before him. I looked into his eyes and found extraordinary, something I never expected to see in a human teenager. An emotion that I couldn't describe. Even if I tried to explain, I would still be unable to say what I saw.

I stared at him in silent awe. He looked at me with a confused look.

"Um…Something wrong, Miss?" he asked me. I blinked to wake myself up. Quickly, I took a step back and gave him a firm look.

"You are quite different from the other humans I have encountered. It is almost as if you are as old as this clock tower. Wiser than the elderly. You are just…" I trailed off as I tried to find a good word to describe him. He frowned.

"Let me guess, non-human?" he asked. I saw agony behind his eyes. He misunderstood me.

"No, it's reassuring." I breathed out. His eyes widened in shock. My wings flapped once and a few of my white feathers fluttered off. I turned my head to the side. "It's like there's nothing to worry about. Almost as if time does not matter to you. No—more like you are 'time'."

"A human can never be 'time'! That's impossible." he said. I turned to him and grabbed his hand.

"No, it is possible," I said. "I am a dove and yet, I can take the appearance of a human. Is that impossible? You're an exquisite human being."

He smiled at me sadly and shook his head. "I'm sorry, but I am nothing but a clock restorer. An apprentice actually. Hired to keep maintenance on this old, aging clock tower. Now, if you'll excuse me I need to check the bells on this floor."

I sighed and dropped his hand. He turned away from me and began to walk over to the gigantic bell. "Wait!"

He stopped and looked at me with one eyebrow raised. I flexed my wings and straightened my back. "I am known as Devonia. A dove of the Enchanted Forest of the East." I said as I bowed slightly and rose. "May I ask for your name, Clock Restorer Apprentice?"

He looked away from me for a second before doing the same. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Devonia. I'm Satoshi. A clock restorer apprentice of Bethomnium. The Clock Restorer of Horologium Turris."

I smiled at him and bowed low to show my appreciation. I looked at him as I rose. "Well, Satoshi, I hope I will one day see you again. After all, you have such a big future ahead of you."

I held out my hand and closed my eyes. Behind my eyelids, I saw his future. I saw another boy that looked exactly like him surrounded by fire. The Clock Tower of Horologium Turris was encased in a block of ice. A blade, crafted with extraordinary skill, held in Satoshi's hands. And an older man in the early thirties with pitch black hair and dark purple eyes dressed in a flowing, black cloak.

Opening my eyes, I heard Satoshi gasp in awe as a bright light surrounded me. I felt my arms bend and white feathers began to grow. My body grew smaller and became the size of a fist. It took the shape of a dove. My true form.

Satoshi watched me emerge from the fading light as I flapped my wings. I easily caught the wind under my wings and took flight. I flew towards him and swirled around him once. He took a step back and raised an arm to move out of the way. I stopped a short distance away and hovered for a second before taking off in another direction. I heard him call out to me but I didn't stop as I flew into the night.