Chapter I:

There is two sides to every coin.

Just like there was two sides of me.

However, there's a point in time where you can no longer be two-faced.

You have to choose.

And I?

Let's just say there was a lot of work to do.

So, how about an introduction?

My name is Faith Miller, from Allentown, Georgia who graduated from University of Georgia with a Masters in Physics.

I'm also Ruth Anderson from Kentucky.

Hannah Burches from Washington D.C.

Samantha Hudson from Idaho.

Peggy Swanson from Michigan.

And the list goes on and on…

So who am I really? I'm all of them.

Now do you see my dilemma? Which face am I to choose when you're an international super spy? Better yet, how do you choose a face when you're married to another super spy and you're pregnant?

Yep. I know.

It's getting worse and trust me, I don't like the way things are looking either. One thing I really didn't want to do is to find out I was pregnant by peeing on a stick in a hotel in the middle of France. Romantic? Yes. Telling your partner, who was also your team leader and your husband? No.

Hell no.

I guess the best way to pick a face is to start with the truth. My real name is Angela and I'm 24 years old married to Calvin 'Caliber' Amos. I graduated at the top of my class in high school but was recruited afterwards when I showed potential in an extracurricular activity that dealt with military strategies, hacking, and running diagnostics test. The teacher recommended me to them and here I am. My looks? Well think of me as Rhianna when she cut her hair into a short bob and there you have it.

My husband, Calvin, is 27 years old from Florida. He looks a lot like Mario (and not the video game one, I mean the hot Hispanic one) but I think my husband is hotter. He's an orphan and he got recruited after being caught up in a drug operation. One of the fuzz took him under his wing and put him through college and got him into a top military school. But even without the fuzz helping him out I think he's pretty much a damn genius. He's focused, driven, and a wonderful leader when he's at work. At home…well we're barely home any more but when we are he's a good listener and a giant teddy bear.

I wish I could tell you a cute adorable story about how we fell in love but it wasn't like that. We've been together on the same tactical team for years and we were seeing each other intimately (friends with EXTREME benefits). One of our friends died and we made the hasty decision to get married. At the time we were making the best out of a bad situation. It was a dark time in our lives and we needed each other.

Marriage isn't so bad at times but like I said, everything about me is two-faced except our marriage certificate. To our neighbors that barely see us, we were Calvin and Angela Amos who lived off the coast of Virginia. To the world we were the spies that you watched on television or Netflix. It was hard to go to work and have you husband reprimand you in front of your peers and then come home and make him dinner. Trust me, I thought about slipping him a drop of arsenic in the pie and personally spoon feed him.

Our tactical team was our family. There was Kenneth, who we called Kenny for short who was are computer expert. Stacie 'Ace' Djondi, is our explosives expert and Kallum "Gunho" Westinger was our guns fanatic and was the twin of Kenneth. Literally, any gun you put in his hand he was dead accurate. Then there's Calvin or 'Caliber' who runs the missions and me. My nickname was Angel but you could ask anyone who has been killed by me and know it was just a sick joke. I was anything but that when I was on the field…

"Angela, stop spacing out and put on your vest." Calvin jolted me out of my thoughts as I stood in the warehouse with the vest in my hand. Ever since I found out the news all I could do was think about my next step. How was I supposed to tell him? "Angela, move!"

I blinked twice and pulled on the vest, making sure it was strapped on as tight as possible and made sure it covered my abdomen. I can't believe I was having a baby…

Next I placed all of my guns in the right spot and checked the clips to make sure they were loaded. Everyone else was doing the same thing. Stacie pulled out her necklace and kissed the golden cross that I never seen her part without. "Have mercy on our souls…" she whispered. Kenny and Kallum weren't big believers of any faith but they always stayed quiet while she said her prayers. We all had hope that we could be forgiven. We were taking away people's lives for a living and we had blood on our hands. The twins we're trained at the age of ten to be killers and they haven't stopped killing.

"Shall we go over the plan one more time?" Calvin rolled out the blueprints of the hotel and leaned forward against the table. "Angel will drop down on the roof and Gunho and I will already be station inside of the building as workers. Ace I need you to be on top of the building adjacent to his room. The man we need to kill in on the 24th floor and we need to make it quick before he decides to deal the diamonds to John Calhoon." Calvin pointed to the next section of the map.

"Ace I'm counting on you to make that shot. Angel you need to be in his room before he gets there to clean up and take his spot and deal the diamonds to Calhoon before you take him out. You have thirty minutes to get in position and wait for him. Kenneth I need you to constantly ping us with info of when the guy is coming. Also, I need you to alert us if trouble is on the way. Does everyone got it?"

All of us nodded in agreement and we walked out into the alley to get in the van. Just before I left someone gently grabbed my elbow and pulled me towards his chest. Calvin turned me around and his eyes softened. "How do you feel? I heard you get up last night to throw up. Are you getting the jitters again?"

What Calvin said was right, in the past I always get jittery and throw up before missions. "I'm fine Cal. The quicker we do this the quicker we can go home."

"Are you sure…you just seem out of it. You've been acting different-

"I said I was okay Calvin! Stop babying me!" I scowled.

Holding up his hands defensively he rolled his eyes. "Alright Angel, I'll stop babying you after I get my kisses."

With a snort I stand up on my tippy toes to kiss his cheek when he turned quickly and gave me a soft kiss on the lips before he pulled away. "Mmm…my little heaven on earth."

Trying not to laugh I shook my head and gave him a sultry look. "You know good and well I'm no Angel." Calvin leaned over and squeezed my waist whispering in my ear.

"Then you can show me how much of a bad girl you are when we get home bonita-"

"Hurry up you guys, we aren't paid to sit here and watch you flirt!" yelled out Kallum from the van. Calvin gave him the middle finger. "Anytime lover boy!" Calvin snorted and slapped my ass.

"Come on Angel, let's hustle."

A/N: Hi everyone! This is my second book and I'm taking a hiatus from "Love Thy Enemy" for a while but I feel like I want to write something different. Tell me what you think!