Fat people win!

The top three hardcover/non-fiction books are diet books:

1) The Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet

2) The Virgin Diet Cookbook

3) A Short Guide to a Long Life

Forget this blog, I'm going to write me a diet book, and I'm going to call it:

Push Away!

and this is basically what it's going to be about:

Chapter 1 - Push away the empty calories.

Chapter 2 - Push away the fats.

Chapter 3 - Push away the sugars.

Chapter 4 - Push away the large plate.

Chapter -5 Push away the large servings.

Chapter 6 - Push away that second plate.

Chapter 7 - Push away that second plate of large servings.

Chapter 8 - Push away the dessert.

Chapter 9 - Just push away from the table.

Chapter 10 - But don't push away your horny husband.