A/N: This story came about from a (perverted, I guess) fantasy about these two guys in my maths lecture who are good friends but something about their body language suggested something else too… I'm just guessing but I had this idea for a story and I had to write it down. :) It's not exactly how I imagined but it'll do.

Warning: Seriously smutty slash. PWP.

Some Benefits...

"Gah. I could really do with a drink right now."

Justin looked over at the teen beside him. Chris' chest was moving up and down in heavy breaths, his arm was thrown over his eyes, drawing greater attention to his flushed cheeks, and lips which were rubbed red. Justin didn't dare believe he ever looked so beautiful as Chris after sex.

"Water ok?"

Chris grunted.

Justin crawled over him and out of the bed. He returned a minute later with two bottles of water, already chugging at one. Chris looked over, sat up and accepted the other.

"Cheers." He looked Justin over as he stood before him in his bedroom, sweat cooling on his naked body, and scowled. "You went out there like that? What if your housemates saw you?"

Justin shrugged. "Who cares? They've seen it all before."


Justin couldn't understand the frown on his friend's face. They were friends after all. Good friends. Just friends. With some benefits… Justin wasn't stupid enough to get hung up wondering if Chris really liked him, wanted to be with him, loved him. So why did Chris have this weird look on his face? It looked like jealousy. "You're not... jealous. Are you?" Having said it aloud, Justin felt foolish. Chris was going to laugh at him, shrug it off and leave him feeling disappointed and lonely.

But Chris' reaction wasn't at all as expected.

"Do I have something to be jealous of?" he demanded. He was angry, Justin realised too late. Then without warning, he grabbed Justin's waist and pulled him down to sit on his lap. "How many times do I have to remind you Jus? You are mine." He practically growled as he licked a trail down Justin' neck, ending with a bite into his muscular shoulder. Justin yelped as Chris marked him. "You're mine, Justin."

Abruptly Chris shoved Justin to the floor so he was kneeling behind him admiring his friend's slim body. He pushed Justin down onto hands and knees and held his head down to the ground. Justin's breathing sped up when Chris ground his fresh erection against Justin. He tried to move back and press his body against Chris' but Chris prevented him from moving.

"No." Chris held him down firmly and simultaneously began kissing the back of his neck, then down his spine. Justin's knees felt bruised already and his hands were fisted against the floor in anticipation as Chris moved lower and finally reached his arse. He licked down the crack. Justin held his breath. Chris finally placed his mouth where Justin needed him and Justin couldn't control the moan he let out. Chris kissed then licked, around and inside, the hole. He blew air gently out then sucked at the pink flesh. Justin was close to screaming. But he couldn't help but wonder what this meant. Chris had never done this before. He'd not even sucked him off before. That was more Justin's thing. Why now? And why this particular act? Justin could barely believe it. Before today he would probably have thought rimming sounded awful, disgusting, dirty in a bad way. But how could he have known how good it felt? Still he was shocked that Chris didn't mind doing this to him. Screw that. He had wanted to do this to him. Why?

Chris was laughing inside. He couldn't believe how hard Justin was without his dick even being touched. He was really driving the guy crazy with just his mouth. And it didn't feel that bad to Chris either. A bit weird sure. But he was getting turned on by the way Justin' legs were shaking, the way he kept moaning and whispering Chris' name. He didn't think Justin knew what he was saying. But this moment was close to perfection. He didn't care if that was completely sappy; he hadn't said it aloud. Just thinking it though, gave him a great idea.

"What would our friends say if they could see you now?" Justin could hear the smirk in Chris' words. He gasped, choking on a reply as Chris flicked his tongue across the back of his balls.

"Who cares?" he panted, squeezing his eyes shut. He froze when Chris paused, he had moved away to grab something from beside the bed. Supplies, Justin assumed. "Don't stop."

Chris returned quickly and chuckled at his friend's desperation, sending a wave of vibration up Justin's spine. His breath tickled Justin's sensitive skin.

"Oh fuck." Justin murmured, then halted abruptly in the motion of pushing his hips back against Chris' skilful assault when he heard the mechanical click. "What… was that?" he asked, although he thought he knew already just what Chris had grabbed.

Chris nipped at the flesh of his thigh, grinning sneakily. "Just making sure you'll never forget this."

"You took a picture."

"Do you have a problem with that, lovely?"

It was difficult to find a problem with anything right now as Chris was kissing and licking at every sensitive spot he could find on Justin's body. He began rubbing one dry finger over Justin's hole, the hot friction making him shiver. He was barely aware of the fact he was whispering 'please' in a pitiably needy voice and how Chris laughed in response.

"Good." Chris breathed in his ear, and that finger was slowly pushing inside him, eliciting a drawn out groan at the rough chafing. Once the finger was in however, Chris went completely still. Justin panted and whined, trying to look round at his friend to see what the problem was.

"What? Why did you stop? What's wrong?" he questioned anxiously.

"Nothing." Chris smirked. "I want you to fuck yourself on my finger, Jus."

"You what?" Justin exclaimed.

"You heard." Chris said lowly.

"Fuck you." Justin said, but he knew there was no way he could let this end now and Chris knew that too, so he had no choice really but to do as requested. It wasn't so bad really. Not if he still got off. He started to pull away, slipping off Chris' finger, then thrusting his hips back. He whined in pleasure as the finger found his prostate on the fifth thrust, immediately ashamed of the sound. A few thrusts later and he was fucking himself on another finger. Soon he had three fingers buried inside him and his knees were burning as he rocked back and forth. His dick was leaking slightly and he was sure Chris had taken at least two more photos of him before setting down the camera phone.

Whether Justin realised it or not he was murmuring still, whispering 'come on' and 'please' and 'yes, just there'. Chris didn't think he could get any more turned on and resist burying himself so deep inside his friend that they would have to stay locked together for ever. In fact he was worried he might come without even getting to be inside Justin. He was sure he could come any second now. He had to do something to refresh himself. He cast his eyes about, searching. Aha.

Justin shouted in surprise and horror when Chris pulled his fingers out and all pleasant sensations were replaced with what felt like icy knives hitting the middle of his back. He glanced back to see Chris laughing as he poured what was left in both bottles of water on both himself and Justin.

"The fuck?"

Chris shrugged, offering no explanation. Justin sighed in annoyance although he had to admit silently that Chris did look glorious dripping wet and shaking drops of water from his hair.

Chris leant forward, draping himself over Justin's back and whispering into his friend's ear in a low voice that widened Justin's eyes. "I'm going to fuck you now." Justin felt his friend's dick behind him, rubbing hard and wet across his back and buttocks. Suddenly it was pushed inside and he grunted in pain. Chris began thrusting and it was such painful pleasure that Justin wondered how he could actually be this aroused when Chris was brutally attacking his body, rubbing his insides raw. It had never been this fast and rough before. And he'd had to sit through lectures in the past beside Chris, trying to seem to everyone else as though his arse wasn't throbbing still from the previous night's fuck from his best friend. How was he going to manage tomorrow?

Chris' groans got louder. "I'm going to come inside you Jus. I'm—"

"Yes. Do it." Justin was already tightening around Chris' cock, close to coming and he hadn't touched his dick at all. But it was the exceptional feeling of Chris unloading inside him, his best friend filling him up with pleasure, that pushed him over and drained all his energy. His legs finally collapsed and he breathed as harsh as though he had run five marathons. Chris slipped out of him and lay on the floor beside his friend.

Five minutes later and they were capable of speech again.

"So what lesson did you learn today?" Chris teased.

Justin didn't laugh. He watched his friend's face, his best friend. "I am yours." He answered, feeling… wanted.

"That's right." Chris pulled Justin closer, kissing him softly for once. "You're mine."

Justin curled up, resting against his friend. It was enough for him. For now.