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Chapter 2

I have an extreme fear of heights…

And I'm about to repel down the side of a building that's 800ft in the air.

Don't judge me, alright? Everyone has a weakness and mine just happened to be heights. If I wasn't jittery before, I was now, I was already 300ft down the building when I gust of wind blew past me, causing me to lose my footing.

"Shit!" I quickly used the sticky pads on the gloves I was wearing and stilled myself on the thick window pane. I took a deep breath to stop me from hyperventilating. Then I did the dumbest thing and I looked down. Instantly I felt the nausea bubbling in my stomach and I closed my eyes. Not now…why did my sickness had to hit now.

"Angel? You okay up there?" My husband knows me too well. I closed my eyes and took another deep breath. My stomach instantly rolled, the bile rising at the back of my throat like a volcano.

"I'm going to throw up Cal…I can't do this." I groaned. Of all the weaknesses my kryptonite was heights and being pregnant was not keeping my level headed enough to continue.

"Look up at me."

"What?" I asked slightly confused, since I was dangling in the air with no one around.

"Open your eyes and look at me." Calvin whispered into the head piece. Slowly I opened my eyes and he was standing on the other side of the window I was facing. He was already dressed in his busboy uniform with a matching hat and gloves. How in the hell did he climb so many steps to get here I have no idea. Calvin gently placed his gloved palm against the glass and waited for me to do the same. "You're doing fine, but time is ticking. I'll try and stall Calhoon but you have twenty minutes. Can you do that for me Angel?"

I stiffly nodded at him and gulped. "Yeah…I can do it."

"Then go. Ace is about to take the shot and you need to be in place." Calvin kissed his hand and placed it back on the glass before spinning around and booking it out of the room.

It was now or never.

With renewed strength and determination I continued down the building. My stop was the 32nd floor. Now all of you are thinking, 'Why did you waste all that time coming down the side of the building when you could've just used the elevator?'

My answer is that Calvin secretly likes to put me through terror. Honestly though, let's just say in France, I'm kind of a bad guy. As in, I may or may not have I slept with one of the crime lords on an old mission and offed him which makes me a crime boss. It's confusing really to be quite honest…a bad guy playing a good guy. My life was a constant coin toss I tell you.

"Taking the shot…" Stacie mumbled over the communication line as I slipped onto the balcony of a room on the 32nd floor. Time stood still as everyone waited to hear her confirm that the target was hit. 3...2…1… "Target hit. Angel you're a go-go."

It was show time and that was my cue. Slipping inside the room I started peeling off the suit and excess clothes and changing into a silky cream blouse that showed the outline of my firm breast and black pin-striped slacks. I added a nice set of pearls to my ears with no necklace and glossy black stilettos. Then I tucked one of the guns at the back of my pants and put on my signature red lipstick.

When I left this room I was going to be a different person. I was going to be Antionette DeBarge, the first female to run one of the biggest crime rings in France. I have so much influence that you could go to South America and they would know about me. I rolled my neck from side to side and calmed myself down.

I was Antionette…I was Antionette…

I opened my eyes ready to go in for the kill. I knew I was ready to meet my target and sashayed out of the room going straight to the elevator. The elevator doors dinged once I made it to the 24th floor and I exited like I own the fucking place, which I did just under a different alias.

Seeing two busboys I snapped my fingers to get their attention. Both of them glance over their shoulder and stopped pushing the cart. Kallum, who was dressed up as one of the busboys looked up at me and I winked at him giving him the signal to knock out the other guy.

"Where's Caliber?"

"Still stalling Calhoon, I suggest you get your sexy ass in there and clean up."

"So many compliments…where's the keycard to get in?"

Kallum slipped the keycard in my hand and walked off, dragging his knocked out busboy with him. I slipped the keycard in the door and looked around to locate the body that Ace had shot through the window. In my search of the dead, I stumbled across him heading into the makeshift living room. He was a grotesque fat looking man with cartoon looking beard. It was like looking at a dirty Santa Claus on vacation. Careful to avoid getting blood on my hands I pat down his body looking for the diamonds.

"He's coming your way Angel, please tell me you're in position."

"No, I can't find the diamonds Caliber, they're not on the person."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me!"

"I'm not but I gotta stall. I'll handle in Cal." I pulled out the ear piece and placed it into my pocket. As quick as I could I dragged the fat man behind the couch and dimmed the lights. What Calvin didn't know was that I was Antionette and I could do anything. I left one light on and sat in the small chair by a lamp. I pulled out the gun that was snuggly fit in the back of my dress pants and held it in my hand with my legs crossed waiting.

My mind drifted off thinking about different ways to tell Calvin my secret. Would he be mad? Would he get excited? I remember the last time we had discussion about family.

Soft kisses trailed across my back, making its way up my neck. "That was different," murmured Calvin. Humming in approval I smiled lazily. Make-up sex was the best sex and this time Calvin pulled out all the stops…who knew there were so many positions to enjoy yourself in. The make-up sex was for Calvin missing my 22nd birthday to go bungee jumping with a few guys from the agency and not returning until two days later saying he lost track of time. It exploded into a huge argument with lots of swearing and throwing cheap magazines. The fight was ended when he claimed that one of us regretted getting married and that age did matter. He said I was too young…

"Did you mean what you said Calvin? About me being too young?" I whispered as his fingers drew soft patterns into my shoulders. He took a deep sigh before he answered.

"No, you're not. This is our second year of marriage and I still haven't learned all the rules. As for missing your birthday, I'm sorry. I wasn't on a trip, I got called on a mission at the last moment and I couldn't call to tell you. I hate having to hide work from you…"

"It's not your fault. It's just protocol."

"But you're my wife, I should be able to tell you things. It's not fair. It's like leading-

"-A double life." I answered for him, looking over my shoulder. He smiled warmly at me as I rolled onto my back. He stroked my bottom lip with his thumb and stared at me for a bit. "Calvin?"


"If we weren't leading a double life…if we could just be us, would we have a family by now?"

"A family? You are my family Angela."

"I know…I mean…would we have children?"

Calvin tilted his head to look at me, giving me his undivided attention. "Children? I honestly don't know."

"How would you feel if I was pregnant now?"

"Are you?" Calvin stiffened and his eyes widen in shock.

"No! I just mean what would you do? If we were normal people-

"We are normal people and whether or not we have kids while we're working as spies are not we wouldn't have the time."

I sat up and said defensively, "Why not?"

"Because, we are workaholics baby. We wouldn't have time to get you pregnant and honestly, I don't think it would stop you as you climb the career ladder. We'd be in our forties before you slowed down." He chuckled as he kissed my neck, trying to put me at ease. Even though he was right it still hurt a little that he did not think we could have a family of our own. I wasn't a big lover of kids but I was a wife and a woman. There is always a part of us that wishes to be with child…

A few minutes later the door beeped and Calhoon walked in, looking around to find the dealer. Instead he found me sitting in the chair. I gave him a devious smile. He looked like a man in his mid-forties with thinning hair in the middle. He had thick rimmed glasses and a pencil linned mustache on his face. He was already sweating and the stench he gave of cheap cologne was awful to the nose.

"Have a seat. Calhoon, isn't it?" I said in a ruff French accent. If I was Antionette, I had to play the part.

The man sat down in the chair in front of me and eyed my gun, then looked at me. "Do you have the diamonds?" he asked with shifty eyes.

"Do you have what I'm looking for?"

"Of course I have intel, I was said to be meeting with a man."

"You mean the dead guy behind the couch."

The guy instantly stood up in fear and yelled, "Who are you?!"

I lifted the gun and pointed to him standing up, unclicking the safety. "I am Antionette DeBarge, and I know you've been selling intel to me before but lately your intel has been proven to be false. I just wanted to meet you in person, unless you are a lying about who you are…"

"No madam, I am not lying to you! Please forgive, I did not know!" he cowered, getting on his knees.

"Of course you didn't you little slug! You are pathetic!" I spat near him and he avoided the spot. "What is the intel?!"

"P-Please, do not hurt me!" he raised his hands in the air in mercy. I gave him a swift kick in the ribs, making him double over.

"What is the intel you baffon!"

"The shipment from Cuba had been intercepted by the Russians!"

"Why are the Russians in my territory?! You are lying!"

"No, I'm not! Please madam, I tell you only the truth!"

"I think you're a liar!"

"The Russians are trading with the head group in South America, they are trying to take over your trade!"

I put my arm down and thought about what he said. As Angela, I would not have cared who the Russians traded with, but as Antionette this was a problem. If someone else makes a better deal to my traders I was out of money. Someone was going to be in a lot of trouble.

"Don't move." I growled at him as I dialed the number on my secure phone and called my right hand man who worked for me in my place. The phone dialed and then a man out of breath picked up the phone.

"This better be good." He grounded out. A woman's soft giggle beckoned to him on the other line.


"Oh shit! Antionette! Forgive me, I didn't know!"

"Of course, I hope you aren't becoming complacent Adrien." I spoke to him in french.

"No, I have not. How may I help you."

"It seems you let the Russians in on our trade from South America."

"I would never let someone take our place as traders with the South Americans!"

"Watch your tone with me Adrien, I am not a child and you are under me!"


"I have intel that says that they are Adrien…"

"Well shoot them because they are lying. Check the balance in our books, we just got the shipment today from Cuba."

I quickly ended the call and looked at the weak man trembling on the phone. "You are lying."

"No! Please-

Without waiting for an explanation I shot him in the forehead. The door beeped again and Kallum came in with Calvin holding the body bags. My mind was in another state as I stared at the blood stains on the floor. They said nothing to me as the got the bodies into the bags and carted them off. I instinctively touched my flat stomach as I thought about what I had done. What if he was someone's parent? What if he had a wife...a family?

Adrien better be right.

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