Chapter 6:

I used to have a lucky penny.

The story was that my mother searched through several pennies and found one that had my birth year on it. She cleaned and polished it to perfection, and handed it to me at my first dance recital. I remember the copper penny was bright and smooth. I was nervous about my first recital as I recall. I didn't think I was very good as the other girls and worried about messing up in front of everyone.

My mother's solution was the penny. I remembered she bent down in front of me and tied my ballet slippers on before pressing the penny into the palm of my hand.

"Why did you hand me this penny? I can't buy anything with this." I grumbled in my nine year old voice. My mother chuckled and shook her head.

"This penny represents you."

"How? I don't look like a penny!"

"No sweetheart…this penny has your birth year on it. It symbolizes you."

"Okay." I looked at her confused. My mother simply smiled at me and started talking again.

"Heads or Tails?"


"Okay, you got a 50/50 chance. Heads is that you do your best tonight and Tails is that you ruin the whole thing." With the flick of her thumb she tossed the penny in the air and slapped it on top of her opposing hand.

"Was it heads or tails?" I asked excitedly, trying to peel her hand off the top of the other. She snatched her hands away quickly and grinned at me.

"It doesn't matter." She said.

"Why not? I need to know if I do good or not." I pouted.

"Honey, it doesn't matter what side you choose. What matters is that you should be yourself. You have so much of potential Angela, I don't expect you to be better than anyone else. I also don't expect them to be better than you. It's about what's in here," she placed her empty hand over my heart. "Whatever is in your heart will shine when you dance or with anything else you do."

"By why give me a penny when you could have just told me that?" I replied back in a smart alecky way. She rolled her eyes and stood up.

"In reference to the penny, It's not about how much you are worth Angela. Your value in this world is so much more than that with the things you will accomplish."

"Oh." Was the simplest response I could give her before I stuck the penny into my leotard for security. I don't remember much about the performance but I remember dancing as hard as I could and with such a passion that I was in tears by the time I finished. There was no hiding or lurking in the shadows amongst the others. I stood out and I was proud of my accomplishment.

I held onto that penny. It went with me to every recital and every karate class I participated in. I flipped it before every football game in middle school when I cheered for the home team. It became a ritual between my mother and me. When she died, I buried it with her. After she died I didn't feel so lucky.

I don't believe in luck or chances anymore. I am jaded.

With every task or job I did, it is 50/50 with me and no middle ground.

Either you were Right or Wrong.

Real or Fake

Dead or Alive.

And let's hope I never had to flip a coin and choose for you.

"I can't believe you passed out." Calvin chuckled, checking the bandages on my arm. I rolled my eyes and scooted closer to him by sitting on the edge of the couch so he did not have to reach far. Calvin sat in front of me on the coffee table as he meticulously rewrapped the bandage. Satisfied with the finished result, he leaned over and kissed the wound. "All better…" he whispered before lifting his head and pressing his forehead against mine. He closed his eyes and sighed, cupping the back of my neck with his calloused palms.

"It's going to be okay Calvin."

"I have no idea who in the hell would chase us like this. It's so public and yet I have no idea who could be after us…we have too many enemies to count-

I cut Calvin off with a heartfelt kiss in which he immediately responded back to. He pulled back so that only our foreheads were touching again.

"The twins and Staci are on their way here to figure out what to do."

"Was that a smart idea to bring them all here to this safe house?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Don't worry, Kenny and Ace are going to be in the diner not too far from here. Kallum will be over soon."

"Should we call the director?"

"What for? His answer will probably to tell us to get rid of the problem."

I groaned in frustration and leaned back onto the cushions of the couch. Without knowing where the threat was coming from was starting to agitate the living hell out of me. Calvin's phone beeped and he quickly answered the phone while leaving the room. Assuming that he was discussing the recent affairs, I palmed my stomach, wondering what this newborn would bring into our lives. I was so nervous and yet excited all at once. Being fatigued and slightly nauseous all the time was a killer but a part of me wanted to experience it.

While thinking my thoughts turned to Karen. She was nothing like my mother. A simple nanny who turned housewife after my mother's death. I was close to her as a child but as I grew older, I had to admit that I resented her greatly and it angered me that Cynthia treated Karen as a mother. She was nothing like her and she never will be.

I shook these thoughts remembering my promise to Calvin. I just had to get along with her for a few days and then the trip would be over.

"Angela, are you listening to me?"

"Hm?" I looked up and Calvin who was standing in front of me with a concerned look on his face.

"I asked if you were hungry, you haven't been eating much."

"I have too! And I'm fine…"

"When was your last meal?" he folded his arms across his chest and waited on my answer. The only response I could give was the abrupt growling of my stomach, begging to be fed. "Ah, well it looks like I have my answer." He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and stood up. "I've been eyeing some mac and cheese that they stocked in the cabinets…you want some?" I walked into the tiny kitchen and went through the cupboard looking for the small box of cheesy goodness. Calvin yelled an okay from the living room and I got to business making liquid gold.

After making enough for two servings I carried the two bowls back to the small makeshift table and sat down. Calvin joined me at the table with a map and we ate in silence. Mostly because I am devouring delicious golden lava from my bowl. It actually would taste really good with dill pickles right now.

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