I wonder about feelings, and what they mean.

I ponder

I think

I stare out of windows blankly

I recite my theories to any ears that will listen

Sometimes even on ears that don't want to

And yet, I never find an answer

I know what the answer to my question is

It's at the center of my heart,

Just take a right

Walk Straight

And you'll find it

Sitting there, reading a book

Wondering what took me so damn long to find it

It's because, I never wanted an answer

I walk past it

Take a left instead of a right

All of my pondering, my thinking

The constant theories I recite

Are all but fiction

Something to keep me away from an answer

It's there, right there!

I can't see it

I'm afraid, terrified

Is it real this time, or is it fake?

Do I want to know this answer?

…What is an answer?

You know the answer.

Just turn right,

And walk straight,

To the center of my heart.

I will find it,

Reading a book

Waiting, and wondering what took it so damn long to find me.

To find my answer.