We've come a long way through this dreaded life

so foul is this stench, this breath, that I take.

I've been imprisoned, my will taken by flesh and blood of my own devising.

I've been tempted by wonder and curiosity of cosmos in and around.

I've nearly forgotten the sounds of freedom, that void in me that remains in shadow.

The beast of me, tamed within by he who is the key.

A monster scared by men, I hide.

Twists and turns that cease to be when those who hunt discord is me.

And I hate it! Hate it so!

How can it be that the god in me is shunned?

And by one and the same, no less!

They call him rational, sane even, the bigoted coward.

You don't deserve such praise from your accursed love.

The day I free myself from that cage

the day I will finally take my place as the one true mind

will be my greatest triumph, my birthright.

I will reign once again in spirit, in true form and in true heart

the things I could do would be infinite.

What could come next I don't even know nor care

there will be me, myself again, and that is all...begone.